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Yeah. The ff8fmv program that is SUPPOSED to play the fmv's of ff8. I can't get it to work and yes, the cd is in the cd-rom.

Well in answer to your question what am I supposed to do:
1) Put the CD ROM in the drive.
2) Open up FF8FMV
3) Click on the 3 dots (...) by select an archive.
4) Navigate to the FF8 CDROM and double click on the .pak file that is there.
5) A list of all the FMV's will then appear for you to extract of view. Its quite simple realy. If you still can't get it to work then its your computer and not the program.

There is no .PAK file. Does it matter what disk or would I just get the fmv's from that disk?

Each disk contains just the videos for that disk, inside a .PAK file - it should just be in the root folder of the CD.

Are u using the FF8 PC discs?
coz, there must be a pak file in the cd..
Dun tell me u are using it for FF8 PSX....


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