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I wanted to know where to find the patch that applies a switch PAL / NTSC PSX FF7, I think it's paradox, but I'm looking on the internet but can not find ...

sorry for my bad English.

Hello, question about FF7 PSX:
Wanted to know how do I know FIELD files in the folder (the. DAT containing the texts of the game) that are each zone, ie as an archive of all there is, corresponding to the first string when you leave the train to start the game for example?

Is there a list that tells which zone has each file?

I feel bad my bad English, translator use U_U

First, a salute to all, I'm new here ^ ^
    In FF7 PSX, in which folder are the texts of the game? but I do not find a retranslation of texts> <

    Another question:
    when you unzip the files with extension. LZS, become the files. DEC (with a program that found here, LZS.exe) no way to edit these files? I guess that inside there are no textures?

    last question xD:
    the videos with extension. MOV psx, how can I convert an AVI (uncompressed) to the same format. MOV for psx? I need to change some videos of the PSX FF7 hehe

    PS: These questions are for PSX FF7
    PS2: translated from Spanish into English with a translator online, sorry, maybe not fully understand> <

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