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Thanks alot for this, will try it out soon, 20 minutes to go for the download to finish :)

Troubleshooting / Re: Please Help
« on: 2009-04-17 10:21:13 »
Try setting the compatibility mode to windows 98 or 95

Troubleshooting / Re: Play the PC on PSX
« on: 2009-04-04 17:07:58 »
*sigh* If you guys would get your pasty white ass off your computer chair and actually interact with people in the world, you might realize not everyone is like you. You have no idea how little most people know about technical stuff. Seriously, most folks think computers and whatnot run on pixie dust. They push a button, the elves get to work, and stuff shows up on the screen. We all had to learn at some point that things don't work that way. Don't be a dick and act like you were born with the understanding you have, and don't be a bigot thinking anyone lacking in your teh 1337 field of knowledge is less deserving of decent human treatment.

Why do i lack the ability to say it right

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7 D3D bugged on 8800 GT
« on: 2009-04-04 15:54:22 »
I have the same problem, i have SainTs high res patch installed, chocobo patch, and NPCRP installed. The background tears up, reducing fps to 10-20, same happens when there's more than 3 models on screen, very choppy, and on occasion all the models turn yellow.  I have the latest drivers installed. I get to play for a few minutes before these problems appear, and it shouldn't be gfx card related, i haven't overclocked this, and my cooling is fine. Weird thing is that it this worked fine on vista, but when i rolled back to XP i started to have problems. This is annoying the hell out of me, any advice? Thanks alot.

Intel Core 2 Duo E6850
3 gigs of ram
Geforce 8800 GTX with 182.50
Windows XP 32-bit

When i rolled back to 175.16 the tearing stopped, but my models turned black or very dark, damn. help :(

Releases / Re: [FF8] Battle Hardcore Patch - one problem
« on: 2009-04-04 15:48:13 »
I'd like the medium difficulty if you could raise the amount of damage enemies do, the only difference i see is that HP has skyrocketed, making the battles only more time-consuming, not really hard. I don't want to be rude, just saying what i think, for example, on medium difficulty Ifrit has 1300hp, on hard he has over 10 000, probably almost 20 000, can't remember but over 10 000 anyway. Why such a big leap on HP between the difficulties? Is that a bug or is it intended

Releases / Re: [FF8] Battle Hardcore Patch - one problem
« on: 2009-04-03 00:48:41 »
Sorry if i fail to see the sense in hard, or the omega difficulties, how am i supposed to beat a bat that has 19 000hp? I'm in the cave right now and if i'm gonna fight it takes more than the 40 minutes to kill one bat. Pretty ridicilous

Archive / Re: LGP Tools on Vista
« on: 2008-02-11 16:40:47 »
Well obviously it didn't work out, since i'm already the administrator of this computer, i can't even check the "Run as the administrator" so no good, thanks anyway :-)

Anything else to try? :O

Archive / LGP Tools on Vista
« on: 2008-02-10 20:07:35 »
Hi, has anyone got LGP Tools working properly on Vista? When i try to run it and install LGP Shell Extensions i get "Installation Failed! Possible reasons: -Registry is corrupt. -LGPPROP.dll(??) was not found in the LGP Tools folder. -Could not write to System\ShellExt folder."

Without installing the extensions i can still run it and almost completele installing NPC Reconstruct project, but no matter how many times i try, i get the same "Stream read error" and it's no good, old blocky, or messed up models ingame.

So is there any other program that i can edit .lgp files(extract, recompile) with or can someone tell me how to get LGP tools working? Thanks in advance.

Archive / Re: STICKY: FF7 Music
« on: 2008-02-10 00:01:01 »
Well this is interesting, i can get the MP3's to play, but when i try to configure the MIDI music volume to 0 ingame, i get

Still i can hear the damn MIDI playing on the background, help please? I have integrated Realtek audio system

<E> There's a solution already, look a page back: ) stupid me

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2007-11-04 12:05:40 »
 Has someone beaten Diamond Weapon when it's attacking Midgar? It's too hard :( There's no way i can kill it before the countdown finishes, and when it does, it's instakill.  :?

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2007-10-13 15:21:22 »
This status occurs other places. But it's just those two fights which gives you crash issues. I personally had no problem with Jonva LIFE though, but I can understand Hojo may be way frustrating knowing it is 3 battles. I'll put up a mod where Hojo has no dual effect.


And here it is. Removed dual from JLife as well.

I love you  :lol: Thanks, now i'm gonna beat her. ^^ -->

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2007-10-13 03:46:43 »
Damn, while casting Esuna it freezed again. :(

<E> Yup, when i try to Esuna the anti-regen the game hangs. So there's nothing i can do about it except constant healing?
Only if you use the window patch, but this cause graphic issues.
Other than that, nope.
Seems that gjoerulv must get rid of this Dual status. :|

I guess i'll go to level for a bit then, this one's hard. :(

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2007-10-13 02:08:28 »
Damn, while casting Esuna it freezed again. :(

<E> Yup, when i try to Esuna the anti-regen the game hangs. So there's nothing i can do about it except constant healing?

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2007-10-13 00:45:45 »
The computer crashes only come, because of this Anti-Regen.
Jenova-Life and Hojo can cause this.

However, you cannot get past Hojo, unless you get rid of it. :|

Anti-Regen? Please be more specific :p What's this anti-regen you're talking about?


Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2007-10-12 22:44:03 »
Very nice changes, i like it... :) It's just perfect for me, not too hard nor too easy, i'll report any bugs i may find. Thanks for this!  :-) And you said something about dual status effects causing the game to hang when fighting Jenova Life? Happened to me. :-\ Had to boot my computer, ah well, i'm gonna give it another go now.

Troubleshooting / Re: scene.bin
« on: 2007-10-10 23:54:35 »
It's on the install CD (/data/battle directory).

Thanks, found it. :) I thought i have to install the whole game again to get one tiny file.. works like a charm n_n

Troubleshooting / scene.bin
« on: 2007-10-10 20:51:15 »
Hello, can someone upload original, unmodified scene.bin, i tried few hardcore mods and now it doesn't seem to work anymore, and i think the problem is in scene.bin
And as stupid as i am, forgot to backup it.

Thanks in advance. :3

Archive / Re: (Possibly) New unused text found
« on: 2007-07-20 06:26:59 »
Whats the point of quoting a post without making a comment?

No need for other words except the ones i quoted. ;-)

Archive / Re: (Possibly) New unused text found
« on: 2007-07-19 13:21:43 »
I definately remember Aeris' mother saying those lines in her house after Aeris is captured

Releases / Re: NPC Reconstruction Project
« on: 2007-02-13 07:27:59 »
That Knight is f***ing great !! Could he be added as a PC in the team ??  :-D he would be more fine than Cait  :wink:

Anything is better than that traitor! >:(

Archive / Re: The Idiots Guide To FF7Music (JK xD)
« on: 2007-02-12 18:42:49 »
Did you try the one from NEAT COMPILATION...?
If so, tell me whether it's the same.

EDIT: oh, and you'll need to follow these instructions.

I'm such an amateur, i just had to reboot and it works fine, thanks ! :)

Archive / Re: The Idiots Guide To FF7Music (JK xD)
« on: 2007-02-12 12:00:54 »
Hi! Thanks for the guide, i have one problem though, it takes from 15 seconds to 1 minute to switch song when moving from place to place, fight to fight... very annoying. I tried the lessdebug addon, crashed the whole game at first, then when i got it 'working', it does the same as usual. I don't have so slow processor considering the age of the game; Athlon 3200+. So using the lessdebug is a waste of time anyway i think. What could be the problem? Working fine, but i have this problem.. thanks in advance.

<EDIT> Typo, before someone asks, i use older versions of the "in_mp3.dll" and "out_wave.dll"'s since the new ones does not work. 1.02 patch applied, all other modifications works great. Didn't find anything related to this with search except the lessdebug that didn't work.

Releases / Re: NPC Reconstruction Project
« on: 2007-02-08 05:05:54 »
Hay ppl here are then pics

Looks really great, finally got this modification working on my FF. Perfect... keep up the good work and thanks!  :-)

What if I went killing people and then when they arrest me I'd call myself Jesus and wave with a Bible in my hand? I'd like to see similarity in the news and consequences. OK, that's not about a videogame but the principle reamins... cause<->consequence

I'd prefer Mario, seriously though, this can only happen in Germany.

General Discussion / Re: Remake Petition
« on: 2006-11-12 20:31:39 »
If it doesn't contribute anything new or interesting, you might want to think about not posting it at all.

Just wanted to say my opinion, but if it's forbidden, a'ight, i respect the rules.

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