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Edit: I've seen peoples links to other sites like a tutorial for character modeling on a french site and such. So besides Qhimm is there other good places to go to read up on the technicals of modding FF7?

So right now I've been fiddling around with Kimera, Ifalna, Black Chocobo, and Makou Reactor for my modding. Went after Libre and Wallmarket to try to mess with limit breaks. Looking through the forum it mostly looks like I need to install an older version of windows since they don't like 10. I'm just considering Virtual Box on my laptop to run the tools and be able to transfer the files back and forth between win10 and that. But which OS do ya'll think would work better?

Pretty much I'm going after learning how the tools work again hoping that my mushy brain can figure them out better then before. I've mostly just figured out changing around field models and adding new entry/exit points/ladders by making access to the cave up a vine in the Ancient Forest Valley just before the city. I'm trying to place goals on things to learn how to do:

Edit and replace fields/events/walkmesh even. I have a couple ideas in mind for things but just seeing what I can do so I know what I can't do.

Character modeling: wonky but doable

Edit limit breaks: Currently what I'm researching. I was thinking I'd theme my studies on the old replace Cloud with Zack project. I was curious if I could tweak Cait Sith's limit break into ones from Zack in Crisis Core. So more than just attributes/status effects I have to see if I can edit the animations and somehow get the slots to do different ones. Part of wanting to learn how custom I can make characters.
Looks like this one may be a bust. It looks like there have been some attempts but mostly it's caused the game to freeze. Looks like the Red Werewolf mod is trying to swap some of Nanakis LBs with Vincents. So far on Youtube I've only seen him use Sled Fang but it did no damage. In another post Sega Chief mentions being able to switch magic animations in but I am reading otherwise as well. Looks some of the coding is in the executable so messing with it is bad in general. Was able to swap in Barrets Limit Breaks to Cloud. Most break his bones but AngerMax looks ok. Not much can be done for swapping the LBreak names if same is used on two characters.

Reading all this I might be able to swap Cait Sith out with Zacks animations at best. Not sure if I could change the slots textures and the random effects cannot be changed from my guess.

Replace FMVs: I think the community has mostly got a handle on this and I'm going to be relearning Blender (New UI since I last messed with it).

Replace text: This one is the easiest from what I remember

Edit Summons, Magic, Enemy skills, etc.: Kernel.Bin I think same as limit breaks above. Would be another interest group to mess with. I think I've read they're limited entries just like field scenes though.

World Editing: As far as I know texture edits can be done but that's it. So IDK what I can do about world editing but if someone can let me know I'm misinformed I'd welcome it. Especially if theres ways to Add new models, vehicles, or events.

Any ideas to try out based off your experiences I'd appreciate the suggestions.
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