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Hum ..... I failed -_-

Yes Odin GF invocation.

Hum no. Let me search :) definitely remind me something

Hum seems like bahamut. The only zone with moon on it ....


 Will wait more for a new version to test.

 Why don't you use a Github or svn to publish your code, maybe we could help ;) ?

Thanks to you guy :)

If you need help, i can offer my small services, but i'm kind busy too :)

Hello All

Really great job ! i'm looking forward for future improvement :)

the 1.61 was very cool and the 2.0 looks like very promising, anyway it seems like there some issue i just replace dll from 1.61 to 2.0 and now world texture map is no more apply on HD, and some precalc scene is not here too.

;) hope i can help on anything

Edit : I have done some test
  - Change Cache Size, not better
  - force textures directory, not better

one strange things is that on 1.61 the hd menu does not work well on my installation, but with this one no problem

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