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User has been warned. PM me if any other issues arise.

clearly what happened with dlbp didn't teach nothing to the administrators right ? i insulted those two idiots because they provoked me , just read the conversation in this post , they are complaining with me for a stupid and insignificant detail, they asked for insults , especially because the trolls don't understand anything else except insults , they don't cut it out unless you insult them , i didn't insulted them for the fun of it , see the problem here is also that administrators have a childish vision about insults , you seem to think that if someone insult can only be for the will of hurt someone , but this is internet and sometimes insults are necessary to defend ourselves and force the real assholes to don't annoy us , clearly dlbp suffered the same injustice , get provoked and even blamed despite he didn't did anything wrong

i received a warning for insulting someone in the damn private messages, still the administrators keep doing the usual mistake that happen in every single damn forum , the mistake is to miss the part where someone have been deliberately annoying and infuriating, we are humans and our patience have a limit, if someone don't want to be insulted then it must avoid to be infuriating like that idiot was , so please from now on instead of give a waring to someone who insult just try to understand what happened and why the insults come , because i don't insult people for the fun of it , if that was the case i wouldn't even need an excuse , the warning should be for the annoying people who know this little trick about make people angry without use any insult , they make us mad , we use insults an then they report the insults , please stop to feel in those stupid tricks because those people are what make the forum really problematic, people that can't mind their own damn business and that bully others with their fake nice manners becuse they know how administrators behave

long story short: sometimes the insults are deserved and so the one who deserve a waring are those who asked for them, not the one who insulted, i can imagine that he was crying to the administrators saying that i insulted him for no reason , truth is that he deliberately missed the part where he provoked me , what a strange coincidence , they never explain why people insult them , and this happen even in the other forums

Please look at this section. All the questions have been either locked or moved. This section is for RELEASES, i.e. actual things to download. You have nothing to offer.

that's just an insignificant detail, so cut it out

Technically he's right, you should've posted here:

no he isn't right, this is the right section because it is a question about the gameplay of final fantasy 8

"FF8 Gameplay Releases" ... can we get this closed / moved plz

mind your own business , this is the right section , and someone at some point may be able to found an answer for this

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Darz FMV's - 4k Upscaled
« on: 2020-06-26 18:18:32 »
i still think you've misunderstood... what isn't permanent about?
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered\DEMASTER_EXP\data\movies

so the movies can be permanently injected , good , now i wait for the fields and the battle scenes and the 3D part of the game , you know , outside of the town , the car , train , the lagunarock and the walking garden

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Darz FMV's - 4k Upscaled
« on: 2020-06-26 13:57:38 »
someone here explained that it is possible to inject the textures directly and that it is just a bit more difficult , so i will wait for that , after all the game must contain the textures somewere is not like it create them when the game is active

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Darz FMV's - 4k Upscaled
« on: 2020-06-26 10:06:34 »
my point is to permanently patch the game , to directly inject the changes on it , i am not questioning maki's ability to create a temporary mod

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Darz FMV's - 4k Upscaled
« on: 2020-06-25 19:48:22 »
i think your mistaken about how the recent versions of Maki's Demaster work...
it's the ideal solution already for what you want... Extracted game files / easy mod file replacements...
even has a log which makes it easier for modders + users to know which files are being loaded...
eg broken enemy... you could see the .dat files that were just loading when the battle popped up...

no, absolutely not, you are wrong , the ideal is to permanently patch the various games files responsable for the graphic quality as happened before this temporary mechanism to place the mods, infact i don't like this method and i prefer to wait until someone manage to permanently inject the high resolution textures for all the fields and cities

Support / Re: Roses and wine ff8 music mod
« on: 2020-06-24 10:21:47 »
I don't know what your'e on about. Explanations have been made clear and DLPB's new source was made public in the Discord. I'm sure he has links there for all his stuff. If not, I'm sure you can just ask for one. His discord is Having said that, you may be banned from it for no reason before you ever type anything like I was. His rules section says he's a big proponent of freedom of speech and accepting of personal views-- unless you used your freedom of speech here to give your personal view that you agree with his ban, then "nah dawg."

Zara/Golf, I told you the options for getting it the other day. I actually sent you a copy. The other option was to wait for him to set up shop somewhere else. Since he has done that, go get it. But good luck. In the short time I was in there I saw that he said if you in particular ever came to his Discord, he'd immediately ban you. You might be able to click some links before he catches you though.  ;)

why he was banned ?

Support / Re: Roses and wine ff8 music mod
« on: 2020-06-24 10:15:08 »
i don't agree with this either, however, i think many many people underestimate how bad it must have hurt to watch person after person after person after person express satisfaction that he got kicked out ( which i also don't agree with  :-P ), this was his 2nd home of sorts

give it time

banned ? let me guess, he wasn't enough of an asshole to be the average modder of this forum ?? maybe he didn't respected the non written "rule" of ignore most of the request of help from those who are guilty of not have understood everything immediately when trying to apply a mod ? jeez -.-

Support / Re: Roses and wine ff8 music mod
« on: 2020-06-23 16:22:37 »
oh come one isn't the answer obvious? whoever published that mod just suddenly decided to remove it out of some damn spoil without give any explanation or any other alternative source to download it, and how we are in this situation -.-

No it's a file in main.fs which is read by the game when you begin a new game. It's quite diferent from the save file.

exactly and it is way better than the save editor because it permanently modify the game as you prefer and it doesn't conflict with anything  :D , still this great program need an update since the window doesn't have the transition bar to do in the bottom of the page

i wish that this great program get updated too , i wish there was an option to permanently apply the positive status , i want to permanently apply the hero status :D

FF8 Tools / Re: [PC] Enemy editor - IFRIT (0.11)
« on: 2020-06-21 17:03:22 »
thanks for the update , i wish that even the other modding programs for this game were updated too

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Darz FMV's - 4k Upscaled
« on: 2020-06-14 12:14:12 »
wait a moment , this mod only work wit the temporary mods created by maki :\ , i will wait until it will be possible to directly inkect the modded vmw directly in to the game , this remaster deserve a permanent mod to the files just like what developers did for final fantasy 9

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Darz FMV's - 4k Upscaled
« on: 2020-06-14 04:14:15 »
Eventually yes.

well of course, after all it would be pointless to left this quality improvement incomplete :D

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Darz FMV's - 4k Upscaled
« on: 2020-06-11 14:33:14 »
thanks, are you remastering the videos of the disk 4?

the updated version is only for the demaster temporary modding program :(

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Field editor - Deling (0.10.1b)
« on: 2020-06-08 02:21:38 »
@myst6re thanks for the updated version :D

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Project Maximum FMV
« on: 2020-06-04 11:38:31 »
I don't know if anything can be done about that, sorry.

don't worry with the interest in that aspect the solution will come , i already noticed that somewere in the .zzz archives there is the lausy transition effect for the pc version , so maybe it would only be a matter of extract the transition effect from the psx version , do the necessary conversion and then the problem will be solved , and thanks for replying to this, whatever there is an answer or not currently this is still better than stand there without have an answer and waiting for it

Releases / Re: [FF8:Remastered] Project Maximum FMV
« on: 2020-06-02 04:32:29 »
what about the distortion and transition effect at the start of the bosses battles i mentioned ? is there anyone else who noticed that it doesn't exist in ANY of the pc version?


No mod will come close to the character model upgrades introduced in the remaster. Given that, there's no a way new mod of the older version will be better than an older mod on the remaster.

And the remaster already uses the PS1 music.

oh come on everything is possible, don't be pessimistic

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