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I'm wondering what Square Enix will do now that all "classic" FF games have been remade or enhanced for mobile (1-6).

Do you think we'll see FF7, 8 or 9 on mobile next?

I love FF8!!
But since I already know all the details and tricks about the game, it becomes very easy.

So I've been thinking, with very small changes we can easily get rid of the minor FF8 flaws.

The first thing I do in a new game is get 'Card Mod'. Playing a lot of cards + Menu Abilities can give us 100 Tornados and other powerful stuff early in the game.
That's kinda bad, so 'Card Mod' needs to go somewhere.
Perhaps switch it with other GF ability (I'm thinking Tonberry's Auto-Potion), or maybe it's better to just remove it?

The next thing is Degenerator, it kills almost all enemies right away. So either remove it or make it so it works less often (like LV?Death does).

Then Hero-war item. The issue is Laguna Card giving us 100 of them...
Without 'Card Mod' this is no longer an issue though.

Anyway, you get the idea.
Very simple things that, at least for me, make a lot of sense.

But how does one make such modifications to the game though?
Some of them are possible by modifying the save (Hyne tool) and Enemies (Ifrit tool). I guess this kind of data is in the executable?

Let me know what of you think.
And if you know how such mod is possible, please leave a comment!!

Hey there everyone,
I'm planning on developing an open-source, Final-Fantasy based game in the long term (I know I would at least 1 year before having anything to show off).
I know Python, C and C++ and recently started learning some OpenGL. I know Qt4 pretty well, so that can do the launcher, settings, etc.

I'm creating this topic because I'm looking for advice. I know you guys are not lawyers, but I believe you should know some stuff better than me.

The history would be like an FFVIII clone, but with different characters, monsters and cities.
I choose FFVIII because of the Garden situation, where you have students that need to pass a set of trials, get into SeeD, and then they're dispatched to the whole world.
On a initial state the player could only start in Balamb Garden, but once things advance it will have the chance to start a new adventure in Galbadia or Trabia Gardens. (maybe even White Seed or in Esthar?)

Anyway, what kind of things should I be aware that are off-limits?
afaik, names of cities, magic, attacks, etc are not copyrightable, so they are fine to copy I guess? (plus damage calculations)
ideally, the FFVIII world map would be copied too, then added a few extras here and there.

I know I can't use textures from the real game, and I don't plan to.
But what about these projects?
(I'm looking mostly at the menu icons)

Thanks very much in advance!

Gameplay / FFVIII Hard Edition (Reloaded)
« on: 2011-07-26 16:25:06 »
Hello everyone!

I'm proud to present my very first mod - Final Fantasy VIII Hard Edition (Reloaded, cause a previous attempt at this has already been made, but never completed).

This mod is for PC only, but feel to try to make it work on PSX (don't ask me how to do it though).
The mod was done with FF8AC and Ifrit tools, by modifying the battle.* files that contained monster data.
Only the monster data were changed, everything else remains the same.

What does it do?
As you guessed, it will make FF8 harder. Battles are at least x3 times harder, with x4-5 for some specific bosses (Ultimecia!).
Not only the enemies HP will rise, but also all their other stats (Strength, Spirit, Speed, etc). Sadly, the enemies will remain stupid...

How hard is it?
Enough to give you a good challenge, but not too much to make it unplayable.
Playing the game from the beginning can be really challenging, but it's possible.

Is it safe to use?
Yes, only the battle.* files are modified, and you can even download the specific monster files (com00*.dat) to manually patch the game.
I'm currently on disc 2 (before Balamb->Ellone search->Fujin+Rajin->Pandemona), and everything seems fine so far.

Does it need Aali's driver?
Nope, you can use it with the default driver if you wish.
I recommend using the Aali + SeeD mods though, the game feels more "fresh".

Unfortunately, you can't distribute copyrighted files in their entirety - you have to instead distribute patches. You can provide a set of patch files for each individual file, or use a patch program like NSIS that can compare entire directories and create a self-installer. Nice work, all the same.- Bosola

Please let me know of any issues or question you may have.

Archive / My challenge/gift to all FF8 lovers (BETA)
« on: 2009-09-29 15:15:56 »
How much time has passed since you last played FF8?
Maybe you want to play it again but... it's always the same thing... gets a little boring...

So, what could we do to make it more interesting?

I though that myself and I've been "working" for the last few days for something cool.

What if you start the game at Disc 4 instead of 1? - that's my little challenge

I've prepared a NTSC game save for PSX FF8 that has the following:
- Start at Disc 4, Edea's House
- All characters with their initial levels
- Extra Edea and Seifer enabled (or Laguna and Kiros instead, optionally)
- Same items as if you were starting a new game (I only added "Magical Lamp", since there's no way to get it on Disc 4)
- 5000Gil
- Quezacoatl/Shiva + Ifrit and Cerberus GF (you wouldn't be able to get them otherwise)
- No magic for no one
- No cards
- You are not SeeD (no salary)
- (Once you get Tonberry, you'll) Access to all Shops (needed for Rinoa/Zell limit breaks)
- GFs haven't received any AP
- Time 00:00

I used the debug room to jump over events and runned from Bosses so GFs/Chars didn't get any Exp/AP
Then I've reset the battle counters (wins/run aways/etc).

Because I jumped too much stuff this save has some "bugs" (thread title says "BETA")
- Cannot change characters in field/save mode - FIXED (Check bottom of post)
- Rinoa can't use "Angel Wing" - Easily fixed once someone finds a code for it

Use the gamesave with your favorite PS1 emulator and have fun!
Link to save -
(If you're using Linux I recommend using PCSX-Reloaded, which has support for codes)

Code that will fix the char change in field - 300781A9 000F
Just enable it, go to the world map, save and restart the emulator without codes. Done.

Code for fix the Laguna/Kiros resetting to Edea/Seifer:
80077C38 0009
30077C39 001F
80077BA0 0008
30077BA1 001E

To enable/disable Edea/Seifer or Laguna/Kiros:
80077C2C 0001 - seifer/laguna
80077CC4 0001 - edea/kiros
(change 0001 to 0000 to disable it)

General Discussion / Play FF7 CC on PC?
« on: 2009-07-29 10:39:58 »
Just wanna know if it's possible.

Maybe a PSP emulator?

Archive / FF8 Hard edition?
« on: 2009-07-29 09:34:39 »
Hi there. This is my first post here.

I was just wondering...
Since some guys here are getting the 9999 limit changed to 32767(?), maybe...

What about a FF8 hard edition? (like enemies are more 50% LV than characters, more HP for them, very tough bosses)

I don't play FF8 for a long time, but for what I remember, it was a very easy game for me. I was able to get Lion Heart on Disc1 (needed 20 Elnoyle Cards, Lv20 chars and Luck!)

Please tell me that this is possible! This is my favorite game ever, I miss it...

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