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thanks for the compliments to qhimm members. still helps to be alive ;D

I'm not going to close my char lgp then. I wish there was a fully new remix with all the mods together!
this mod has nothin to do with char.lgp. The original data of fort condor is saved in data/minigame/condor.lgp
you can install my mod without any problems of overwriting or overriding something. I don't know if DLPB includes my mod in his work - he just asked for. We will see in his next release =)

*new model done : Worker's Bomb. Look at first post*
 I designed it in quick way with Creo Elements/Pro Wildfire and turned it to .p by using Biturn, PCreator and Kimera. Just a lucky combination of converting .prt => .obj => 3ds => .p

please post some ideas for new models. i need more more more more more ideas for the condor forces. enemies are fully done now :O

i thought there was already a newer bronco in world.lgp

found a little typing error in bootleg:
really lpg?


hey. the background is fixed :D there are 8 times 800x800px png's
they are quite not looking best like face palmer but are a greater improvement.

new release  :) sorry for doing the installer :P
you can put my files where you want. i don't care. some mentioning in credits would be nice instead

FF7 Tools / Re: Kimera: FF7 p model simple editor
« on: 2011-08-16 19:34:00 »
hey dudes

i just made a quick wish list of kimera features i would enjoy if they are able to be done

- exporting a single animation frame to an animation file OR: a real animation editor tool (text editor for the frames enabling editing skeleton changing coordinates)
- disable the autoclose of kimera when bug occures. it kills my nerves ;O
- more import/export options like biturn, e.g. B3D import, 3DS export, Wavefront, Lightwave
- model preview in windows file browser dialog
- file association of hrc,p,a, rsd to kimera with enabling double-klick in browser opening kimera
- a button showing data information of parts by klicking (like the button in biturn)
- a measurement tool for measuring lenghts differences between points or other elements
- configuration options for kimera like rendering, background color, ....

All in all Kimera is a nice program but still not perfect. i downloaded the source code but i don't have skills with Visual Basic und to get in this would take too much time :(

Releases / Re: FF7Music Installer
« on: 2011-08-16 09:23:33 »
try to check the original ff7config.exe! maybe your sound hardware output isn't set correctly. as i know for my own the covarr/ficedula music mod worked after setting the right soundcard. should be an entry in your windows registry i think

i'm still wondering where you find all those patches and mods. every day a new one ;D

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Fort Condor Retexturing
« on: 2011-08-15 10:17:09 »
i rewrote my first post. please look below for releases and more information!

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-08-08 21:33:06 »
i think you should control your ff7 config file from aali driver. maybe the mods folder is not set right or some textures are in the wrong folder?

It would be beneficial if the mod owners allowed him to make an Installer with the files inside his installer
just my words =) i add my permission in same way

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Fort Condor Retexturing
« on: 2011-08-07 22:20:24 »
the first model is redone :)
i started with enemy models. the barbarian is ready now. next will be commander  8-)

my method to make these models:
1. copy battle model
2. find a good position you want to change
3. delete all previous positions in animation
4. import with biturn, make an export of this FRAME to Blitz 3D and export the Blitz 3D to 3DS (if not i get an p-export error in kimera)
5. open 3ds in kimera, rotate model 90 degrees in x dimension. Then resize the model to 4%. open it with internal kimera p-editor. export model

the procedure takes time and hunter's eyes. there are many parts to make f*ckin mistakes

To have an overview for you (and myself) i make a project-timeline in form of numbered picture files showing current states"

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Fort Condor Retexturing
« on: 2011-08-07 16:53:13 »
i want to convert some battle models to fort condor models. the condor models don't have skeletons. they aren't animated by animation files, they are moving by using different p-models (each position is a current p-file state). those p-models always contain the whole model, not only a part like field or battle models work. so i have to convert different states from a battle models (because i want to use this battle model in the pic) to p-files. im using biturn but this tool doesn't read the animation frames i need. it only read 11 frames of 130 existing. sometimes biturn bugs up the animation. fixing the anim with kimera didnt work. i already tried this.

that causes that i have to edit the animation file to fix it with biturn/kimera. after fixing it's no problem to make the condor p-files and some resized working models

i hope you can follow my answer. im not as good in english as i want to be :D

i found a working way! the progress can go on yeah!

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Fort Condor Retexturing
« on: 2011-08-07 16:20:08 »
does anyone know how i can decode a battle model animation file **da?
i need a readable file to edit. i found the structure of battle animations in ff7 wiki but not how to open them :/

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Fort Condor Retexturing
« on: 2011-08-05 10:15:54 »
im currently doing some new experiments with fort condor, like this:
i try to fix the enemy boss commander with this model :-D
maybe i find some other field/battle models for the rest. maybe i can put the red weapon into this for wyvern or beast

downloading torrents also require external programs as the installer itself. maybe we could push the mods to something like this:
it's a hoster with direct linking and unlimited traffic

Is it possible with NSIS to create a list of up to 5 radial buttons; when the user selects one button, the other 4 are deselected and an image is displayed?
sure it's possible - i didn't try this but it seems to be an easy one:

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Fort Condor Retexturing
« on: 2011-08-04 22:43:50 »
hmmmmmmn.. nobody wants to talk to me... :'(
.. so i had to go for my own.

i put my files into first release. got ready with it today. Known issues are listed in ReadMe. Please write here if you find something or have an idea to fix bugs.

here you'll get the shit:

The problem are the captchas, the password requests, ... on those websites. nsis only won't work. so you need a tool executing on installation performing the download like jdownloader program. something like that could work with an nsis execution.

i also searched something like a share hoster link converter but i think there's nothing in the net

EDIT:I'm a bit stumped as to how to get NSIS to download a file from places like mediafire or google docs.
That could be solved by integrating this into setup. It would be a huge programming task to do but it should be possible. but i think it's easier to make some download container (as i did, look below) as  prerequirement for installing because there's the problem that often downloads aren't stable. Sometimes they get removed because hoster changes something, file is illegal or file wasn't downloaded enough.

The other possibility could be to host all the mods on one place. Im not sure if somebody of the qhimm modders really set up a copyright to his project (i can't imagine). so making ff7 more beautiful it would be common sense to host them up on one source right?

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Fort Condor Retexturing
« on: 2011-08-03 08:11:11 »
shure, you are free to put it in your installer when this thing is ready. i can save the work for an installer and you can add some options to your's :)
ps: i used some textures from the mods/dk/menu to create the condor texts, maybe you see  :mrgreen:. i'm pointing on golden thread with menu style

Fort Condor ReModeling/ReTexturing Project

Textures Release:
new v1.02 -
*fixed bugs in eunit01a,b,c,d*

v1.01 - included in complete compilation 1.00

v1.00 - ]]
Alternative download:!/?cid=963954B82C17B88E&id=963954B82C17B88E%211534

Models Release:
v1.00 -

Complete Compilation Release:
v1.00 -

actual models progress is 23,10% (70 of 303 models)!

  • Barbarian
  • Wyvern
  • Beast
  • Commander
  • Arrow
  • Bomb

in progress:
  • Weapons (Hammer of Defender, Sword of Attacker, Sword of Fighter)

1. copy battle model
2. find a good animation position you want to change
3. delete all previous positions in animation
4. import with biturn, make an export of this FRAME to Blitz 3D and export the Blitz 3D to 3DS (if not i get an p-export error in kimera)
5. open 3ds in kimera, rotate model 90 degrees in x dimension. Then resize the model to 4% or smaller (just look ingame). open it with internal kimera p-editor. export model

If the model can't be converted properly to Blitz 3D it's recommended to split the battle model into 2,3,4,... parts. You can put those parts to a one-bone skeleton. Do the same procedure with all parts seperately.I will write a detailed instruction for this later.

Overview files showing current states can be found here:"

I need some ideas for the condor forces. I have no idea which models i could use for them. I also need some save games with fort condor battles!

Just to be clear, you have to download all of the listed mods into a single folder.  Place Bootleg.exe in that same folder.  Run Bootleg.exe as administrator.  The mod will tell you if it can't find one to the .rar, .zip, .7z or .exe mod files.
yes i did! word for word from readme.txt but it seems to be dislike me

i made my nsis installer with zip-extracting because my personal setup is over 5gb so i keep smaller zip files external from the nsis setup. that allows keeping the mods to their original archives and also allows the individual config of mods. the nsis setup should only contain the "patch engine" and an online updater, which would be no problem because nsis supports this on-the-fly-downloading wery well even with proxy - all as you mentioned.

i decided to make a little example installer for you during next 2 or 3 weeks -as you know a perfect mod needs much time ;) (don't have really much time because i am going to write a huge and hard test in university) if you agree ;-) just to show you what an nsis setup can do by installing one or two little mods to an lgp or something else by live downloading and/or using locally downloaded files + cleanup/system checks/...and so on
if it's going to be a good one maybe we could make up a bigger setup which contains the whole bootleg

my fault. but i got the current prp version, just messed something up.
mhhh maybe i patched something wrong in char.lgp by using the manual version of bootleg a week ago
just hard to have an overview of ~400 models in this ;)

 i don't know how bootleg.exe setup looks like because it doesn't install on my system (i run it as admin and tried several params). it shows the bootleg logo in cmd and then it quits some seconds later. don't know what im doing wrong

if you are interested i could make an nsis installer for bootleg project in august or september. i earned much knowledge with this last weeks by making one for my personal purpose. it would be much more pretty with an installer/uninstaller and some checkboxes/live overview of "what does this f**king installer right now?", also including some system cleanup (delete old links)

it's sometimes a long way to make your own mod i think but if you really want just make firm yourself with the basics of file management. there are tons of tools to edit various types off game part engines. there's a helpful pdf document which can assist you understanding how ff7 is built, especially for core-editing:

some important tools for editing ff7 are:
LGP/unLGP (decodes the packed lgp files, eg. battle.lgp, char.lgp, magic.lgp,...)
Kimera (for models from field/battle/world .p .a .rsd .hrc , ... )
ProudClod (scene.bin)
Image2TEX (for .tex)
TouphScript (conversations editor flevel.lgp + world_us.lgp)
Cosmo (sounds, ...)
Zangan (Battle Scenes in battle.lgp)
HRC Resizer (change model sizes)
Timviewer (.tim images)
WallMarket (kernel.bin, kernel2.bin,scene.bin)
Palmer (flevel.lgp images conversion)
Aali's Driver (mod which enables most of this things)

as you can see there are different game parts to edit: models, textures, texts, sounds, music, stats, drivers, compatibilty with systems, language mods and most of these are actually available for editing.

there are manymany more tools. some are outdated, some don't run on newer OS correctly...
at least if you made a nice mod you can create an installer setup with NSIS.
You will find most information with the search function on qhimm or google.

it took a long while for me to find all mods to patch my game to the newest because i think there are more than ~100 different mods in circulation. a time saving project is the bootleg installer by PitBrat you can see the magnitude of different projects

hey, i made a collection list of models which should go into the bootleg. i don't know which are implemented and which not. they come from PRP 0.7 and they come with more quality :-)

Verzeichnis von C:\Spiele\Final Fantasy 7\Patches\Phoenix Rejuvenation Models

30.07.2011  10:56                72 ateb.hrc
30.07.2011  10:57                72 aude.hrc
30.07.2011  10:58                72 awbe.hrc
30.07.2011  11:08                72 bxjb.hrc
30.07.2011  11:09                74 byba.hrc
30.07.2011  11:09                74 bybf.hrc
30.07.2011  11:10                74 bycd.hrc
30.07.2011  11:10                72 byib.hrc
30.07.2011  11:12               903 crid.hrc
30.07.2011  11:13               949 ctib.hrc
30.07.2011  11:14                72 dabf.hrc
30.07.2011  11:15               121 dhge.hrc
30.07.2011  11:16                71 dhhf.hrc
30.07.2011  11:18               886 dxje.hrc
30.07.2011  15:33               201 eaid.hrc
30.07.2011  15:34                75 ebjf.hrc
30.07.2011  15:35                75 ecae.hrc
30.07.2011  15:41               764 eihd.hrc
30.07.2011  15:43               754 ekbf.hrc
30.07.2011  15:43               739 elgc.hrc
30.07.2011  15:44               950 enab.hrc
30.07.2011  15:47                74 eoce.hrc
30.07.2011  15:48               874 eseb.hrc
30.07.2011  15:53               855 fbba.hrc
30.07.2011  15:53               833 fcaf.hrc
30.07.2011  15:54               866 fcgd.hrc
30.07.2011  15:54               815 feea.hrc
30.07.2011  15:55               361 ffec.hrc
30.07.2011  15:55               473 fgae.hrc
30.07.2011  15:58                74 fgec.hrc
30.07.2011  15:59               184 fgfb.hrc
30.07.2011  16:01               921 fjcf.hrc
30.07.2011  16:05               816 fxjc.hrc
30.07.2011  16:06               722 fzcc.hrc
30.07.2011  16:07               720 gabe.hrc
30.07.2011  16:07               804 gajc.hrc
30.07.2011  16:08               593 gbia.hrc
30.07.2011  16:12                75 gjcf.hrc
30.07.2011  16:15               846 gofd.hrc
30.07.2011  16:15               884 gpcd.hrc
30.07.2011  16:16               854 gpjb.hrc
30.07.2011  16:16               854 gqfe.hrc
30.07.2011  16:16                74 grcc.hrc
30.07.2011  16:18                75 guhc.hrc
30.07.2011  16:18                75 guib.hrc
30.07.2011  16:19                74 gvae.hrc
30.07.2011  16:21                74 gwib.hrc
30.07.2011  16:23               854 gzhf.hrc
30.07.2011  16:24               283 hagb.hrc
30.07.2011  16:26               744 hhjf.hrc
30.07.2011  16:26                75 hjdc.hrc

i also found a bug in model euaf.hrc it has no eyes in its face :-D

ps: does anyone know why the original game provides only 12.000 files in char.lgp and the remixed/bootlegged more than 14.500 files? also the models have names up to "h", but in original only to "e" or something like that :-O

for an easier download handling i put all the links in an jdownloader-container.
the gamefront-mirrors aren't included because they are actually not working. you have to load them seperately

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