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General Discussion / FF8- Adding model to file
« on: 2021-04-10 03:46:03 »

    I am a beginner to create mods. I started modifying ff ix a few weeks ago and never had any other experience related to this. I am also French, which adds a difficulty for me to communicate.

    A big thank you to the many programmers who helped me on discord, I have a lot of admiration for all the work you're doing so it can be  intimidating to ask questions, knowing that I have a hard time mastering the subject .

    I learned to use the deling editor of myst6re to modify the game, apply new textures, etc ...

    Trying to make a Edea and Rinoa main character mod.
    Problem is, since every fields have there own file, sometime the character I want is missing (example Edea's model is not in any fields of Balamb).

    How can I hex edit to add the character to the file?

    I tried to replace the fields, tried Berrymapper, searched the forum.

This mod allow you to change Zidane for Garnet as the field main character.


Make a backup of the original p0data7.bin file from your game's StreamingAssets folder in case you want to revert back later. Copy the p0data7.bin in your folder.

Things to fix
Garnet have no riding chocobo animation on world map. I don’t know if I can fix this.
Some animations needs to be fixed.
For now I can’t remove Zidane completely from party.

Plans for future release

Fixing animations for the Dagger, the pickaxe, flame at beginning etc…
Get better animations for the theatre battle scene.
Adding the others summons and some white magic (full-life and holy) for Garnet.
Modify prison cage-garnet ennemy.
Remove zidane completely from battle.
Modify the script, keeping it the most canon possible.

Is it possible to switch the models in Final fantasy IX ..  or have my Zidane model be switched with Beatrix so I could walk around as her through-out the game or something?

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