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Releases / [FF7 PC] Cutscene Skip Mod
« on: 2021-03-01 23:32:30 »
This was the first mod I ever made, so I figured I'd bring it over to 7th Heaven real quick!

This mod skips most of the cutscenes in the game, allowing you to focus on the gameplay. You'll also run into Mog occasionally, who you can talk to to skip some of the more tedious sections like Wall Market and the Shinra HQ stealth section.

Great for challenge runs. Likely incompatible with mods that modify flevel, like New Threat.

You can download the IRO here:

Old versions:

WIP / Speedrun Irony Mod
« on: 2020-12-15 01:56:56 »

Something's not quite right. Cloud and Barret have gone mysteriously missing, with Tifa left to fend for herself. At least she has two friends with her—Cait Sith and Vincent—but when exactly did she meet these people? Why do the three of them know things that they shouldn't? And most importantly, what happened to Cloud and the others?

This is the Speedrun Irony Mod, a project I've been working on for a couple of months now. The idea is that you play through the whole game with the three most powerful characters in the speedrun (Tifa in No Slots, Cait Sith in Slots, and Vincent in All Bosses), but the exploits that make them so powerful have been fixed. There have also been a few other balance tweaks, as well as lots of meta humor and other goofy moments.

To-do list
  • LOTS of field scripts
  • Also LOTS of animations—Cloud has a bunch of animations that Tifa doesn't
  • Dice is incredibly strong for early game, so I'd like to nerf it somehow. Maybe one die for level <10, if that's possible?
  • Fix the pre-emptive glitch for Aps, Jenova BIRTH, Midgar Turks
  • Fix W-Item glitch
  • Some other tweaks as I think of them
  • Difficulty settings? Some ideas: no escape from battles, permanent active ATB, no EXP from non-boss encounters

So as you may know, most of the characters' initial data can be found and edited in the kernel. But since Young Cloud and Sephiroth are hogging their respective character slots, Cait Sith and Vincent's data is hidden away in the EXE, making it more annoying to edit. Well, I threw together a quick tool to help with that issue!

The tool locates Cait Sith and Vincent's data in the EXE, and allows you to edit it via the user interface. Right now it expects and validates with basegame data, but later on I might see if I can tweak it to read weapon data, etc. from the kernel. I also might expand it later to edit other stuff that can only be changed in the EXE, but I just stuck with this for now since this was what I needed it for.

Download link here:

Old versions:

Includes a DLL (Editor.Core.dll) that you can use for your own installers. Also includes the source code, which you can also use and modify if you want. Written in C#.

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