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FFVIII Hard Edition (Reloaded)

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Hello everyone!

I'm proud to present my very first mod - Final Fantasy VIII Hard Edition (Reloaded, cause a previous attempt at this has already been made, but never completed).

This mod is for PC only, but feel to try to make it work on PSX (don't ask me how to do it though).
The mod was done with FF8AC and Ifrit tools, by modifying the battle.* files that contained monster data.
Only the monster data were changed, everything else remains the same.

What does it do?
As you guessed, it will make FF8 harder. Battles are at least x3 times harder, with x4-5 for some specific bosses (Ultimecia!).
Not only the enemies HP will rise, but also all their other stats (Strength, Spirit, Speed, etc). Sadly, the enemies will remain stupid...

How hard is it?
Enough to give you a good challenge, but not too much to make it unplayable.
Playing the game from the beginning can be really challenging, but it's possible.

Is it safe to use?
Yes, only the battle.* files are modified, and you can even download the specific monster files (com00*.dat) to manually patch the game.
I'm currently on disc 2 (before Balamb->Ellone search->Fujin+Rajin->Pandemona), and everything seems fine so far.

Does it need Aali's driver?
Nope, you can use it with the default driver if you wish.
I recommend using the Aali + SeeD mods though, the game feels more "fresh".

Unfortunately, you can't distribute copyrighted files in their entirety - you have to instead distribute patches. You can provide a set of patch files for each individual file, or use a patch program like NSIS that can compare entire directories and create a self-installer. Nice work, all the same.- Bosola

Please let me know of any issues or question you may have.

It's not allowed to distribute the whole files and all, so the first download must be taken down.

On another hand, it's a very good idea.


--- Quote from: Vgr on 2011-07-26 20:57:10 ---It's not allowed to distribute the whole files and all, so the first download must be taken down.
--- End quote ---
Oh, sorry, I'll do that right away
EDIT: hm, what is the best method for this? a binary patch?

--- Quote from: Vgr on 2011-07-26 20:57:10 ---On another hand, it's a very good idea.
--- End quote ---
This makes playing FF8 again not so boring (for being far too easy...). It's not for everyone though... specially the full-startover from the beginning.

If you don't know the Card Mod, Degenerator and Meltdown+Aura tricks, you can just leave this alone...  ;)

PM me these, I'll save you the trouble of making it :)


Don't expect first release until saturday. I'm gonna base myself on some files (I won't tell which so that people cannot know how to go around :P ) and be sure that it works for every language. I and falkTX are gonna see if it works for every language. Once done, and thanks to Colly's awesome work (documentation), I'll make it for PSX (not now though).

@Vgr: thanks! I've no idea how to properly do this
(my intention was using NSIS with the full files inside, but then someone could use 7zip and access them...)

Making it for different languages means the monster names will change to their defaults in English (unless your patch system is that really awesome??)

And how could we improve the monsters AI?
I've seen that some monsters are clever than others (hehe, "Go for the weak one!" rings a bell?), so maybe it's just a setting?

Anyway, many thanks for helping me here!


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