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First time using 7th Heaven -> FF7 won´t start


Hi everyone!!

My name me is Nakira from germany. After finishing the FF 7 Remake, I decided to play the original again.
Just noticed, that there are tons of Mods and the great 7th Heaven Programm to easy use them.
Cause I´m really no pro in using files and editing files and so on...

So i was realy excited ^^

This is my first try modding FF7 with 7th Heaven and unfortunately i get an error, after downloading and installing some mods. In fact even if i turn the mods off, the same error occurs, when i try to start FF7 from 7th Heaven.

"Your FF7 installation folder is missing critical file(s). When installaed FF7, you may have accidentally chosen to install the "Standard Install", but the "Maximum Install" is required.

-> I play and install on Steam an there is no Options when installing FF7. What did i miss?

"7th Heaven can repair this for you automatically. Simply insert one of your game disc and try again"

-> I have no game disc. Just digital.

Can anybody help me :-(

7H is currently English only.  You can either use the old converter program (which converts from any Steam to 1998 English), or wait for v2.1 which will include support for several new Steam languages.

I just installed the English Version on Steam.
Now the Game starts, but after 10-15 minutes the Game crashes  :-o

I would suggest a fresh installation of FF7 and 7th heaven + mods. Could it be just a memory issue? What Mods do you use?


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