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Yeah, I like how the link above doesn't actually link to the forum/topic, but says "Sorry but this board is currently unavailable."

How are we supposed to install this mod with Reunion?

The interpolated 60fps hasn't quite been perfected.  You may still notice a handful of of places that seem too fast, and there are still one or two graphical glitches you may encounter

I'll stick to the non-interpolation mode then

Stupid question, is there an advantage to using 60 FPS without interpolation vs using it with interpolation?

Yeah, I spotted this but forgot to add.

As for other issue...  pause issue may be unavoidable.

Well, the pausing thing is a nonissue for me, so no worries, but the HP/MP flicker is fixable? Thank you :3

Edit 2: Never mind, user error for the text speed lol

So, first and foremost, the mod and SweetFX installed without a hitch, games loads and runs well. However, odd quirk when selecting in the battle menu, the status that shows HP/MP flickers briefly when selecting/confirming an action in battle. Also pausing causes animations to speed up when using 60 FPS battles mode =1. I tried 60 fps battles mode 2 but ran too fast, made all the animations/models to attack at 60 fps, instead of the HUD.

You need latest patches from last few pages.  Also, R06 turns Steam into 1998 essentially.

Do you have a link to reshade?

That's looks good! Would you care to share the reshade preset?

Nice job on the hotfixes btw!


Reshade no longer crashes the Steam version of FFVII? Last time I used it, I got stuck in an infinite loop and the game never loaded when used with this mod.

The link on Steam is out of date or something, if someone has an updated link for Reshade, I'd appreciate it.

Edit: Also with the bug fixes, do I need to somehow update the current Reunion installation?

Working great so far, but one thing I do wonder is, is there any way to filter those backgrounds? The original PSX backgrounds look pretty bad in full screen.

It's okay, crap happens, don't be too hard on yoursself

+1 towards removing/fixing the menu lag caused by Menu Enhancement.

It really makes a big difference to how responsive the game feels, especially considering the dozens of hours you have to put into it.

Unfortunately you cant play the re-translation without it due to all the broken dialogue choices.

You really need to stop this crap and making dupe accounts.

Heres hoping it is fixable without totally rewriting the entire mod.


Its a shame in a language as common as English there is no commonly used maniancal laugh  i think something like  mwhaha  would work to get the point across and its two characters shorter then ha ha ha.

Japanese has a lot of interesting nuances that are hard to properly translate.

I kinda wish we had an actual release date just so I can request that day off work to play it.

It's out when it's out

A quick one (kuro_8):

Shouldn't Sephiroth laugh be different looking at the Japanese? Not "Ha Ha Ha" but: "Heh Heh Heh"
Also because only Sephiroth and Cloud are sharing this particular laugh ("クックックッ"; and Hojo I Believe)


Yeah, that last one is more like a wicked kind of snicker.

It actually was!  very satisfying to make it work :P

This is gonna be epic!

And there we are.  A final implementation.

Just got to clear up the height of the chars and it's all done.  8-)

Holy crap that sounds like it was "fun" XD

So, the final thing needed was the end user being able to easily change submarine text.

I had to create my own handling function to make it work - but it's almost perfected. And it works.

Pretty cool stuff :3


Almost completed new tab 'Game Text'. 
That is um, very extensive and impressive O.O

I enjoy reading the Japanese too :P

And it's been improved with R06 :)

Awww yeah, excellent news :D

This 60fps mod does not run the 3D animations at 60fps. Rather:

The PlayStation version runs the 3D scene at 15fps and the battle menus below at 60fps.
The PC version runs the whole screen at 15fps. This completely breaks several framerate-driven menu options.
The 60fps mod included in Reunion R05 corrects the PC version to behave more like the PlayStation version. The slots on Tifa's limit break are probably the most visible difference.

Indeed, it's an excellent mod and makes the battle arena a lot more tolerable as well.

All text from executable can now be pulled from external text file.  Those that remain require editing of texture files (although swapping the non English LGP files should work for the most part), Kernel.bin, or Kernel2.bin.


Looking pretty darn good

Will Reunion be released in 2019? 

 :-o Are you a betting man or woman?

I'm confused?

No conversion needed. Simply having my dll in the root folder with the option to use it turned on is enough -it will handle everything. I've designed everything to be as painless as possible for modders and users.

Ah, okay, awesome :3

It's still 95% Aali's custom driver + my own DLL.  Together they will offer a very good modding framework to Steam.  The downside is Steam will have to use 1998 executable - and all achievements and Steam related stuff will be gone.  Going back to steam version will be as simple as using steam launcher though.

It's a good thing I personally don't care about the achievements, but I assume this mod will convert the app too?

R06 is ready for release from my side. The only thing holding it all up now is the Opengl side - which Luksy is looking into.

Once this is done and working, we're good to go. The retranslation will be fully completed for R07.  Charlie Beer and I haven't got long to go now.

Awesome, looking forward to it :D

Tested on my new laptop and all went without a hitch.  At least I know there's no issue with installation now.

Awesome to hear

Nunsrgr8, either do as the mod asks of you and stop your bitching, or shut up already and keep it to the PMs. Your bitchfest contributes nothing, we get it.

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