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I need the forums helps as there are people here who know alot more about modding than I do. I love Final Fantasy Crisis Core as much as many Final Fantasy 7 gamers do. As soon as I was made aware of an upscale project, I decided to check it out.

I was blown away by how amazing the textures have been made, and it can only be used the PPSSPP emulator. With it being an open-sourced project, I download the latest release and had a look around the files. It got me thinking, how hard could it be to replace the textures on my backup iso copy of FFCC, before anyone moans about piracy, I do own an original PSP copy of FFCC, but am not able to use due to selling my PSP to get a PS Vita.

So I got to work, downloaded the latest FFCC Upscale Project release, created another backup of my rom, used UMDGen to extract everything in the iso and then used Noesis to extract everything from the large .pkg file...and that's when I drew a blank. I have no idea where to start in the Upscaled textures or which ones have been replaced, all files have absurdly long names and file formats I have never seen or heard of. If I can narrow that down, that's a start. There is the issue then of converting the Upscaled textures in to the same format of some of the files in the extracted FFCC Noesis folder.

Once I've replaced the textures, I've then got to somehow repackage the updated textures in the same .pkg file I extracted them from. Once that's done, I have to repackage the iso, convert it to use on my Vita and then test it out. If it works, and its playable with no issues, I can the just upload the Upscaled .pkg file, so others can download it, modify their FFCC and play it on their Vitas.

I'm posting here cause I need the forums help to see if we can make this port a reality. Any advice, knowledge or applications to help do this is extremely appreciated. If we manage to pull this off, I can let the Devs of the FFCC Upscale project know that people can do it on either PPSSPP or their Vitas.

Thanks guys.

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