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I do not understand the point of this pro gramme, I can install the original 4 disk version of FF7 on windows 10, plus I can fully mod it too with Final Heaven.

Do you use the 32 bit version of Windows 10?

Look at the version 0.14 and earlier It uses SDL. It can play movie work with native scripts and so on. It uses PSX version of native data but youcan easily convert to PC version. Some of features support pretty lame but definetly worth looking at. Whole first mission with movie was playable.
Akari could you make a zip that includes all the dependencies in the VS2005 project file the .sln?

KnifeTheSky77: You get these scripts by running the q-gears-data-installer program and then installing Finishing Touch Latest Revision

If anyone knows how to code LUA or in general can figure out how to do stuff by looking at existing code, download Finishing Touch and you can help by getting the scripts work.  Look in data/maps/ffvii/field/ and look at the folders nmkin_1 and the LUA file inside!
You don't have to be an expert coder to work since its mostly easy commands

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged
« on: 2015-10-11 16:28:55 »
That was ... awesome :P

Tom's Installer 1.4.0
The biggest release yet!
Now uses my Installer Coordinator engine to power the installer!
With more new functions than you can count on both hands!
Fixes File Not Found Bug that Pooka was complaining about!
Brand new select folder prompt that PREVENTS you from selecting the wrong folder since all you can select is drives!

Download version 1.4.0 here:

Tom's Installer 1.4.1
Another great release for the Installer!
Look at the changelog for details :)

Download version 1.4.1 here:

Also cheers to whoever finds and comments on the new "Ignore" error button and its image :P

We tried doing alot of fancy conversions last time and ended up chasing our tails because stuff was wrong and animations were messed up and we spent more time working on converters than the actual game.  This time were doing native formats untill everything works as specified and once that is done we can add special sauces ;)
However if you can write a 100% working model converter with all animations (and lighting) you are more than welcome :)

Akari thats exactly what I showed Paul and it would be nice if you could help too since you wrote most of the SDL engine.  If we focus on ffvii only and not spend time on scripting languages/converters and fluff we should make a lot of real progress :)
One of the problems that has plagued Q-Gears is that we lost focus on the real goal of making a replacement ff7.exe and got carried away in making a uber complex engine that requires a lot of conversion to get anything to work.
Another great advantage of using the already existing formats is that we already have a very large library of programs that work and edit them, like Makou Reactor for fields or Kimera (spelling?) for models or Hojo and Proud Clod.

Currently we are going to go with SDL:
This is totally not starting from scratch, this is going to are going to reuse code from many different versions of Q-Gears to make something actually worth playing.
Since theres plenty of code that will work with it for 7-Gears.
We don't want anything anything that's system heavy or filled with bloat (Like unreal/unity) or prevents low level access.

For 7-Gears it would be nice if more developers could join the team and help with the project :) . 7-Gears is about making 1:1 replacement of the ff7.exe, so we gotta reproduce already existing behavior instead of adding new things.

You don't have to be an expert C++ developer to help, we also need people that understand the game formats and how to read and execute them.

Until 7-Gears reaches a state in which it surpasses Q-Gears 0.22 useability the Finishing Touch project will continue :)

Finishing Touch Revision 3 is up for download:
Fixes a bunch of stuff in nmkin_1 and adds a ton of dialogue and some smaller bugs on other fields.

Depending on how 7-Gears develops we might not even need Finishing Touch anymore so consider the project somewhat transitional for now.

Scripts now execute in nmkin_1! Hooray! (It was a very tough field to get working)

Well this thread is for the development of the Final Fantasy VII Installer Console Version.  Its the same as the other installers however also runs on Windows 10 and will also be compiled for Linux and Macintosh PPC and Intel.

Palette Editor module, part of the Developer's Tools and can be used to customize the theme of the installer by the user:

Compatibility Mode added to allow windows created for the classic console installer to work without modification:

Window limit removed, previously could only have 2 windows open on screen because windows were hardcoded, now they are dynamic!

Rough draft of the Developer's Tools window list used to add/remove windows to the installer (Used to make custom installers for mods like possibly a New Threat Installer)
Also the ability to move windows by clicking the titlebar was added and enabled

Graphics Mode tech test:

CLASSIC CONSOLE INSTALLER: This is the old display when you launch it.

EXEs will be released every now and then for your enjoyment (and probably amusement since there's a ton of unimplemented features of the GUI installer in it)  ;) .

Try it once without ever touching the path settings and leave all options that are checked by default, do maximum install and as a install disc use your ff7 install disc, if you have an ISO you must mount the ISO as it will not read anything directly from the ISO, even if you extract it.  It will only work from a disc drive (physical and virtual are both supported but it must be a drive).
Use a program like MagicDisc (free) to mount the ISO if you don't have CD-ROM drive or can't use it.

In the first insert-disc dialogue select the root of your CD-ROM drive, like just select the drive and nothing inside, and again it wont work from a folder only from a drive.

I need a bit more to know what caused this, did you change the install path and even if you encountered the error did the game actually install?  (Did you try and change it but hit cancel?)  Did you select any of the extras like Yamaha SoftSynth, DirectX, DirectShow, 1.02 update or Chocobo Patch?

Now you can install it using Tom's Installer Remake, its in the tools section of the forums or here:
Fixed a few bugs in Q-Gears fields today, might get a release later this week

Sorry for the very very long delay, things have gotten quite busy because Windows 10 came out and broke the original FF7 PC98 installer, so that needed remaking.  Don't worry, the project is totally not abandoned and progress to Finishing Touch HAS been made however not enough to warrant another revision release.
~Stay tuned for the next revision of the Finishing Touch!~

Yes, that would be nice.

How does it replace German files with English ones if you only have the German ones to start with?
So it makes the game English then translates it again?  I do not understand...

Fixed wine compatibility in 1.3.4
You can now install the game in a *nix/linux/*buntu computer with the new installer :)

Update 1.3.0 is out!
Automatically asks for administrator now!
Fixes cancel buttons
Adds auto chocobo patching
Adds auto 1.02 updating
Eliminates most crashes
Download in the OP or here:

Its an installer, you always run installers as admin.  How did the install go?  What Operating System are you on?

That error was due to a missing DLL and has been fixed in version 1.01 (now 1.1.0):

Tom's Installer has been released! Check out the project thread to download the latest version and *finnaly* play Final Fantasy 7 on your sparkly new Windows 10 machine!
I have also added a few other goodies in there such as auto 1.02 updating and automatic chocobo races crash fix

Support - Questions:
0. Q: When it starts it asks me for a folder!
0. A: Point it to the CD Drive you have your Final Fantasy VII Install Disc (Not Game Discs 1-3).

1. Q: Will this work on my computer?
1. A: This works on any computer with .NET Framework 4.0 Installed. (Wine Mono does also work on Linux Wine and ReactOS (Mono is separate from Wine!))

2. Q: Do I have to download the .NET Framework to use this?
2. A: If you have Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 you do not have to do anything.

3. Q: If I have already installed the game can I use this?
3. A: Yes, if you want to 1.02 update or chocobo races fix your game. If you want to reinstall delete your C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\ folder (THIS REMOVES YOUR SAVES UNLESS YOU BACKUP THE SAVE FOLDER)

4. Q: Error: You selected a source however that path does not contain game data!
4. A: Your path might be incorrect, it has to be your CD-ROM drive with FFVII disc in it! (Check if the path you selected has ff7.exe and ff7config.exe in it!)

5. Q: Error: You did not select the path to your Final Fantasy VII Install Disc!
5. A: You did not select a path and clicked cancel on the dialog, try again.

6. Q: I get an error while installing (On the screen with Vincent or Cait Sith on it)
6. A: Check if you have write permissions to the folder you are installing FF7 to.

7. Q: In Linux the application closes after I select a path
7. A: Please update your Installer to 1.3.4 or newer

8. Q: Yamaha SoftSynth installer does not work on my operating system
8. A: The Yamaha installer might not work because it also needs a remake, which is a work in progress.  Yamaha SoftSynth does not work *at all* on 64 bit systems.

9. Q: Do I need to uncheck or check "Install DirectX" and "Install DirectShow"
9. A: Your computer already has DirectX and DirectShow, so these options won't make a difference.

10. Q: If I just spam the "Next" button the whole way through the installer will it install everything ready to be modded?
10. A: Yes, all the correct settings to be compatible with mods are selected by default and you should only change them if you know what the options do and what they mean.

11. Q: What does the word "path" mean?
11. A: A path is a location of a folder, a hard drive or a CD-ROM drive on your computer.

12. Q: Why do there seem to be less files in the FF7 Folder?
12. A: Some files that the original installer used don't get installed or get replaced by others this installer uses since the installers have different architectures.

13. Q: How do I manually uninstall the game?
13. A: Delete %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Square Soft, Inc, delete in registry local machine\ software\Square Soft, Inc, delete the start menu folder and that's it.

14. Q: On the screen with Sephiroth Fire background I get an error!
14. A: Your disc/mounted ISO is bad, try again with an original or 100% compatible disc/ISO

15. Q: Does it work with winetricks installed
15. A: Yes it does work with and without winetricks but you got to have either Microsoft .Net 4.0 or Wine Mono installed (This applies only to linux)

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