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npc mods-(sorry)

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The Berserker:
hello there i am sorry in advance for posting this in the wrong place but please help

**If possible (Kaldarasha) can you please tell me the hrc names of the npcs you didn't replace such as the beach male I know you replace most but some you didn't replace all also like the cat models I would very much appreciate it if you can list all the npcs and field models (hrc names) that you didn't replace
Mainly because
-I am working on my own npc replacements project and I am using your models as a base I have finished replacing the 45 and the dog but I wanna completely replace all of the rest

So if you have time please list them I am in you debt :)
**and sorry again for posting this here but please I need help
Thanks again
Please don't delete this :)

Mod edit: Caps lock is cruise control for getting warnings. Don't do that again. ~Covarr

Don't write in capital letters.  I check this site once a day so there is no need for this.

In the single files should be an exel file where I have documented which model I have done. Make a new column for you and share it with your files. I would like to see what you have done maybe I could help you with some technical infos.

The Berserker:
sorry for that and thanks man you rock :D but yeah i can't share my mods here since i use ripped models though i will share them on my youtube channel once i'm done if you are interested in them

The Berserker:
i have a question>>>

i recently switched to edge in blender to use it to separate parts for the 3d models and now when i test my npcs the game crashes is it because of EDGE or something that i am missing here please help???

I must first look what edge is.

You can PM me, so you can give me a link for one oft these models. Then I could look where the problem is.


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