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Support / Roses and Wine problem
« on: 2013-12-26 15:35:17 »
Hi guys. First of all, I would like to thank all the modders and devs out here who are doing a good job in keeping the final fantasy ps games updated after all this time. Now for my problem:

I have recently purchased a steam version of FFVIII(but I also have the old 2000 copy) as I wanted to try out if there were new things applied to the game. It's been a while and I was quite happy that there are a whole bunch of modders updating this game. I set my sights on DLPB's RaW since it features rich music much more superior to that of the midi used(i dunno why square did this especially for a pc game). These are the steps i followed in trying to install RaW

1. Installed FFVIII Steam
2. DL RaW and the updated RaW.dll
3. Install RaW(I uninstalled my antivirus and opened the app as admin), ticked 2013 version, ticked 'all' in music
4. Installation done. C&P'd the RaW.dll
5. I started the game but when it was time for "Overture" to play, it wasn't there. I tried to play through the intro but the Balamb theme wasn't playing. There was also a "vol=100" file so i think that's the max volume there is.
6. Uninstalled RaW and then reinstalled again. This time I only chose the OST.
7. Played the game and the rich sound experience was back. I progressed through pre-Timber mission when I decided to use the latest Hyne(yeah i know i wanted Tornado fast). BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM my save game was deleted. Even the backup file can't be read :(
8. Uninstalled the Steam version and installed the classic 2000 FFVIII
9. Updated it to v1.2
10. Installed aali's driver, edited it to my liking
11. Configured FFVIII through it's configuration app
12. Installed RaW again, this time ticking the "2000" version and the 'all'.
13. C&P'd RaW.dll
14. Opened the game but again, the problem presented in 5 reoccurred.
15. Repeated step 6 but this time, the OST won't even play. Looked through ff8_opengl.cfg and the line 'load_library = "RaW" was there so I don't know what the underlying problem could be :(
16. Tried the SGT's but it was awful

Hi DLPB I hope you can help me on this one. I'm hoping i'm not the first to experience this >_<

Troubleshooting / Installation problem
« on: 2013-10-10 17:08:19 »
Hi guys. Been a while. Decided to reinstall FF7 after a long time. I currently run windows 7 64 bit sp1. I did not have any problems at all before because I played this game flawlessly in my machine. It's just tonight that I noticed a problem. In the first screen on installation, it pops out the install, install yamaha, install media player, install directx. I pressed install and *boooom*, nothing happened. It's just like a split second that the icon goes from 'loading' then back to normal like nothing happened. I checked task manager but there are no FF7 related apps that were running. I closed Chrome, as it worked for some here, but still nothing happens. I tried safe mode but when I click on the setup icon, tuneup utilities would block it saying i blocked it(which really irked me since I only blocked MS Office). I'd try uninstalling tuneup at a later date and install this game through safe mode. For the mean time, anyone had this problem before?

Recap: Me want to install -> Click on "Install" -> Nothing happens -> No FF7 traces in task manager -> Closed Chrome -> "Install" -> Still nothing happens :(

I was able to install this game earlier this year but decided to uninstall due to not being used for a long time. Now that I want to install again, it won't. :(

Troubleshooting / FF7 Music problem
« on: 2011-02-04 02:52:56 »

I recently installed the latest FF7 Music Installer and everything worked wonderfully... But after 30 minutes of play, these pop-ups appeared, the BG music stopped, and although the game still plays, the music was totally dead... I don't even know what the problem is.. I tried changing the output config to out_ds.dll but another message pops up that says "Soundcard is already in use" blah2x... I even tried uninstalling my K-Lite Codec Pack but still to no avail... This has been an ongoing trend in my game where I play it perfectly for 30 minutes and then it becomes laggy (FPS drops to 20-25, instead of 30), the music becomes broken, and after a while, music dies as the messages pop up repeatedly... I hope someone can help me with this, especially Covarr. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this issue though as I have searched the forums but I can't find anyone having this specific kind of issue... When I played FF7 Music in the past(older versions), I didn't have any problem whatsoever about this popping up... When I reinstalled FF7 and found the latest FF7 Music, I was so excited to play it...  :(

Completely Unrelated / Dual Band Routers
« on: 2010-12-04 13:45:37 »
Hey guys... Mom just bought a Dual Band Router(DLink) and she said it was one of the latest routers around... Of course, I got pretty excited bout it... I did the usual and configured everything... All went well and I'm using wifi right now... Just one question though: How do you actually use Dual Band? I'm sorry but I don't really grasp the concept about it... It says it has 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidth capabilities... And if so, do I have to set up again to use any of the two? Or is it automatically "used"? I downloaded recently through torrent and still the same speed (45-50 kbps is usual in our area)... I have no frickin idea how a Dual Band Router works, how to use 2.4 or 5...I searched through internet and all they say is it can support 2.4GHz and 5GHz... Zzzzzzzzzzz... I'd appreciate it if you can explain it to me in "nooby" fashion...

Completely Unrelated / FFVII in Uncyclopedia... read...
« on: 2010-10-20 16:03:10 »

This is a very funny site... they make up stories, biographies of most FF7 characters.. ;)

EDIT: Added a very funny article on the death of Aerith.. ;)

Uhmmmmmmmm.. I don't know if I'm posting in the right section of this forum so moderators feel free to direct/guide me to the proper location...

So uhmmm here's my problem... Just been tweaking my FF7 for the past few days(I've just discovered this whole Modding thingy 72 hours ago) and I'm quite happy with the results... Just one question, I really love Millenia's customs, especially the buster sword, but how do you combine Millenia's and the AC Tsurugi? Here's some slight info in what I tried to do...

1.DL'd Slr1982's installer of Millenia.
2.Run the installer all the way

First all I got was "white" models so I opened using lgptools, extracted to some folder, opened PCreator(open 3ds file, set to battle model then open Battle HRC(rtaa) and set the integer to 2 *many said to set it to 10 but then another thing occurs, a red message like this appears every start of battle "ERROR: Could not find/load file Cloud .T09" although the weapons appear with the textures, it is quite irritating to start every battle with that message*. All I did was Trial and Error until the integer was set to 2 and the message disappeared, with the weapons textures now functioning fully.

Up to the point in Gongaga Village everything seems to work fine but then I was browsing and saw the Tsurugi model and I wanted it badly.

3.DL'd AC Cloud model (I'm only going to use the battle sword. what files(rtaa,rtae, etc) would I need?)
4.Opened battle.lgp with lgptools. extracted everything to a New Folder. I copied rtcz(since this is the only model of tsurugi, or so i heard) to the New Folder.
5. Repacked again and started to play..

I used WallMarket to change the model of buster sword into ultimate weapon(since this is the tsurugi). When I started the battle, the Tsurugi would appear "white" again. :cry: I did the PCreator thing and set the integers from 10(Trial and error again), but the red message from above would start appearing again until I set the integer to 4. From 4 to 1, the message would not appear, but the sword is still "white", From 10-5, the message keeps on pesting me, but the sword texture is there, as awesome of a sight as it can be... But I don't want that red message popping up everytime. And I know mixing up the integers again and again would be problematic for the Millenia textures(They are stable with 2 as the integer), so that means I would have to set all weapon models to tsurugi(0F in Wallmarket) and that's boring.

I know some of you have already done this and succeeded in mixing up these weapons.. Can you guys show me how to do it? is there anything, a file(rt**) perhaps, that I'm missing here? a n00bie step by step guide would be really awesome right now...  :|
Thank you in advance... :)

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