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So I just can't leave well enough alone I suppose.  I know someone already did an upscale using waifu2x but I believe his model choice was poor.  He used the original "trained" model for anime art, whereas there is another "trained" model you can use with waifu2x that is based off of photography. 

Using this "photo" model instead of the anime model I have gotten incredibly clean and sharp results without the blotched or smudgy look of the anime style waifu2x.  I already modified Omzy's facepalmer script to work with waifu-caffe, trained with this new model and using cuDNN to make the processing time reasonable.   As a result I am posting a demo of the bombing mission so you can get an in game taste of this new method.  Also posting some sample images from an imgur album but keep in mind these are compressed a bit.

So here is the demo, just rename "demofin" to "field" and place in modpath.

Also here are just a few samples to see what I am talking about

What do you think?  Would it be worth processing the whole game again?  With my new rig it probably wouldn't take nearly as much time as it did in the past, but then again even with CUDA and cuDNN the waifu2x resizing does take a fair bit of time to process even with a gtx 970, so just looking for feedback as to whether or not I should go for it?

I'm on my phone right now but from what I can tell it would definitely be worth it.

There are also a few battle scenes that haven't been remade yet that would probably benefit as well

Would you consider these better quality overall than your previous processing of the game? I have your first one in the 7H Catalog atm, but if you consider this one to be better, I could replace it. It's up to you.

that is a nice looking field..  8)

sir yarlson, up to what stage of the game is this demo fields completed? i want to try it  ;D i'm still in golden saucer level :D

Luigi Brosse:
Too me, this looks better than the previous waifu release, in the fact that there is less the "cel shade"effect that might have been a consequence of using the anime trained approach.
However, it would be good if you could have a comparison on the same field.


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