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So ff6 came out on PC today and the game doesn´t look very good with the new sprites aliasing problems etc etc, you can check out this article pointing out most things wrong with this port here (http://www.fortressofdoors.com/doing-an-hd-remake-the-right-way-ffvi-edition/)
Unlike FFV all the files, except fonts and controller icons, are stored on one big 700 Mb file, this file format is .obb which is an android file i´m not sure

Someone on the steam forums already tried to decompile the file but to no avail (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ff-modding/discussions/1/487877107133753844/)

So is anyone here interested in modding this game ?

This is something I was hoping to look into in a month or two when I have the money to do so, if nobody beats me to it. I suspect the Steam forums are more likely to gather the right talent for this job, though.


--- Quote from: Covarr on 2015-12-16 19:51:30 ---This is something I was hoping to look into in a month or two when I have the money to do so, if nobody beats me to it.
--- End quote ---

So, this is a lazy ass port. Its garbage, and various communities are scrambling to make it worth playing.

I am seeing a lot of people who seemingly want to help but don't have the cash to buy the game.

If this sounds like you, then let me know. I haven't done reddit gifts this year, I can afford to gift a few lumps of FF6 coal if someone can help turn it into a diamond.


--- Quote from: codecx on 2015-12-18 16:01:36 ---I'm interested in getting this done sooner than later, I am monitoring the steam community, but no single method has come out.
If you're waiting due to a money factor, how much would this cost to get this done, and how much time does it take?

--- End quote ---
Christmas has left me too broke to buy the game, that's the only financial factor for me. Time can be difficult to gauge without looking into the game's files first; without seeing the formats things are in and how everything's stored, I can't even begin to estimate how long such a task would take.

I'm probably not the best person for this job anyway. My experience with these sorts of things is fairly limited; I'm far more useful at audio modding than reverse engineering file formats. Not to mention my free time will be fairly limited even when I can afford a copy of it, as I was recently cast in a play and rehearsals start in January.

Edit: From what I have read, the game's data isn't just packaged in a binary blob, but also encrypted. That alone puts it past my purview.

Well, my offer stands to anyone. I'll also be posting this on reddit /r/FinalFantasy.


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