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Places where you can buy FF7 **legally**

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Australian release is a'go - but GMG has it for $5 cheaper at $11.99 (As of right now)


--- Quote from: titeguy3 on 2010-02-13 18:13:07 ---Remember that as soon as you get a working copy of the original game (legally), it's a good idea to make a backup of your discs, as the original discs can be old and scratched and not have much time left in terms of functionality.

--- End quote ---

It's also a good idea to put the original disks back into the case and display it on your mantle as your crowning jewel!  Also remember to keep track of how old the disks are... some disk can Rot over time.  Some people say CD's will last over 100 years easy but on the safe side I think your window could be anywhere from 5 to 70 years. I have my "use" copies in a binder that I should probably replace soon...  Make a Backup to your backups to your backups....

I should really pick up a copy of this. My problem is that I have attempted to play FF7 like six times so the first 4-5 hours are mundane so I couldn't be bothered starting it again on PSN and always end up playing Xenogears or FF8...

Hope it's okay to post here, but I am wondering if it's helpful for those interested in playing the game in Japanese (or is that just obsessive lil' me?) that it's available through region-locked purchase on the Square-Enix Japan site (where surely all the same issues with the NA/EUR S-E versions apply) and, although presumably unmoddable*, certain (mostly Asian?) PS Store regions have access to the 2015 "FINAL FANTASY VII (English/Japanese Ver.)" for PS4 [JP0082-CUSA01330_00-ASIAFINALFANTASY] and 2009 "FINAL FANTASY VII INTERNATIONAL (Japanese Ver.)" for PS3/PSP (and, according to the label, PSV).

I am holding off for a sale on the PS4 version, which is more attractive for a number of reasons (bilingual release being a major one), but if anyone has experience with the 2015 PS4 release (even a NA/EUR version) I would appreciate the insight.

*I am aware of Mods for the PSX original, but I am assuming these PS Store versions are much harder to mod? If any exist, please enlighten.


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