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thanks this may be the answer to all of my questions actually lol

If this tipic has already been handled feel free to reply with a link to said topic and put this up for removal

I have the version of FF7 that was downloaded from the actual square enix web site, some mods work and some dont.
The ones i've notices so far that are actively working are usually manually installed graphical mods, like APZ Cloud type stuff
But mods that involve installers specifically the sephiroth patch type mods they dont seem to either work or wont install (the not installing my be related to the fact that im running Win8)
Are there any edited or updated or modified (er) mods for things like the sephiroth patches that were made for the square enix version of FF7, there are no disks, its an online PC download

Troubleshooting / Re: Guys help in ficedula's music patch
« on: 2011-05-20 12:29:43 »
Has there been a solution to why the midi and the mp3 tracks play at the same time. I been wanting to play using the songs from the Voices of the Lifestream soundtrack and even with "mute midi on custom playback" selected it plays both the midi and the mp3 at once.... pretty annoying :P

That is the cause of the issue. Millenia's swords all use one texture rtad and the sword models all have a texture id of 1. The cloud your using has rtac and rtad so you need to change the sword textures to rtae and all the sword models texture ids need to be set to 2 in pcreator, or just use APZ's cloud then add Millenia's Swords.

So its impossible to us 3 sword mods? (Apz buster sword/cutom ac cloud's fusion sword/this mods ultima weapon?

I basicalle used the fusion sword as the omega weapon and replaced ragnarok with the original ultima weapon so I could use both but I didn't realize there was a texture issue.

I deleted your first post because this thread has not been posted in for over 6 months. Please read the rules over again, next time you will receive a warning.

Yeah I'm not at all interested in a remake (any more). I use to want it just for the chance to play through the exact same game with no devisatating story changes with next genn graphics and an updated battle system somethinng similar to CC with the retained ability to summon at will. Maybe they could add the new bahamut as a bonus or maybe some neat new materia and what not but generally leave the script the same story the same. Still would be interesting but I would only rent it from gamefly. But I do want a closure story be it a game book graphic novel or a movie. I don't care I just want there to be a reason why genesis returned and a wa to stop sephiroth from returning via posession.

- lame additions like genesis
- retcons (rufus alive, hojo alive, sephiroth alive)
- poor storytelling (brain in a computer)
- substandard dialogue
- graphics over substance
- cash in.

"Oh he didn't really die...  no...  we didn't see a body"
"We didn't see any body or his heart stop" < yes I actually did get that response!

LOL @ that "heart stop" response

i agree that they did play to cash on this story, but we all should have expected SOMETHING of a prequel considering the gaping hole left about the guy Cloud THOUGHT he was for the majority of the original FF7 game. DoC was unnecessary (agreed) AC was LARGELY unnecessary [but entertaining visually] (agreed), but we all should have seen Crisis Core coming. The Character's Genesis and Angeal were also somewhat unnecessary because their existence causes more gaping holes in the storyline, but i think they closed Angeal for good in a stoic way leaving Weiss & Genesis to be extras. But you have to admit, they did play Gen's placement hard into making him into a key necessity in the event of a closing story.

[edit: spelling errors]

General Discussion / Final Fantasy 7 in need of Closure?
« on: 2011-05-01 22:41:17 »
My personal opinion is that with the secret ending at the end of DoC and the notion that Genesis considers himself a good guy, and may have had a revelation after seeing minerva upon his defeat at the end of Crisis Core, it would only make sense to me that there would eventually be a great gathering of all the surviving characters for a massive closure to the entire story be it a tragedy or a triumph. I want to hear you guy's opinions of this, or your own statements or feeling about the situation.


(Grammar and spell check fixes)

but the source code isn't actually the real program is it? or am i just stupid.


what i'm saying is i don't know how to put the source together to make the active program, does anyone have the program so that i might avoid having to do this or maybe someone can instruct me in what to do?

What tool do I use to extract msd files from the fields? I assumed I could use moomba or garden but the moomba link is broken and I don't know what to do with source code.

Yeah, this is a known problem, and there's still no fix. The only thing you can do is try to correct the names and descriptions. If the same thing happens afterwards, try to do it step by step, by saving your kernel2 file after each correction and by making a backup. Thanks to this method, I noticed that it was when I tried to correct a certain name (cait sith's Game Over limit), that some characters would again disappear. So, in the end, I could correct all the names except this one, and it works fine.

From what you're saying you're modifiying the PC version of the game, so it's perfectly normal that the "Update text" function is grayed out. "Update Text" is only relevant if you modify a PSX kernel, since the PSX version doesn't have a Kernel2.bin. As long as you create both Kernel.bin & Kernel2.bin when saving (or only Kernel2.bin), your changes should be saved. If they're not, try my above method because it means that changing a certain name triggers the same bug again.

As far as I know, this problem isn't caused by the file size.

Thank you, it was a big issue due to the fact that I was using mods to change battle and field models as well as changing weapons (using kimera and biturn to replace and change weapons in the game) so effectively it made sense that if it looked different to change its name and description but I will try this hope I find the faulty selection and that it isn't something important :P

FF8 Tools / Re: Hyne 1.4 - My ff8 save file editor
« on: 2011-04-22 16:39:54 »
Foreach playable characters:
 - 0: normal
 - 1: alternative (seed costume for Squall, Zell, Selphie, galbadian soldier for Laguna, Kiros and Ward)

This values can change during the game, so they are temporary, and this works for all battles, but not for each fields...

Ah ok thank you very much :)

ok if this has be addressed, just reply to this post saying "NO" but here is my issue.

Suddenly i am unable to "update text" when opening kernel.bin. This makes the work i do in the kernel pretty much pointless considering most of my work is cosmetic (Changing spell names, weapon names and descriptions, changing item and accessory names and functions, changing materia names and functions.)

Changed the Destruct materia to Water materia and adjusted all 4 attacks (Water, Watera, Waterga, Waterja)
Changed the Exit materia to be used as the missing Destruct materia but with only Break and Tornado attacks

(this did indeed work) the issue became that i did this with an older release of the WallMarket program and something happened where everything with an H, E, or and A in its name deleted those letters. Ex. - (Final Heaven became Final    ven, Seal Evil became S  l  vil, and so on for a large number of materia, accessory, weapons, armor, and item names.)

I went back in many  months later to try and fix the problem by maybe reducing the descriptions on key item names, "deleting" items, and removing descriptions, of simple items like Tent or Soft to reduce the size of the resulting file, but then i see that the check box for "update text" was unavailable to be checked. Therefore i couldn't fix my problem. Is there any particular reason for this? The only way i could make it work was by removing the Kernel.bin and placing it into a lone folder by itself, but then i couldn't "create kernel.bin and kernel2.bin" which is final in implicating the changes. So i was able to make everything work the way i wanted but when the text was ruined i couldn't go back to fix it, nor could i go and start from scratch with a fresh kernel/kernel2.bin

any help or anything i missed that was simple?

FF8 Tools / Re: Hyne 1.4 - My ff8 save file editor
« on: 2011-04-22 04:44:56 »
how does the alternative costume number work, is it to change the characters costumes or for NPCs

just a suggestion, its totally optional (obviously), but on the initial data/character data menu, where you can change the materia that the characters begin with upon meeting them in the game, the box where you can type in how much AP has been applied to the materia, you are forced to save the change in order for it to stick. The suggestion is that you could maybe add some kind of confirm botton to that part of the menu incase there are changes a user isnt sure they want to SAVE into the kernel yet that they did, but they are sure about the ammount of AP they want in that materia in that menu. Maybe you've already seen that but incase you havent just wanted to throw that out there.

But anyways this program is epic i've completely overhauled my game for the sake of battle.
(Potion+, Hi-Potion+, Mega-Potion, Megaphoenix, Phoenix Pinion, Remedy+, Water(materia) added)
(Hi-Ether, Typhoon-->Chupon, Fire, Ice(Blizzard), Bolt(Thunder), Ultima-->Merton, Distruct, Elixer/Megilixer, Attack-->Fight, 4xCut-->X-Fight, Summon-->Esper, E.Skill-->BluMag, W.Mag-Dbl.Mag, W.Sum-->Dbl.Esp, W.Item-->Dbl.Item, Contain-->Water (i changed the attacks on all for attacks and changed it to a water attack in both function and appearance)

and last (with help from Kimera) I changed a lot of clouds weapons. I plan to make a patch out of all the changes i made using Wallmarket and Kimera, so i'd like to thank you for your hard work on this program ^_^ it's awesome.

I will continuously edit this post as new questions come to mind. I recently used photoshop to change the color on a mod I obtained, but at the request of the mod's creator I will not screen shot edited versions of his work. I have Biturn open and I am about to convert this bitmap version of the texture file that I changed the color on and set the Outfile destination to my unpacked folder named "battle" in which I plan you LGP into battle.lgp and use this newly recolored model.

The question is; is there any specific information i should know before I do this to know that my texture will work correctly and not just appear as an all white Cloud model due to the failure to change something i missed before utilizing the change?

For example, does the amount of the color black in a texture have anything to do with its usability without incorporating the custom graphics drivers?


hm, never mind, it came out 100% perfect! :)

But I may come up with more questions later.

Like, while I rummage through the field folder to find it myself, dose anyone already know the name of the file that holds the texture or image that governs clouds field model. Also are the field model for maps the same as the field model for world map? Like, does editing the one file i find alter everything for that character in both world map and inside maps?

[Edit Add]

I watched the video where the guy uses Blender and makes the custom Shinra Soldier. One thing i noticed in particular was how instead of just moving the legs and feet, he just made mirror copy's of them and shifted them into place. Can Blender do that with battle models too? And if so which files would i use to do that. And if not, what program do i need to do this? To be honest, i'm completely overhauling someones cloud model to make it into a Zack :P
I have all the colors set, i just need to duplicate the left arm, mirror it and use it to replace the naked shouldered right arm that cloud has.

I understand that this will probably end in me having to completely re-texture his chest, but this is just an experiment. One that if it goes well i'll just give to the mod creator of the Cloud its based from the finished product and it will be up to him to release it or not.


What program would i use to dupe parts of a battle model, mirror it, and use it in place of another? i.e. Copying clouds left shoulder and using it to replace his plate-less right shoulder? :P

also i been searching for a battle-to-field converter since i last edited this post, and i found a guy who did it but he used the same model i used so he couldn't release it, is it against the rules if he tells me how he did it?

General Discussion / Re: FF9's Quina
« on: 2010-06-10 05:58:31 »
as far as i know, she's considered a girl as far as game mechanics go, i recall gamesharking zidane to lvl 99, from the beginning. Vivi and Steiner started at the regular lvl 1, whilst all teh female characters, including quina, started with a level closer to 80 (some kind of an averaging calculation, which encompasses zidane's lvl i figure).
It may be that way but.. She just looks the same as the male so that's why I'm confused. Even Zidane uses him/her in his sentences when talking about Quina. Guess even the main character doesn't know. :-\

of course Zidane doesn't know lol, he wasn't even sure of what the hell HE was for a long time.

General Discussion / Re: Dissidia II
« on: 2010-06-10 05:55:01 »
I think there should be three good guys and three bad guys from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy XIII. Or at LEAST two. I'll have a list of who I would want in there below.

I really hope they add stories for the bad characters as well as the good ones. I was a bit disappointed to see story mode only for the good guys.

Final Fantasy I:
Good: Warrior, Monk, Black Mage
Evil: Garland, two of the Fiends

Final Fantasy II:
Good: Firion, Maria, Guy
Bad: Emporer (was there any other bad characters?)

Final Fantasy III: (never played)
Good: ??
Bad: ??

Final Fantasy IV:
Good: Cecil, Kain, Rosa
Bad: Golbez, Zeromus, ??

Final Fantasy V: (never played)
Good: Bartz, ??
Bad: Exdeath, Gilgamesh, ??

Final Fantasy VI:
Good: Terra, Locke, Edgar
Bad: Kefka, Gestahl, ??

Final Fantasy VII:
Good: Cloud, Zack, Vincent
Bad: Sephiroth, Genesis, Angeal

Final Fantasy VIII:
Good: Squall, Rinoa, Zell
Bad: Ultimecia, Sorceress Edea, Seifer

Final Fantasy IX: (never played)
Good: Zidane, ??
Bad: Kuja, ??

Final Fantasy X:
Good: Tidus, Yuna, Auron
Bad: Jecht, Sin, ??

Final Fantasy XI (never played)
Good: ??
Bad: ??

Final Fantasy XII: (never finished)
Good: Vaan, Balthier, Ashe
Bad: ??

Final Fantasy XIII:
Good: Lightning, Snow, Fang
Bad: Orphan, Cid, Barthandelus

Angeal wasnt really a bad guy =p

General Discussion / Re: Cloud to Zack lazy remodel
« on: 2010-06-09 05:51:17 »
ok so i successfully converted it to a file that bitrun to "ff7 convert" into a "ff7 texture" file (so it says) but when i put the file in with the battle lpg the model is all white.

what have i maybe done wrong here

General Discussion / Re: Cloud to Zack lazy remodel
« on: 2010-06-09 04:22:41 »
k, thank you. I was gonna make an edit about it maybe being in the wrong place but by the time i thought to do it it was already moved :D

but yes, there is also an issue with my bitrun program. It seems that when i try to reconvert it back to a tex file the bitrun says that its an unrecognized bitmap representation.

i tried to open it up in microsoft paint and save it again as a new bmp file but the new file had the same issue.

i searched "bitrun" in the search bar on the home page which should search the entire forum for things mentioning the bitrun program. I think due to my lag of focus i may of searched it wrong because it came up with only one result and im sure more than one person has mentioned bitrun more than once on this site

so im goning to go and try to search it again to find a solution


there were actually 19 results but only one of them mentioned an issue converting between tex and bmp, but it was on a subject i already figured out.

I'll keep fiddling with it maybe i'll find a fix or figure out the problem

General Discussion / Cloud to Zack lazy remodel
« on: 2010-06-09 02:51:23 »
ok so, APZ said not to release or post a remodel of his model, so i wont. Issue is this; i'm a bit lazy with the fact that the photoshop work of turning his clouds hair and uniform black (because i'm not very skilled with photoshop) took me a long time. I'm not entirely sure if i have the patience to re-adjust the hair on kimera, and i cant get the model to load on blender for some reason.

*The Request/Question*

Would i be disobeying his wishes by asking someone to do the hair thing for me, and sending them my recolored version of his model to them for them to change the hair for me?

And if this turns out to be ok and not trampling on anything i should respect, is there anyone out there capable/willing to do this? I already did the rest of the work, and you automatically get a copy of this texture to use yourself by helping me.

but anyways, if this is a bad request just let me know, and i'll go ahead and just do it myself

General Discussion / Re: Lost in history
« on: 2010-06-07 21:02:16 »
It would have been interesting to learn a little big of Django's back story.

yea it would have been awesome to find out something like he was related to Nanaki or he was banished from his species tribe for being bad or something you kno?

General Discussion / Re: Hojo's strangeness
« on: 2010-06-07 20:24:55 »
i think they guys who made the game just thought it would be funny =p

General Discussion / Re: Lost in history
« on: 2010-06-07 20:23:44 »
Never seen him. I never played Ehrgeiz. Well, I played it once and wasn't impressed so I stopped.

Red XIII has NO feline about him. I don't know what they're talking about.

they are talking about the fact that his face resembles a lion more so than a wolf and the fact that he has a mane "like a lion" but me moves and howls like a dog

That face isn't remotely like a lion's. Much more like a wolf's.

The "mane" and the tail are the only non-wolf things about him and they're barely feline. He's more like a Canine with a few feline traits. The official art of them does give them a much more lion-like face, but none of the renders of them look lion-like at all.

FFVII: (He's howling at the moon for crying out loud)
Dirge of Cerberus:

yea but the fact still remains he has traits that are both canine and feline

Canine - Howling, Barking, Eyes, Movements
Feline - Nose, Roaring (from the FF7:AC intro), Mane, Tail

Mix - Body type/Anatomical structure

again, its all in perception and how you see it for yourself lol. Like i said before, i think Square did that on purpose because they WANTED it to be such an effective combination of the 2 that it would be hard to say for sure that he was one or the other. Even in the game someone calls him a lion, and someone else calls him a dog.

General Discussion / Re: Lost in history
« on: 2010-06-07 12:01:47 »
but thats why they say he looks like both

cuz when i saw him i instantly thought of a lion

different people see different things, and that's how i think square wanted it to be

General Discussion / Re: Lost in history
« on: 2010-06-06 13:52:26 »
Never seen him. I never played Ehrgeiz. Well, I played it once and wasn't impressed so I stopped.

Red XIII has NO feline about him. I don't know what they're talking about.

they are talking about the fact that his face resembles a lion more so than a wolf and the fact that he has a mane "like a lion" but me moves and howls like a dog

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