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Places where you can buy FF7 **legally**

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They made a new music engine that plays OGGs...

and converted the midis to equally bad sounding OGGs. They screwed up, but at least it can be easily replaced.

well, +1 for the new music and graphics engines. so it plays looping ogg fiels now?

-2 for using the #[email protected]$ GM midis as source. 
+3 for ogg_files.zip :)

-1 for @#@% securerom and forced cloud save sync. Fortunaetly stripping the securerom out (not saying how) also removes the forced cloud sync.

Still, it's a good price, and probably the only version that works on modern cards and has proper sync.

it's up to version 1.0.7 now, btw. honestly square should grab the remastered music and use it. i don't think anyone here will mind. :)

Or they could convert the official OST or the PSX music to OGG. The ball's in their court.

Would be nice if someone has a universal promo code for the Square-Enix purchase...

Time to add Steam to this list :)


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