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Midgar Undiscovered
« on: 2021-02-06 21:25:47 »
["Powered by eight giant mako reactors that were erected by the Shinra Electric Power Company, Midgar is known as the city of mako. Rising 300 meters above ground level, the steel plates surrounding the Shinra Building offer comfortable residential districts for its well-heeled citizens. Below these plates, however, are the dark and derelict slums for the impoverished."]

What's this for?
{ To inspire future mods, to collect some info.
   The FF7 modding scene never stops to surprise us.
   Would it be nice to walk around Midgar as a whole? }

Spoiler: Full Midgar OG mapping, credit to Luneyes • show

•What we don't get to see while in Midgar?
-S1 slums
-S2 slums/upper
-S3 slums/upper
-S4 slums/upper
-S5 upper
-S6 upper (not fully rebuilded)
-S7 upper
-S8 slums
-S0 deepground

What we actually see.
-S1 (train station and reactor at the beginning)
-S4 underplate
-S5 slums (plus reactor)
-S6 slums
-S7 slums
-S8 upper (Aerith meeting)
-S0 (Shinra HQ)

Once upon time...
-Midgar was once eight individual towns, but their names have been forgotten in favor of referring to the different areas as sectors.
-The now nameless Slums were once home to the workers.
-Shinra Manufacturing was a company specialized in weapon manufacture.
-Shinra Manufacturing begins construction of Midgar in [ μ ] - εγλ 1976/06/24. The company establishes its headquarters in the city and rebrands itself as the Shinra Electric Power Company. They discovered a process to refine the planet's life energy, the lifestream, into a form of energy they dubbed "mako". The city is under continuous construction since then.
-However, Shinra Manufacturing was suppose to have a location for their previous HQ, who knows in which "Slum" would that be?

-The Corkscrew Tunnel it's a large spiral tunnel encased in the tall circular structure that supports the center of the city. It is the primary method of transportation between the upper plates and the slums below via the railroads that run through it. Absent of a train, a motorcycle can be used to drive through them.

Architectural digest
-A 31 years-old city constantly expanding, building on itself, building over its history.
-“The idea is that the city is being built from the center outwards."
-"You can also sense the different architectural styles as you go out from the central pillar, with high-rises on the city edge. We’ve put quite a bit of effort into making you feel like it is modernizing as the city builds outwards.”
-“Within each sector you’ve got the difference between rich and poor. Each plate is its own city,”
-“There are some areas within those that are older, beaten up. The playground is used to show there are downturned areas that aren’t so well off in the city areas too.” Kitase & Hamaguchi
-The construction of the sectors begin with Sector 1 going onwards, that's the oldest builded sector and the most high-risk to live in (as of exception for the Sector 4 since in Crisis Core Mail, in Shinra News we read "Shinra Company Headquarters and Sector 4 are the last on the schedule to be completed. The headquarters interior in Sector 0 is complete and already in operation. The exterior is slated for completion in two years, while the surrounding city will be finished in seven years. Reeve.")

The Wasteland
-Thanks to its eight mako reactors, the city's massive power demands are met, but at a cost to the surrounding countryside, which has become a barren wasteland due to the city sapping the surrounding life energy.

-Midgar's name derives from Midgard, one of the nine worlds in old Norse mythology. One could think that previously the eight Midgar sectors/town were named after Niflheim, Muspelheim, Asgard, Jotunheim, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, Helheim? Who knows...
-The waste it’s a real issue, most of it it’s thrown into the Slums from the Upper plates, specifically the Sector 1 outer edge it's extremely full of it.
-During the Wutai War and earlier the Shinra produced a lot of SOLDIER and Materia, so there should be for sure a huge establishment or area designed to create those.
-Due to insufficient supply and technology, a movement begin to start in the Slums. Creation of internal rules, re-use of waste, self-defense. The "Neighborhood Watch" goal, of which Biggs and Wedge are part, is protecting the Slums and teaching locals how to defend themselves.

-Chocobo bean popcorn is a thing...


Sector 0
-The Headquarters of Shinra.
-Shinra's darkest secrets lurk miles underground with an entire hidden city home to their Deepground program.
-The Deepground facility underneath Midgar was built the same time the Shinra Headquarters, in 1976 as a medical lab for wounded SOLDIER members, and to house Mako Reactor 0 to power the facility and the Shinra Building above it.
-Before the war's end the facility was reformed into a secret prison for human experimentation with the aim of replacing the existing SOLDIER program with stronger, unquestionably loyal candidates.
-Restrictors: Four specially picked members of SOLDIER trained through the methods of Deepground who comprise the confidential 14th Unit, Lost Force. They were generals who enacted the orders of President Shinra and maintained rigid order among Deepground.
-Sector 0, can showcase the Worldwide Network, the SND, the Ancient Materia/Protomateria study, and the secret cave.

Sector 1 - Risk: High / Waste material: Many
-One of the eight Midgar mako reactors. These massive plants harvest the mako deep within the planet to power the city.
-In order to prevent intelligence leaks and keep mako poisoning to a minimum, most labor and security inside the reactor is automated.
-Sector 1 is monster and waste overcrowded close to the outer edge, high-risk to live in due to pollution that reaches even the upper plates... not easy location for the Slums.

Sector 2 - Risk: Medium / Waste material: Medium quantity

Sector 3 - Risk: Low / Waste material: Low quantity
-The main pillar is surrounded by large-scale facilities placed to be in position far from the outer edge. There are few monster and the risk level is low.

Any Sector 1 to 4 slums
-BC Turks: "Emma" birthplace is Midgar slums, Elena's elder sister.
-Probably house to big Weaponry Establishment and old HQ of Shinra Manufacturing.

Any Sector 1 to 4 upper
-BC Turks: "Alvis" birthplace is Midgar upper plate.

Sector 5 upper
-Denzel, seven years old at FF7 time, grew up in a well-to-do family in Sector 7. Parents died in the plate-fall but Denzel survived thanks to the father that foresaw the advent and sent the son in Sector 5 upper plate. His father, Abel, worked for Shinra Electric Power Company, while his mother, Chloe, worked around the house.

Sector 6 slums
-BC Turks: "Ruluf" an ex-bodyguard of Don Corneo. His birthplace is Wall Market.

Sector 6 upper
-Evan Townshend grew up in Sector 6 upper plate with his mother Annette. He is the illegitimate son of President Shinra.
-Much of the Sector 6 upper plate is obliterated due to an accident while building it initially.

Worldbuilding & Lore
-"Crisis Core" - Mails/Lore
-"The Kids are Alright" - Lore
-Omega and "G" reports
-How's the weather in Midgar today? (as of 13th Feb 21 from "Midgar News" released in last orchestra event)
-Plants dying, waste issue etc. (as of 13th Feb 21 from "Midgar News" released in last orchestra event)
-How's the weather in Midgar today? (as of 17th Apr 21 from "Midgar News")
-Midgar's Structure (Geography) - #1 - #2
-Lower Plate Status - #1 - #2
-Material Ultimania Midgar Planning Sheet - video
-Images translator

What could be done in Sector 1, 2, 3 and Sector 4?
-Definetely a steampunk-influenced city-state has more in store for us. #Architecture explanation
-Here some "reboot-art" by Feng Zhu (a diverse taken on Midgar) #More pictures - #Video.
-As shown by Project Shampignon nothing is impossible, something like this would be another insane utopia realized.
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Re: Midgar Undiscovered
« Reply #1 on: 2021-02-07 16:42:18 »
this is really cool, its like you are digging up and expanding on lore of the game, and ff7 has some badass lore  ;D


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Re: Midgar Undiscovered
« Reply #2 on: 2021-02-07 17:26:56 »
This is awesome. I would love nothing more than to be able to visit all of Midgar.

Imagine if modders came together to try to create a complete Midgar; I'm talking just environments here. When this project would be over, the whole modding community could then use these environments for other mods. There could be mods that are essentially complete games that take place entirely in Midgar; anything ranging from 5-hour to 20-hour experiences, all spread across this magnificent city.

Such a project would be a huge endeavor, but man, the payoff that it would give the community.


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Re: Midgar Undiscovered
« Reply #3 on: 2021-02-08 05:21:20 »
Based off of what we see in VII, DoC and CC, Midgar is enormous. Especially in DoC and CC where you get just a few streets to walk down and a small slice of the slums to see, the amount of background material is crazy. Gives you a real sense of how large this place has to be.


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Re: Midgar Undiscovered
« Reply #4 on: 2021-02-08 08:59:34 »
As shown by Project Shampignon this would be another insane utopia realized.

I added some extra info on the first post, guys. If you have anything to add, go wild.

Here some "reboot-art" by Feng Zhu, a diverse taken on Midgar. Video.

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Re: Midgar Undiscovered
« Reply #5 on: 2021-02-15 16:49:53 »
Some tidbit about weather, plants dying, waste issue etc.

Added to first post.
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