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General Discussion / FFVIII Battles Mod Requests
« on: 2011-07-06 03:20:07 »
 I know theres a cheat for PXE version that replaces enemys with bosses on random battles, is there one for Pc? If so then is there one that can modify the enemy battles to include bosses and enemys too. Like one battle might have a boss while another might only have a smaller enemy instead. Or they can have both in the same battle. This would make things alittle more challenging with the status editors and exp tools. Say it would put things on an even playing field, at which you would have the ragnarok airship that could be moded to included people and places to sit talk or whatever, then mod the world to change its layout to a more exploritory type one. with bosses and enemy battles at random. And the airship should also have a hatch or balcony to view your surroundings. Sound cool, I think so. I personaly would like an airship made from FF7 or 9 that has a deck. These things I will work on but I know only a few things about moding and may need some help.

Can anyone help me with my graphics, I cant get direct3d option to work, I am just alittle confused. I can only run FF8 under the software renderer which I think might be causeing some minor frame skips during battles and gf scenes. When I try direct3d acc. it just gives me a quick black screen and crashes, I tried compatability mode for 95,98, and 2000 but they dont work and 98 will start it up but only a black screen no sound and i think it just freezes. I have directx 9.0c and win xp. My laptop in an ibm thinpad x21 with ati rage mobilitly-m agp 4mb graphics card. I came about getting the ff8 pc version cause it looked alot better than running ff on epsxe emulator plus the cool mods. But anyway please help, thanks

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