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FF7Voice / Are all voice projects dead?
« on: 2020-05-13 21:07:48 »
I would love to have voice acting on my second play through (I beat the first 23 years ago) and after playing Remake...I'd love to have the original still be voiced.

I'm just curious if there are summon miss out there for 7th Heaven? I've seen the knights of the round that actually includes otger Final Fantasy characters. Pretty cool.

Hi! I can't get this pack to work (I got a FF XIII UI Replacement to work). I get no errors, I just don't hear any new sound effects when in battle for anything. Everything still sounds vanilla. What should I do? I installed through 7th Heaven. I can toggle it on and off. I just don't hear the difference.

I have 7th Heaven 2.0 downloaded and I downloaded from within the program, the EDMusic FF VII Mod. It's also set to active. I can click on it, sample the pieces that are installed. Sounds Beautiful. But when i start the game (from within 7th Heaven program) It still has the vanilla soundtrack. Bombing Mission..battle music...I've saved at the first save point. Am I missing a step?

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