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Make text into subtitles

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Anyone know how i can achieve this? I would like it to be like FFX style

For FF7 lol, how did i forget this ...

Which FF game are you trying to do this with? You haven't mentioned it or put it in the topic

I had a look at this before - it can be done (if you mean FF7).  But here's why I didn't do it: It doesn't work without voices.  You'll find it hard to know who is talking and will be continually glancing down to the bottom of the screen - which takes you away from the story and characters.

If you still want to do it - you will need either Makou Reactor - or touphScript.  Every dialogue will need to be manually changed into longer line sentences (page breaks can still be used) - and the box manually placed.  It will be a monumental effort.  Using touphScript and perhaps some programming you could maybe make the text and boxes go where you want automatically, and then clean up the ones that went wrong.  Otherwise - good luck!

PS you can use my tool BoxFF7 to preview a change in realtime.

Perfect,  i did think Box FF7 would do it. The only reason i haven't tried this was with my voices mod i would have to release the subtitle change too. I haven't got the program to work with 7H yet so it'll be standard. How would i get the new text areas back into the game? So i can release the Flevel after with the pack

ts and makou change flevel directly.


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