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Complete Field Replacement Beta

***NEW VERSION AVAILABLE NOW*** Previews are updated.
Changes include: Cleaner images (reduced noise) and further adjustments to every field.

Upscaled to x4 their original resolution using the most advanced machine learning available. This adds back in the detail you lose when upscaling normally based on a trained image model in order to give the highest quality output possible.

After receiving AI enhancement we further clean up the images to make sure every detail is clear and looks as good as possible.

This is still a beta release and we plan to do more updates in the future. The first half of the game has been tested but if anyone finds any errors (Layers acting funny or not cleanly put back together) please report. This being said we have found minimal adjustments in our testing.

Future versions will include further optimization of the current pack. It could also include further overall improvements if the tech improves further.

[Echo-S] - This mod is also one piece to a larger project which aims at remastering the full game. If you wish to find out more you can check out our youtube at or join us on discord @

Twitch: I also stream. You can follow me to check out future updates or just stop in to say hi.

New Screens can be found here:

Download can be found here:

1  -  Extract the Zip file

2  - Place the IRO file inside FF7/Mods/7th Heaven

3  - Open 7th Heaven

4 - If auto import is on, it will now be in your Active Mods Tab
       If not, it will be in your Library Tab, click Activate

5 - Configure the mod in your Active Mods tab

6 - Play

Special Notes:
You can unpack this file using 7th Heaven if you wish to install manually. If you wish to use custom fields (like Team Avalanche) then just make sure they are higher on your 7th Heaven list.

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