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By your definition would Super Mario World and Mario 64 be the same genre, what about uncharted and gears of war... Gameplay mechanics are wildly different between the 4 games mentioned and they are all considered different genres, and by definition they are all games in which you play a particular role to see the story... So they are all RPGs, so the real question is how broad or shallow are your genre definitions? Me I'm definitely on the bandwagon of being as specific as possible when defining things cause let's face it people take things the wrong way whenever possible so why not reduce the chances  by being specific.

The writer's are the same minus Sakaguchi, the story is just as ridiculous and convoluted, and is still carried by the characters, the dialogue in the cut scenes are close enough to word for word to the originals localisation, all the plot points are hit for the midgar section, then the things that have been added character development wise follow the originals character arcs only making it a smoother change through the stages, the only issues people are having are the plot ghosts because they are fairly ham fisted due to their sporadic nature until they just get dumped on you, cause hey pretty well everyone missed their intentions on the first playthrough, which happens cause there is just so much they have done that is downright amazing to draw your attention away from them in particular.

Freshies are loving the remake while the diehards either love it or hate it based almost entirely on the last 1-3hrs of game time as in that 1-3hrs are the only thing the majority of diehards hate but they hate it with such a passion it ruins an otherwise amazing game, oh these are the diehards that have actually played the game rather then watching someone else play it or just the cutscenes.

The stagger mechanic doesn't really play a part in most of the combat, it's more for the bosses and gimmick fights, mainly cause trash mobs don't need you to be any good at the game to kill.

Hmmm, did I have a definition of what a genre is? I'm not sure what logic you refer to? Mario 64 is a 3D-platformer; Super Mario bros. is a 2D-platformer.
Mario 64 is an Adventure 3D-platformer? Mario 64 is an Adventure-Collector 3D-platformer? Mario 64 is a Family-friendly Adventure-Collector 3D-platformer with Boss fights and overall Silliness? I guess Mario 64 is FFAC 3DP BS. Mario 64 is not an RPG, not by a longshot.
Again, it may be interesting to discuss what constitutes genres, where the line goes etc. Being specific is fine, just don't bloat the dictionary with useless words (see metal genres). There are such things as sub-genres, descriptions and tags too. Game of Thrones contains humor, but saying GoT's genre includes comedy is stretching the specifics by a ridiculous amount imo.

The story is convoluted in the original FF7, yes, and at times silly and ridiculous, but the art direction/style didn't make that such a big deal in the original (the silliness part). Now they add multi dimensions and/or time traveling mechanics on top of the existing convoluted story. The complexity increases exponentially by each BS factor such as these they add. And, be sure, this is not the end of it.

I've seen plenty of newcomers who does not like it, or at least not call it a masterpiece. This a quantity over quality argument of what I assume is about the quality of the game?
Imo, the game is slightly above mediocre at best. Perhaps a 7 if I'm in a good mood (I would have to be drunk as well lol). The gameplay is not my cup of tea, so I'm not the best person to judge. Calling it a fast cash-grab is going too far, but it's within the same ballpark; at least the same sport.

Personally, I've stopped taken professional critics seriously for, I dunno, 10 years or so. Probably longer. IGN's review of FF7r was laughable as hell. According to critique consensus SW ep 8 is a great movie. lmao... I'm kinda surprised how badly ep 9 was treated by critics though. Imo it's worse than 8, but not that much. They are both terrible movies. Maybe FF7R-2 will have a similar fate?

FF7r is its own genre as in a new genre? Welp, I guess it depends on what one mean by genre.

FF8 has a pretty unique junction system. FF4 introduced the atb system (afaik). These games are not new or unique genres though. Mechanics =/= genre. If that's the case, there are literally 10s of thousands of genres. Perhaps even millions.

It's interesting to discuss what constitutes genres, but, imo, in the case of music, there are way too many "recognized" genres and sub-genres (especially in metal). Don't let that happen to games please. It's ridiculous. FF7r is an action RPG. Does it contain unique mechanics? Probably, I dunno, haven't done any research. Calling it an atb system seems a bit odd to me though. It's a cooldown system one has the means to directly manipulate with your characters input. It doesn't resemble the atb system from FF4-9 at all. Without stretching your logic. It's called atb in FF7R, and not cooldwn because, well, it's an FF.

Even if it is an entirely new unique genre, the fact remains that SE has pushed FFs in an action direction due to the market. That's where the AAA gold is, in action games. And why wouldn't they go in that direction if it's potentially more profitable?
I don't think SE will do the same thing with the DQ series though, mainly because that series is kinda sacred over in Japan. You don't #¤%& with something sacred lol.

And to comment the stagger system. It's similar to the Octopath traveler weakness system, as in, with each new enemy you're looking to stagger/break them. It's interesting at first but gets exponentially more stale over time imo. The same was true for FF13. Although it may not be true in all encounters, what you initially look for is staggering/breaking. For each fight. Yawn... And the enemies can't stagger/break you. Why? Frankly, I think these games would be better without. Looking for ways to exploit the enemies without having this constant "I have to stagger" mentality is more fun imo. All enemies, in some sense, have the same weakness.

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2020-04-26 12:23:25 »
Sorry, the is down. I moved it to another host (but it doesn't seem to be working).

The newest version is in the main download link, the big fat one. The other one was a mirror link, just in case. It's the same version.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2020-04-25 12:37:54 »
Just wanted to add that, while Ifrit works as intended (hopefully lol), it's a mess of code. Looking at the source, I think I might have been drunk or something haha.

Frogs are fascinating creatures.

Killing him in 1 move each time is what you want. Best thing is to get into a rhythm, not allowing him to act at all. He always revives as a reaction to anything, that is, after he is killed, he will revive after the next move, be it your own or not. Try timing accordingly. He has 12 lives iirc.

I fail to see the logical connections here; have SE created a new sub-genre? Please explain.

FF7R IS made into an action game, because that's where the money is. Same thing with FF15. The trend in sales goes that way, or rather have never shifted. I'm not saying that the devs works against their wishes. I'm sure many of them, if not all of them are totally hyped about FF7R FF15 and so on. But that's besides the point.

The whole concept of RPG in gaming is rather vague anyway, but most of the games I listed are usually labeled as action-RPGs. FF7R is hardly a new genre.

I hardly think making it an active rpg is base on market research.... As the majority of action RPGs are fairly niche groups that enjoy them, as are tactical action games so why would they put the effort into creating a new subgenre

Welp all I can say, do some research.

Now, not all of these are exact ARPGs like FF7 pr se, but still not that far off either.

The Elder Scrolls
Red Dead Redemption
The Witcher
Dragon Age
The Last of Us
Mass Effect

To mention some. They have all outsold FFs, or was/is at the very least close contenders.
What turn based games outsold these, and/or is in direct contest? Not many. Pokemon perhaps.

And you have action games like Call of Duty, PUGB, GTA, Fortnite, etc, all outselling FFs and other popular traditional turn-based RPGs too by a rather huge margin.
FF as a franchise is almost caught up by Assassin's Creed as a franchise when it comes to sales (counting all games including re-releases and spin-offs). Considering FF has been around 20 years more than Assassin's Creed, that's telling SE's market team something.

SE has since the PS2 days pushed FF in the action direction to be appealing to more people.

40hrs in and I've yet to experience anything that is just pandering to the masses via market research.

The fact that they changed it into an action game is alone "pandering to the masses".
The storytelling is, for the most part, also easy on the masses. One could go in depth here, but let's just say, it's nothing wrong enjoying a main-stream story like this. The original also had a lot of "pandering to the masses" going on. No need to pretend it didn't.
Design choice, story beats, gameplay, is all there mainly due to marked research. Most, if not all, AAA companies does this. It's no big secret. The only thing I think is not heavily influenced by is all this kingdom hearts stuff. But kingdom hearts is a commercial success so... "Hey, Nomura those KH stuff you made were pretty successful, can you put some of that stuff in?"

There are risks involved though. I would say the most risky move SE has done here is splitting it up into multiple games. It can backfire hard. Depending on sales they may decide to end it early and pretend that it was the plan all along. To be honest, I don't think they have a complete story ready yet. But at least they haven't promised X amount of games like Disney promised ep 7-9, which I don't think need to explained how hard failed as a story.

If they continue to being somewhat "faithful" to the original I'm guessing the next games will do good overall. But if they decide to go all in KH crazy... welp, not easy to say what'll happen. SE will probably look at feedback to decide how much to tone down the KH stuff in the naxt game.


Fast reply as I don't have time now.

Not pissed, but disappointed (and ammused at the "whisperers" stuff,  lmao, what a mess).

FF7R is a blatant marked-research game with some crazy, over the top kingdom hearts crap thrown in.

Added/changed/retconned story: There are good things here, but mostly main-stream cringe. Would work great in a cartoon with a returning villain each episode. Like TMNT or something.

Graphics, music and overall technical presentation is good.

Music is all good afaict.

The gameplay is not my cup of tea, so I'm not the right person to judge. I tire of these kinds of games very easily. I'm still baffled that not more people are disappointed that this "remake" is another genre then what it's based on.

As lazy as I am, I haven't really tried 7h that much yet. I tested out v2 some days ago. If it uses 1.0.6s then it's basically the newest version. You can look at the change log on opening post to see differences.

I can see why people would love or hate both systems. After watching my friend playthrough the remake on a stream, the combat is certainly not as hack and slashy as it looks. You have to make a lot of mid-combat choices. And if you don't have a plan, you die.

While I do wish Square stuck with something turn based, it doesn't fully upset me either. It did for awhile.

I think there are tasteful ways to make changes to the original and still be faithful modernization of the original. Resident Evil 2 Remake is fairly close to that mark for me. I loved that game, despite missing some things from the original. I thought it was a faithful modernization.

I think FF7 could have been the same thing. The plot device at the end, and foreshadowed throughout is my main gripe - and what it means for the rest of the series. At the moment is it is a bit vague. I might end up reserving full judgement until all the parts are released. However, at the moment my aprehension is palpable.

Depends on what exactly you mean by modernization. Something is lost from the original RE2 with the addition of free camera. It's not entirely the same type of game anymore. Although, I think they would have made RE1-3 with free camera etc, if they weren't "limited". Probably. I dunno.

In the case of FF7 though, considering battle mechanics only, it was certainly not limitations that made Square chose what type of game to make. Something is gone when you remove battle mechanics entirely (duh), and what you get instead in FF7R is something that feels completely different. Natural evolution? No, this is not the "natural evolution" of turn based games, and it's certainly not a faithful adaptation of it. It could probably be an entirely different type of action game and some people (probably the same people) would still call it a faithful adaptation. Not saying action games are bad btw.

The impression I get however, from reviews and so forth, is that this is indeed thee natural evolution off FF7.
I wonder how people would react if FF7R-2 changes genre again to, lets say, FPS. Would that be bad? Not a natural next step? Why is change bad? Why is it ok for FF7R to change genre from the original, but not FF7R-2 to change genre from FF7R? Personally I would find it interesting if SE does that. To see how people react.

And on the new plot stuff. FF7 originally was a bit too convoluted, imo. The new story elements kinda escalates the convolution exponentially. And is, at least at the face of it, questionable at best, but comes off as horribly juvenile storytelling. It's how I would picture a mid schooler write a FF7 fanfic if they played too much kingdom hearts.

The foreshadowing bit is definitely true. Even the intro has foreshadowing.

It'll probably settle somewhere between 7-8 I'm guessing. Right now it's the extreme ends that shows, mostly extreme fanboys who rates; hardly a reliable way to measure the "true" score. I've even seen some rate it 0 or 10 just to even out the filed, lol.

One can't deny that the fanboyism has been at all-time high levels, for a loong time now. It's the fanboys who drives the consensus atm, just because how many there are. But some see through SE's seamless manipulative marketing.

In the end, how you feel, and how it is supposed to be perceived, doesn't really matter. But the fact remains that SE are manipulative in their marketing by pushing their product in a certain way.

SE's marketing has an effect. Here are some fanboyquotes (long before release or demo):
This is how the story was intended to be told from the start.

It would be a waste not to make it (FF7R) action oriented.

FFs have always been action games at heart.

You can finally experience the true FF7 story.

Making the remake an action game stays true to the FF7 spirit.

I'm not triggered; I'm fascinated and amused. It's really a good look at social compliance.

Can't wait for the next "episode" to see what shenanigans SE can muster up. How many mountains will Sephiroth blow up?

If there are conflicts in interpretations, I say go for the most reasonable one. A LOT of things are possible, or, not impossible.

It is not impossible for Shinra to blow up the reactor(s) themselves, but the most reasonable interpretation, imo, is that Shinra let Avalanche blow up r5 after r1.

If they retcon Shinra to being the ones who 100% certainly blew up the reactors, it's not necessarily a bad retcon. But, I dunno, did Han shoot first? We can't have the good guys do bad stuff now, can we?

Anyway, it's not technically a retcon if this is a brand-new story.
But if it is indeed a sequel, then it's 100% retcon territory.

I just want a 1:1 carbon copy of the original story. Anything added or removed is blasphemy.  ::) ::) ::)

Spoiler: show

Hmmm, I was just thinking....
*Commencing useless postulations*
It seems they expand on the FF7 "expanded universe" (EU) here. I'm guessing there will be retconning (haven't there already?).
That means EU is not part of the original game, and that EU + FF7R is a complete different story than the original.


Because, if it's true that Sephiroth is traveling in time (I'm not convinced yet, perhaps I'm in disbelief) back to the "original story", and every character acts different from what they did in the original, then isn't it logical to assume that what we see is not the original story? And that all EU stuff added to FF7R makes the EU relative to FF7R's story and not the original's?

Still baffled about that this may be a sequel to f*****n AC, lmao. If SE actually intend that to be true my head will collapse into a black hole.

General Discussion / Re: FF7 remake discussion time!
« on: 2020-04-06 14:46:25 »
Hahahaha! Man I can't stop laughing...
Some reviews are out, and they are generally ¤%&#¤ SE's d#%&.

I really don't want to single people out, but this was too precious not to share:
This guy is talking about how awesome the story is while showing the most ridiculous DBZ/Matrix scene.
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Nothing personal, it's just sooo dumb, I have no words.

General Discussion / Re: FF7 remake discussion time!
« on: 2020-04-05 22:03:48 »
Adding spoiler tag just in case.

Spoiler: show

FF7R is a game that, as far as I can tell, appears to be a reboot of the "FF7 franchise". However, it's called a Remake. But it's actually a sequel?


Damn, did SE just invent something here? How the %&#¤ can a Remake be a Sequel? Or is this part of the Reboot thing? Like, FF7R's story has nothing to do with the original's story (except that it's based on it), and the new told story can live on its own without knowing anything about the story it's based on? Or is it truly a sequel? Like we'll get glimpses of the original timeline and stupid crap like that? Man, if all this is true, it smells like bad innovation to me. Perhaps if it weren't SE making it I wouldn't be skeptical... Damn, this just sounds awful.

General Discussion / Re: FF7 remake discussion time!
« on: 2020-04-05 06:38:19 »
HAHAHAHAHAHA! IS this for real?! It can't possibly be real... If it is... Omg, that's a new level of stupid. GG SE, you did it again, lmao. Welp, at least I didn't see it coming.  :-D

Sigh, I just wanted them to make a 1:1 carbon copy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ::) ::)

General Discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-23 10:32:11 »
Ok, I'm not an expert on the subject, but isn't she mini-skirt + socks a japanese schoolgirl thing for old jap pervs?

General Discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-20 23:57:43 »
Just want to chip in and say, yes, there was, of course, a creative process behind the original FF7. But the chibi models were not a blueprint for the design. It's not like they started the process and decided the design had to revolve around chibi models. That the game was eventually decided to be made in 3D was probably the biggest factor behind the chibi models. In part because Square, as a company, did not have the fully experience in making 3D games. So they had to, kinda simplify things. If I'm not mistaken they have even admitted this. Please, anyone correct me if I'm completely wrong here.

General Discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-19 14:34:07 »
To say you can't know if you like something without trying it is rather silly.

I know I won't like spending hours watching pokemon. I know I wouldn't like getting my kneecaps done in by a sledgehammer. I know I won't like the 2016 Ghostbuster movie.
You probably need to make a fair amount of assumptions, sure, but there are such things as reasonable assumptions.

$60usd for yet another copy of something you already own isnt exactly smart. $60usd for 20-60hrs of new experience in a beloved world sure that makes sense to me, which you can test play for free.

I wouldn't say that original ff7 was manga art style, exaggerated characters sure but that can be chalked up to hardware limitations, in specific max polygons displayable by the PS1, unless your are talking specifically about the concept art, which while nice to look at isn't reflected in game.

Not sure if "manga" is the right word to use here, but the character had a certain "comic/manga" style, yes. Imo, that's obvious. I'm fairly sure DLPB means "manga" as in how they were designed, not how the field models turned out to be due to limitations. Personally I don't like how the words "manga" and "anime" are used like they are something else than comics and animations, but that's another topic. It's not like I don't know what people mean when they say: "that's looks like an anime character". So I guess they serve a purpose.

Quote from: Loaded statements
$20 For a massively polished experiences of something you know and love, with A LOT of extra content, quality of life improvements, bug fixes, huge AI improvements, perfect localization and more is EXACTLY what you want.
$60 For a game, with storytelling and gameplay comparable to DBZ, boring hack and slash, style-over-substance is stupid.

xP. You can make anything look like anything with the right words.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2020-03-18 10:58:38 »
Yes, I haven't tested this with the remaster version. But, iirc, there is some wrong information in the ifrit app. You should in fact extract all files instead of just the valid ones. It's easier to work with if you know what files to use.

General Discussion / Re: [FFVII-R] Discussion & News
« on: 2020-03-14 15:06:12 »
I don't really get the 'realism' complaint personally. Yes, the game does look a bit more 'realistic' than it used to, but does that not mean it can't have fantasy elements?

Don't know about others, but when I talk about realism in regard of FF7R I mean how SE designed the remake, not the actual setting. It obviously is a world with smagic, materia and summons.
The tone of the game is "realistic" if you will, and it clashes with the mainstream appeal it goes for. To illustrate my point: Imagine if GoT had a mustache-twirling villain going: "Hahaha, I'll get you next time, Stark!" at the end of each episode. Wouldn't that seem a little bit off? Clash with the overall feel? This example is exaggerated, yes, to make my point clear. FF7R isn't that bad.

Most of the criticisms are based off assumptions, and nostalgia. The whole same game just prettier has always rubbed me the wrong way...

The nostalgia card can be lumped right back. "People just like it because of nostalgia". Regarding assumptions, and now I'm talking gameplay, isn't it natural to assume a game will be remade within the same genre?
To be clear, I don't think FF7R looks like a bad game. It's just that SE has disappointed me by pretty much going the opposite direction of what I would have preferred. Not that I'm surprised by the direction SE takes, still, disappointed.

And I don't think anyone has ever made a serious argument for a carbon-copy remake with improved graphics only. Mayyyybeee 15 years ago, but not now.
Seriously, how many times will peeps spout this? I've lost count over how many times I've seen these "You just want the same game with updated graphics" claims. xD

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