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I've been searching for a while and have been looking on how to extract the character models for FF8R, but aside from viewers or original PS models my Google-Fu has failed me.
I've got the mods I chose working as I'd like and have been editing character textures thanks to Demaster.  However, I'd really like to see the textures on a model as I'm editing it to make the process easier and simpler to do more detailed or creative textures.  As I have been doing so far has been referencing screenshots of whichever character I'm editing and hoping my edits look alright, but besides simple recolouring or minor changes, it's really hard to tell how any edit will look until I load it in game.
I don't mind doing the work and extracting myself, don't need a hand out of the models (tho, that would be awesome) mostly I just want to know if the models are even extractable at the moment.

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