Author Topic: Question about Hades Workshop !  (Read 1374 times)


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Question about Hades Workshop !
« on: 2017-08-09 05:27:49 »
Is it possible to add more command in the Panel section than the basic one?
Because I have only successfully modified asser well Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, Dagger and Eiko but for Freya, Quina, Amarant it is no longer possible to add other command.

How done to add additional content to the spells and items without modifying the ones that are already basic and is possible ?

Zidane use Actio and MIXFRA

Add  Lancer, Reis's Wind Chacra and Aura But is Double Cast.

Actio Regroups all basic spells

Vivi use Mage UP and MIXFRDA

Add  Cure, Cura, Life, Scan, Panacea, Shell, Protect, Reflect, Float, Dispel, Holy, Haste, Stona, Lancer, Reis's Wind, Dragon Breath, White Draw, Luna, Six Dragon and Cherry Blosom.

Mage UP Regroups all base spells

Steiner, use Mag-arts and QUAM

Add Curse, Revivre, Vanish, Magic Hammer, 1000 Neeadles, Pumpkin Head, Chacra and Aura

Mag-arts Regroups all basic spells

Dagger use Aura Good and MIXVIST

Add  Fire, Blizzard, Slow, Thunder, Osmose, Power break, Armor break and Mental break.

Aura Good Regroups all basic spells

Eiko use Magica and MIXQUI

Add  Goblin punch, LV 5 Death, LV 4 Holy, LV 3 Def-Less, Soul Blade, What's that!? Detect, Flee, White Wind, 1000 Needles, Bad Breath and Mighty Guard.

Magica Regroups all basic spells