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Qhimm Wiki is down?

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Sega Chief:
Been checking the Qhimm wiki the last few days but it seems to be down; I asked a few people and they get the same error, a 403 Forbidden access problem. Anyone know what's up with it?

Qhimm is the only one who can fix this. I'll try to get in touch with him.

Hopefully our wiki is back up before to long. If anyone needs it here is my copy of the savemap .

Sigh and all the data I had grabbed back in the day is on the Wiki.
I was hoping to restart my projects in python (instead of C/C++).
Well hopefully the FF7 animation sequence format is somewhere in the archive posts.


For reference's sake there's a pretty recent snapshot on web archive. I'd like the wiki back, of course. :)


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