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Yes, the names are in the kernel2.bin. If you patched that file and made backups, try and restore it.

It's OK, it's over now! I loved it. Have fun waiting for your books :D

Good that you liked it, not trying to take that away, but what do you think about the writing for the last 2-3 seasons? I mean, it's possible to enjoy a show but still acknowledge the writing is bad, lacking, etc. One of my favorite movies is The Room. That movie is bad at a level beyond human comprehension. It was made by an alien after all.

in mono mod your base stats stays at 1 and your HP/MP levels are very low and grows very slowly. And you start with all equipment (not weapons) and all of each materia (not summons and master materia). The idea is that you can use more strats from the start of the game while still being somewhat challenging.

You can use equipment and materia to raise your stats but base stats will never exceed 1. Sources do not work.

The best thing about the last episode is that it wasn't the worst episode.
Welp, at least someone got rich writing bad fan-fiction.

Hopefully the momentum isn't killed yet, and we can continue to discuss our maaaaany thoughts on this beloved series. I'm just waiting until the series finale to chime in on my disappointments.

This mentality is good to have in general. I've seen many premature judgements bite them in the a** later. But in the case of GoT I think it is reasonable beyond any doubt that they can't possibly salvage the story. There is too much damage done. There have to be a miracle.

I feel sorry for you guys who can't enjoy it. Must suck!

Not gonna lie, it sucks to be this disappointed. I can still enjoy "bad" movies, like, lets say, any MC movie, if I know what I'm in for. Just turn your brain off and enjoy the kabooms. The reason this doesn't work for GoT is how it started. If GoT had the same crappy writing since season 1 I could probably still enjoy it. IF I started watching it in the 1st place that is, which I probably wouldn't 'cause of the crappy writing.

I agree with DLPB. It's honestly depressing that entertainment like movies and TV shows can get away with bad writing like this. Show a dragoon destroy a city and your safe ("OMG so shocking!!"), logic and character motivation be damned.

lol, yeah my bad. Someday I'll try 7H, just need some motivation to play the game again haha.

Only seen season 1 of B5, and keep hearing good stuff about it. I know the cg is outdated but still wanna check it out.

Ep 5 was terrible. Sure it looked good; the best description I've heard so far is "disaster porn".

Not gonna spoil anything, but to anyone who is up to date: Think about Jaime's character arc in the latest 2 seasons (or any other character really). It's so #¤@% dumb. You can pretty much sum it up in 1 sentence.

Can't wait for this to end. Season 7 was bad. Season 8 has been a disaster.

iro? Restraining order?

General Discussion / Re: FF7 Remake Teaser
« on: 2019-05-12 21:24:33 »
Would you rather live in a universe where Square just did a remaster, or where they're doing a remake?

The way I see it, the latter provides more value and potential, in proportion to "how different" it is.

Remember, not only can we mod the old game to be more "modern", but we'll also be able to mod the remake to be "more like the original".

Aww, you wanted it to be turn-based? Don't worry, I guarantee you there will be a mod soon enough to make it turn-based.

Aww, you wanted the choice to reject Aerith's flower? And for that to affect the date mechanics? Don't worry, there will be a mod for that.

The great thing about having a DIFFERENT remake is, it gives us a huge spectrum of possibilities. So more people can be pleased eventually. You just have to wait for the mod you want. Or write it yourself!

Sigh, this kind of argument again...

Imagine this:
It would be amazing if, instead of an action RPG, they made the remake into a puzzle-visual novel game where you have to solve mathematical equations to progress. Sephiroth is renamed KefkaYoBiatches and is a Dolphin. Palmer is now the main character; Cloud is dropped entirely. Now, any complaints or arguing against this direction could be countered with: "Just mod it to an action RPG with Cloud as the main character! It's just a game, and they are exploring their creativity, stop complaining, and look forward to it! CHANGE IS GOOD!"

Ye, moding an action RPG into a turn-based RPG isn't exactly trivial. How many "turn-based-RPG-to-action-RPG" mods is there of any game ever? I'm guessing extremely few or none. Where is the Dragon Quest 11 action mod?

SE is taking the action RPG direction mainly 'cause that's where the money is. Painfully obvious. Sure some -or even most- of the devs may like this route, but the £$¥ IS the main reason. Any marked research would tell you the demographic this game is catered towards (the mainstream gaming marked) prefer to play action-based games over turn-based.

I can't remember who was interviewed and when (Kitase?), but when asked if they will change the battle system, the answer was something like this: "Yes, it will be an action RPG, like you would expect, and as you are familiar with other FF remakes." Ummm... What remakes were those? And why would I expect a FF remake to be an action game? Pushing my expectations much?

It has also been said that turn-based games are outdated.
How? When? Is chess outdated too?

And that teaser... Ye, nothing new under the sun. Move on.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2019-05-11 12:44:24 »
Yes, that bug is kinda embarrassing. At some point I thought it was fixed but apparently it's still there.
What version are you using? I didn't think it was still possible in 11B.

Honestly, the first four seasons of Dexter are absolutely worth watching. The show is pretty good about isolating plot arcs to seasons, especially early on, so you can easily watch the first three without cliffhangers. Season 4 is the best season the show ever got, and it ends on a... sort of cliffhanger? Like, it definitely leaves some questions unanswered, but it still makes for a good stopping point. I would definitely recommend watching Dexter and continuing through the end of season 4.

Yup, pretty much how I feel about it. Dexter is far from my fav show, but to anyone planning on watching Dexter: For the love of God, stop after season 4, cliffhangers be damned. Season 3 was kinda lame too, but somewhat worth watching 'cause of season 4. In the case of GoT you can't say that. Knowing how it all goes downhill afterwards, especially after season 6, I can't see myself watching GoT ever again. It's too disappointing. Perhaps The biggest disappointment in fiction history. Up there with Mass Effect 3. And the Star Wars prequels.

It took until the end of season 5 for me to realize they actually started to run out of material. I didn't know the source material wasn't finished. But when I was told it made perfect sense. Jamie's trip to Dorne felt like filler written by fanboys.

Season 7 ep 6 is still the worst one imo. That episode made anti-sense.

Yes, that should work. But all other kernel changes will not be applied as well. Read the kernel tab in the info.

for your first edit, i'm not sure what you mean by that, shouldn't it install the right files if i install the game?

What I mean is that there is a functionality in steam that allows you to check if files are correctly installed. This can be useful if, for example, you're not sure if the patcher screwed up the game, or if you want to patch on a clean install (which you should).

The MonoMod does not require you to patch the .exe (uncheck ff7.exe), but keep in mind that vincent and caith sith will be somewhat stronger than everyone else. All starting character data is in the kernel, but for some reason the game gets data from the .exe when those characters are recruited. Probably 'cause they are multi-purpose characters </offtopic>

Assuming you're using the steam version on windows it should be possible in steam: Go to your game library and right click ff7 -> properties -> language tab.
If I have time later today I'll check out how the different .exe works with this mod.

EDIT: You should also verify files integrity to make steam install the original files: Properties -> local files tab -> verify integrity of local files...

Here is a new one. It should work with all languages now.

Hmmm, I can't recall if I checked all the language executables. Did you chose correct language? Or is it possible for you to switch to English, aka ff7_en.exe? When I get back home tomorrow  I'll try to remember to see how I handled the different executables.

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2019-04-28 11:05:00 »
Sorry but no. It wouldn't be right of me to accept donation for something I have little to no time working on (unless I could quit my job and live off donations haha). I do occasionally work on this however so if there are any particular wishes for the editor it's just to ask. Also the code is public domain(ish),  that is, anyone can work on this. The source should be on sourceforge but I believe there is a password... One of these days I'll make a GitHub. Typing on phone, hate it.

hey there, i tried to install the mod but i got an error message "ERROR: Couldn't patch ff7.exe. Unexpected byte sequence. Make sure you have newest version of ff7."
I should have the newest version cause i just installed the game before i tried to install the mod xS
This could be solved by not patching the .exe. Uncheck the exe before clicking "Patch"

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2019-03-27 01:49:35 »
I can help with my Save!

These files are pure json objects as far as I can tell. Editing is very simple, but converting would take some work. Json editor online here:
(Open file, for example: DATA_SLOT0_FILE0, with a text editor, copy all text and paste it into the editor).

If you use steam I believe you there is some method (in the steam library, not the game) to check for file integrity. It should convert any moded files back I think. However, as you're using 7H I'm not sure if this can screw thing over with 7H (never used it myself).

Yes, I forgot, the kernel doesn't control the actual stats, rather what index is used by the materia.

That doesn't sound right at all. The materia stat changes, when equipped, wasn't changed in this mod. If it is true what you say it sounds like something is wrong; it actually sounds like the kernel got mixed by another gameplay mod.

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2019-02-25 14:03:30 »
Hey gjoerulv

I am trying to finish the "Friendly Enemies" task on Disk 4. I have one early friendly monster that I have to find before I get Yan on Bile Island. However the appearance rate is very low on Disk 4 for the Friendly Monsters. I think it is Ladybug that I need but I am not entirely sure. So I would like the ability to know my status in this quest within Memoria. At the very least, I would like to know which addresses are associated with this quest (if you have figured that out).

BTW I am using epsxe with a playstation set of disks.

Sorry for late reply. As you might expect I don't know where that data is.

Hoping that Memoria will support the Nintendo Switch version soon. I can provide a save backup from my Switch made with Checkpoint if anyone is interested in seeing what the format looks like. Thanks for all the amazing work on this project! :-)

Thanks, I'll have a look.
Edit: Sorry I thought you linked to a file. Best would be to look at a file. If it's legal (and possible) to share switch savefiles that is.

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2019-01-17 11:26:39 »
Hello! Does this editor work with PS4 save files?

Sadly, no.

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