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So I watched an in-depth analysis of the FFVII OG by Doc Nano a few months ago and I realized a connection between all music. Here are the tracks in chronological order:

CH1 Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

1. Prelude - Reunion: Prelude/Sephiroth
2. Midgar, The City of Mako: Prelude/Sephiroth/Jenova/Main Theme/Midgar/Fighting/Shinra/the Lifestream
3. Bombing Mission - Infiltration: Bombing Mission/Main Theme
4. Let the Battles Begin - ex-SOLDIER: Fighting
5. Anxious Heart - False Memories: Prelude/Sephiroth
6. Mako Reactor 1: Midgar/Fighting
7. Mako Ractor 1 - Battle Edit: Midgar/Fighting
8. A Black Feather: Prelude/Sephiroth
9. Scorpion Sentinel: Bombing Mission/Midgar/Fighting/Main Theme
10. Getaway: Bombing Mission

CH2 Fateful Encounters

11. Shinra: Midgar/Fighting
12. Those Chosen by the Planet: Main Theme/Prelude/Sephiroth
13. The Promised Land - The Cycle of Soul: The Lifestream
14. First Contact: Prelude/Sephiroth
15. A Chance Meeting at Sector 8: Aerith
16. The Whispers Attack: Arbiter of Fate/Bombing Mission
17. Let the Battles Begin - Break Through: Midgar/Fighting
18. A Close Call: Bombing Mission
19. The Shinra Creed: Barret
20. The Shining Beacon of Civilization: Prelude/Sephiroth

CH3 Home Sweet Slums

21. An Omen - Whispers
22. Tifa's Theme - Seventh Heaven: Tifa
23. Noises in the Night: Midgar/Fighting/Oppressed
24. Mako Poisoning: Sephiroth
25. Main Theme of FFVII - Sector 7 Undercity: Main Theme
26. Avalanche's Theme: Avalanche/Barret
27. Scrap Boulevard Cleanup Crew: Avalanche
28. Johnny's Theme: ???
29. Let the Battles Begin! - A Merc's Job: Midgar/Fighting
30. On Our Way: ???
31. The Star of 7th Heaven: Tifa
32. Lurking in the Darkness - Suspicious Man: Main Theme/Midgar/Fighting
33. Just Another Job (On That Day, 5 Years Ago): Main Theme

CH4 Mad Dash

34. Lay Down Some Rubber - Let's Ride: Bombing Mission
35. Midnight Spiral: Midgar/Fighting
36. Speed Demon: ???
37. The Red Zone: ???
38. RUN RUN RUN/RUN RUN RUN - Instrumental version/RUN RUN RUN - Mellow Version: ???
39. Jessie's Theme: Jessie
40. Moonlight Thievery: ???
41. Disquiet: ???
42. A Tower, a Promise (Dear to the Heart): Main Theme
43. S7-6 Annex Diversion: Midgar/Fighting
44. Ignition Flame: Roche/Midgar/Fighting
45. Under Cover of Smoke: Roche/Avalanche
46. Flying Over the Undercity: Avalanche
47. Main Theme of FFVII - Nightfall in the Undercity: Main Theme
48. The Sweetest Dreams: ???
49. Whispers' Theme: Whispers
50. A cutscene track plays after defeating the Enigmatic Spectre, when Jessie is injured: ???
51. A New Operation: Main Theme

CH5 Dogged Pursuit

52. Target: Mako Reactor 5: ???
53. A brief cutscene track plays just before "Hurry!": Bombing Mission
54. Hurry!: Bombing Mission
55. Hurry! - Time's Up: Bombing Mission
56. Hurry! - Success: Bombing Mission
57. Dogged Pursuit: ???
58. Born Survivors: ???
59. Crab Warden: Midgar/Fighting/Main Theme
60. Heidegger's Frustration: Midgar/FIghting/Shinra
61. a cutscene track plays during the second scene in Heidegger's surveillance room and a shorter version plays during the next cutscene as well: Midgar/Fighting

CH6 Light the Way

62. Undercity Suns: ???
63. Tightrope: ???
64. a variation of "Undercity Suns" (from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack) plays when the party heads for Section H and overcomes the powerful ventilation fans: ???
65. Maze of Scrap Metal: ???
66. Critical Shot: ???
67. Game Over: Prelude/Sephiroth
68. The Rendevouz Point: ???

CH7 The Trap is Sprung

69. I'm Sick of All of This/I hate them all: Prelude/Sephiroth
70. Trapped Like Rats: Midgar/Fighting
71. A Trap Is Sprung: Midgar/Fighting
72. Mako Reactor 5: Midgar/Fighting
73. Eyes of a SOLDIER: Midgar/FIghting/Avalanche
74. Airbuster: Midgar/Fighting
75. A Fall to the Slums: Midgar/FIghting

CH8 Budding Bodyguard

76. Who am I?: Main Theme
77. Aerith's Theme (Piano Version): Aerith
78. The Turks' Theme: Midgar/FIghting/The Turks
79. The Turks Reno: Midgar/FIghting/The Turks
80. Fleeing the Church: ???
81. Respite in the Rafters: ???
82. Flowers Blooming in the Church: Aerith
83. Under the Rotting Pizza: Main Theme/Midgar/Fighting
84. Under the Rotting Pizza - Battle Edit: Main Theme/Midgar/Fighting
85. A variation of "Under the Rotting Pizza" (from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack) plays when Cloud and Aerith arrive at the Sector 5 Undercity station: Main Theme/Midgar/FIghting
86. Rude Arrives: Midgar/Fighting

I find it really cool thanks for sharing.

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