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FF9 Tools / Re: [FF9] Save editor - Memoria (0.6.1b)
« on: 2016-07-15 01:00:21 »
If the "Format" function should, as the icon and key combination suggest, clear the selected slot. Be advised that it doesn't work on the Steam version (As advertised in the Help file).

Any one would know how to delete a single slot? My OCD would thank you!

And the terms Slot and files have been inverted in Memoria.

In the game, slot contains save files. And in Memoria Files contains slots... So what i really want is to delete a single file, and not the whole slot.

Support / Re: Roses and Wine problem
« on: 2016-01-18 14:42:29 »
Since you had no answers i'll reply even though the topic is old.
In order for Rose and Wine to play you must start it by using FF8+.exe, it's a daemon that will start the game and wait for it's process to open, otherwise you'll have no music !

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