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FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.4.0)
« on: 2020-03-16 06:14:50 »
In other words, wait for new release.

I'm not even sure if this was responding to me... and if it was I am still not sure if that github link with the latest source was supposed to help... and on top of that waiting for a new release comes off as super unhelpful especially since that post that you quoted was from a half a year ago. Is this tool nonfunctional currently? Is there an older version or another tool that people are using now? Is it currently being worked on? Like DLPB how about you take a little more time when responding to give an answer that will actually help me with regards to my question. Someone else asked for the read me on march 5th as well and no one even responded to them...

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Text editor - touphScript (v1.4.0)
« on: 2020-03-15 17:50:19 »
I also can not find the read me on this thread or the github link. Can someone please point me in the right direction

To clarify... i downloaded the release for 1.4.0 and all it came with was 1 file called touphScript.exe... i put it in a folder and ran it and then tried to (d)ump. It created an empty text folder and a text document which i assume is a log file which said:

"Registry values found:SOFTWARE\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII
.ini not found / unreadable, options disabled
FF7.exe not found, using spacing values in config file."

There is no read me to be found on the front page of this thread and none on the github... it didnt come with the release download or generate after using the exe.

I assume I'm missing an ini file which is probably used for locating the correct file paths. Maybe I am blind and just didn't see it or maybe it was forgotten about during the last latest release update... i didn't see any previous releases on the github either so i can't even check to compare.

Hey Satsuki noticed in your sourcebase field folder it seems like the astage_a and astage_b files seem to be already upscaled. I didn't check 1 by one for the rest of the folders but figured I would mention it to you.

One thing I noticed in the movie pack you did Satsuki is that a few of the videos use french. Anyways to get an english version. Ending2 for example.

I've had a look at them and honestly I'm not impressed.  The detail has been obliterated. I'm looking at the Gold Saucer fields at 1280 * 960 and the look is very plastic and smooth.  It's again traded one problem (blockiness) for another (super smooth).

My own solution using scanlines on the originals is actually better. 

I appreciate the monumental time and effort, but this isn't to my taste in any case.  Unless I am doing something wrong.

I do get what you are saying but overall I think satsuki's work looks amazing and is a huge improvement over the originals. This being said after doing some comparison shots with the pack i'm working on now, mine will lean a bit more towards the detail side and less smoothing/smudging/masking etc in comparison. As Satsuki said though the fields are inconsistent so having more detail in my pack will look better for some fields and worse for others. The early blins are really hard to make look good regardless. Its crazy how some of the original fields are beautifully painted and almost look lifelike (icedun) with detail and others are so low quality in comparison. When it was all downscaled it was harder to tell i guess.

Sadly the lightlayer can't be replaced without to break the light animations.

I've had this same issue but I also managed to do a pack and have this light layer work properly... not 100% sure how I did it at the time though... I'll be testing a new pack soon so I'll let you know if its working for me or not

Waiting the v2 of 4xCut, here's REpalmer, a simple palmer batch ui to batch palmer the already 4xCutted fields.
It's autodetecting if a 4xcutted filed is present, then do the exact same processing of palmer that regular 4xCut (with auto delete bugued light fields, auto correct the "las" files...)
You need to put it in the same folder that 4xCut.exe

dl link :

Thanks a lot!

Preview of the v2 of 4xcut (all options working great sor far) :

Really looking forward to this release. Any updated ETA? Also would be cool if you separated the 4xcut and palmer batch into 2 buttons. That way if you just wanted to redo the palmer section without doing the full recut again it would be possible.

I think you guys may have gone a little overboard smoothing things out in the newest update. It feels like a lot of things have lost their texture. Example : the Nibelhelm mansion secret stairway: the bricks look nice and granular in the last version, in the new one, it looks smudged to the point where it almost resembles the original again.

Just my two cents. Your work is still very much appreciated!

Will alleviate this more in the next update

Hey everyone just an update that the mod is now on V1.2. The main post has been updated with a new gallery and link to download the new version.

Hey man just curious how the new update is coming along?

Can't wait to try this mod!

Btw, the direct download link is broken.

It should have been a direct dl from nexus regardless. But thanks Ill check into it :)

Also for anyone interested in how this mod looks vs the new Remako Mod here is a comparison. The OGFields render is the latest version which will be in the next release coming soon. The Remako render was taken from his blogs Render Drive. This isn't meant to say one is better then the other but just to present a clear comparison of the 2 so its easier for people to make there own opinions on what to use.

Yeah that Cloud model fits really well with these backgrounds imo. I also love how clear these are. It's such a massive improvement over the older methods.

Hey thanks for trying the mod and posting more shots for people to check out! Make sure you check back for updates as well. The next version will drastically clean up the image even more on top of having more manual adjustments to things such as lighting layers etc.

New updates incoming very soon which cleans up some more noise/dithering.

With what we currently have, it is. After this fully releases, if something new comes along that uses this same method (or better), then it will be added. The older mods will need to be retired to free up the limited storage space.

If you check out my pack as well you will see a difference already and I still have more updates coming...
Also I am not a fan of blatantly advertising in someone else's thread but it just seems you didn't even notice the new pack that was posted. So obviously no disrespect to CaptRobau. We are all just trying to make the game better :)

Complete Field Replacement Beta

***NEW VERSION AVAILABLE NOW*** Previews are updated.
Changes include: Cleaner images (reduced noise) and further adjustments to every field.

Upscaled to x4 their original resolution using the most advanced machine learning available. This adds back in the detail you lose when upscaling normally based on a trained image model in order to give the highest quality output possible.

After receiving AI enhancement we further clean up the images to make sure every detail is clear and looks as good as possible.

This is still a beta release and we plan to do more updates in the future. The first half of the game has been tested but if anyone finds any errors (Layers acting funny or not cleanly put back together) please report. This being said we have found minimal adjustments in our testing.

Future versions will include further optimization of the current pack. It could also include further overall improvements if the tech improves further.

[Echo-S] - This mod is also one piece to a larger project which aims at remastering the full game. If you wish to find out more you can check out our youtube at or join us on discord @

Twitch: I also stream. You can follow me to check out future updates or just stop in to say hi.

New Screens can be found here:

Download can be found here:

1  -  Extract the Zip file

2  - Place the IRO file inside FF7/Mods/7th Heaven

3  - Open 7th Heaven

4 - If auto import is on, it will now be in your Active Mods Tab
       If not, it will be in your Library Tab, click Activate

5 - Configure the mod in your Active Mods tab

6 - Play

Special Notes:
You can unpack this file using 7th Heaven if you wish to install manually. If you wish to use custom fields (like Team Avalanche) then just make sure they are higher on your 7th Heaven list.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 7 PC Mod pack
« on: 2019-02-06 07:20:34 »
Is there possible to upload someone's Final Fantasy VII modded game files?
I know there are a lot modifications like game with Advent Children models etc.
I am not good with computers so huge list with mods and so many tutorials  scares me, so I just thought about possibility to download modded version of the game and just replace files.

If it is silly question I apologize.

Good night

Its not a silly question at all but within most modding communities they do usually have rules which protect modders from having there works ripped or not credited etc... this is good for the modders but not as much the people using the mods as it requires more setup... The team I am working with "Tsunamods" is working on a full mod which will cover the full game for this very reason... It will be easy for people who want as much of a vanilla upgrade as possible. Unfortunately its just not 100% finished yet but do keep your eye on the forums.

My mod came long before 7th Heaven.  You aren't hearing me:

First off stop assuming that I just don't understand what you are saying...

My mod has an installer. It works. It isn't my job to make my mod compatible with another mod - or to work around issues with a now totally unsupported older mod that 7th Heaven devs decided to add.  I don't like 7th Heaven either, which is why I am making my own modding solution.

Again I never said your mod didn't work on its own... you don't have to keep repeating that. And actually it is your job to make your mod compatible... Being the mod author that means you are the one that makes changes to the mod... lol not saying you have to make it compatible... you don't have to do anything haha We don't have to use it if we don't like it... blah blah blah Ok now that we are over comparing our egos...

I will repeat as well that I didn't expect you to have support for everything that 7th heaven adds either... just the base installer.... I want to be able have no mods running from 7th heaven and still have your mod working... so I'm guessing you would have to make your installer work on the 7th heaven exe. (More work I get it) Also if you wanted to make your own modding solution that is great assuming it can do everything 7th heaven does and more... if not there is no point... you are just doing work that is already done. Instead of making competition why not work with the small community we have.

To create a working translation, the menu needs to be edited, as certain text won't fit etc - that's why it currently comes as one mod.

You are also vastly underestimating the work that is needed.  I have my own mod to complete without spending 100s of hours fixing up another install package.

Ok fair enough when it comes to the menu... that completely makes sense. Let me ask you something honestly though.... you are making this mod for people who like ff7 and who want to mod the game.... if 99% of the people who mod this game are using 7th heaven why not just make one installer that works on top of the base 7th heaven exe and require 7th heaven? Thats how most games are modded... there is usually a compatibility patch that makes all versions the same... so that all the modders can have a consistent base game to work off of. Which is what 7th Heaven did... but you are still choosing to mod the base game and screw all the other mods and modders over that are using the compatibility patch... seems selfish...

Because 7th Heaven is an overly complicated modding solution - and it isn't for me to fix bugs with their installation.  My installation works fine.
Not to mention, I am working on my own modding solution.

Imagine you create a novel and someone else edits it and then it's all a mess.  Would you take your complaint to the editor or the original author?  There's nothing more to say on it.

I don't even have the time to start loading 7th Heaven fixing all the incompatibilites.

Also, the reason Menu and Beacause come together is because of menu changes needed to accommodate it.  This may be something I can make optional in R07.

Finally, I'm not happy that the old Menu Overhaul is part of 7th Heaven, because I don't support that version anymore - and it looks crap.  I am not sure the next version will even be compatible with it at all.  As I say, I am working on my own modding solution.

Ok so let me respond to each of those things.... First off I never said that your mod didn't work fine on its own. My main point was that it wasn't easily compatible with the system that most people use to mod the game....

And 7th heaven doesn't edit things... the words of your book just aren't compatible to begin with... so in this case I would go to the original author. Like if this was my mod (I know its not, but just humor me for a second lol) I would have started out making the mod in a way that would work with the manager.... And don't misunderstand I don't expect your mod to be compatible with everything in 7th heavens catalog. When game companies make games they usually plan there platform and standalone doesn't really work... imagine having to buy a completely new console for each game. So at the end of the day my minimum goal would be to have a product that worked on the system that most users are using. In this case 7th heaven.

I didn't realize that the menu was needed for Because. Can you elaborate a bit more on why this is? I am currently using the 7th heaven menu as its the only one I can get to work with 7th heaven along with the r5 translation.

Assuming you do make the next version fully not compatible with the version in 7th heaven that will force separation of your users completely from 7th heaven... unless you find a way to make your new updates work with 7th heaven. This would be ideal if you plan to have the new menus be required for future versions of your translation.

If not I guess we will be stuck using your earlier versions which would really suck as I would like to experience the hard work you put into these updates. I really can't justify changing my whole mod setup for 1 mods updates unfortunately and the ease of making mod packs into IRO which you can organize with a mod priority is not something most users would wish to give up.

This has probably been asked a lot and I don't mean to come off the wrong way but in all seriousness why not make this mod 100% compatible with 7th heaven? "Most" people absolutely want to use both and you are only hurting the success of this amazing translation by not having its recent updates be compatible with the most popular mod manager. You have options for translations and lots of other stuff is optional in your installer (models, 60fps etc). How hard would it be to have a 7th heaven option which adjusts things to be more compatible? That or why not work with EQ2Alyza more to let him update the 7th heaven catalog with recent options from this mod/more updated translation? Also curious why Because and Menu are not modular from each other in the installer?  This stuff can't be impossible and I just don't understand how you don't feel its worth your time? These are just my opinions and at the end of the day its your mod and time which I highly respect but hopefully you can take this comment constructively.

here's a video test of a part of the opening, filtered from psx version then esrgan :
don't know if i prefer the steam version or this one, mine don't have aliasing and is sharper , but steam seems to bring out more details

Thats actually a much better result then what I got during testing!!! You should use the videos from I personally use Toshiba DVD<No Chibi<AC,ACC

Higher quality base, and then replace any FMV that has horrible chibis, and then finally replace anything I can with AC/ACC. This gives me the best results until some of the FMV's that had chibis are just remade... I know Echo-S is already working on a few for testing now.

As soon as you release the field, battle, and world textures together, I will add them to the 7H Catalog. I believe this is superior to all prior texture packs, so I may just replace them all with Remako HD as the only definitive texture pack to download.

I am also working on a new pack for Echo-S and it is being beta tested now by our team and I know when Satsuki releases his pack that remako won't be the definite pack. Not to say any pack is better then the other but if you want to keep 7th heaven as updated as possible then I'm guessing it will have 3 new packs which will overwrite the 3 you have now :)

This is awesome. I've already used your tool to redo every field in the game. Going through to test now. I know you mentioned doing this for battle fields as well. Is that still in the plan?

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