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 That aint right, people should not take credit for other peoples achivements. I would never do that. I am here for helping the development of FF8 Mods so that I can play it having fun, nothing else is important to me other then that. I will hack the game in anyway to enjoy it but when someone else creates a mod, I am happy to use it and thank them for it while telling others of there achivements and helping them too.  :)

General Discussion / Re: FFVIII Battles Mod Requests
« on: 2011-07-06 21:47:52 »
 Ya exactly what more freedom could you ask for. But these mods might take awhile, I think there is one out there for boss battles I just cant find it. The biggest task would be moding an airship of decent quality. Where it would be a place to relax and hang out but at the same time a battle ship taking you to places for battle. We need a model from which to start with. Importing an airship from ff7 or 9 and using the ragnaroks controls to monuvor it. You could play with textures to make it more approprite. So what tools and utilities would work good to start with ?

 Ya I'll be looking for the real version soon. I didnt know it was a pirated version cuz they showd the cover of it and i guess it was a fake. It said it was made by EA games.  I take it the real version will work on 98se, I gotta do something cuz this version takes up too much space.

 Yup thats it, I downloaded it and burnt iso to dvd. Its good for just playing it if you dont have nothing else, but to me it would seem the original would perform better due to it not requiring alot to run. Downloading those iso's can be tricky. You have to read the info and really trust who and where its coming from. They could even trick you and give you the pxe version instead.

 Well I got some version called FF8 extended version and today tried it on win98se to which it said it would only run on windows nt 5.1  I have an older laptop an ibm thinkpad x21 and its from 99' so I was planning to run ff8 on it for improved performance. Guess not. I will sometime try and get the older version on ff that works on 98. Because of my graphics card only working with software rendering

General Discussion / FFVIII Battles Mod Requests
« on: 2011-07-06 03:20:07 »
 I know theres a cheat for PXE version that replaces enemys with bosses on random battles, is there one for Pc? If so then is there one that can modify the enemy battles to include bosses and enemys too. Like one battle might have a boss while another might only have a smaller enemy instead. Or they can have both in the same battle. This would make things alittle more challenging with the status editors and exp tools. Say it would put things on an even playing field, at which you would have the ragnarok airship that could be moded to included people and places to sit talk or whatever, then mod the world to change its layout to a more exploritory type one. with bosses and enemy battles at random. And the airship should also have a hatch or balcony to view your surroundings. Sound cool, I think so. I personaly would like an airship made from FF7 or 9 that has a deck. These things I will work on but I know only a few things about moding and may need some help.

 update: Tryied win98se but the version of FF8 is FF8 reloaded and says extended edition which did not support 98. So I went to A full version of XP but Directx crashes upon startup of FF. DX dialog says all is fine. FF8 config tests direct3d and says 8bit paletted textures fail, everything else passes. In the FF launcher it has a 8bit paletted fix but still crashes so I guess as far as I know I cant use direct3d. Maybe someone can give me a good fix or explain alittle more about aalis driver install if possible

 I have used opengl before with worse performance, It was on linux though. I tried using aalis driver but couldnt understand what settings to change. I have just tried restoring some services and features back to my xp but now the ff8 config window will not come up. So Im gonna try an switch to 98se. It seems no one likes the software renderer so i'll try doin that.

 Ya tiny xp comes with directx 9.0c. I tried updating it but didnt work. Cant find a way to uninstall it and go with directx 8 or other version. Tinyxp works great on this older laptop because my hdd is only 6gb. My ff8 version takes 2gb, windows takes about 700mb striped. Regular windows takes about 2gb, so I would be left with.... 2gb free space for programs and such. I do however have an external hdd with 320gb. I use a pagefile for performance but I know xp is concitered bloatware and can be slow on full install versions. It looks like ill have to install a full version though. I just need to know if running directx3d instead of software rendering will increase the performace and fix the frame skipping. If so would it be better for me to run 98se instead of xp, would that be even better too?

 Lol yea I know tell me about it. It a p3 700mhz with 4mb ati rage mobility-m agp graphics. It has 128mb memory and I can put in my other 128 to make 256mb, dont know if that might help. But ya 4mb graphics isnt much at all compared to those with at least 8mb or even 16mb graphics. But it is actualy decent wt running FF8 and other games from around the 1990's to 2000. Windows sticker on it says made for 98. But I am abit of a computer tech so I put tiny xp on it. Save alot of ram and space. My directx works on other games so its abit strange why it wont on this one. Maybe i'll stick in the exrta 128mb memory since I guess it might be a not enough mem issue and maybe thats why it crashes. Idk

Can anyone help me with my graphics, I cant get direct3d option to work, I am just alittle confused. I can only run FF8 under the software renderer which I think might be causeing some minor frame skips during battles and gf scenes. When I try direct3d acc. it just gives me a quick black screen and crashes, I tried compatability mode for 95,98, and 2000 but they dont work and 98 will start it up but only a black screen no sound and i think it just freezes. I have directx 9.0c and win xp. My laptop in an ibm thinpad x21 with ati rage mobilitly-m agp 4mb graphics card. I came about getting the ff8 pc version cause it looked alot better than running ff on epsxe emulator plus the cool mods. But anyway please help, thanks

FF8 Tools / Re: Hyne 1.4 - My ff8 save file editor
« on: 2011-07-05 02:50:34 »
 hey, can someone help me get to the ragnarok airship. I'll follow any instructions necessary

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