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FF7 Tools / Final Fantasy VII Black Chocobo Editor
« on: 2019-07-04 21:46:56 »
ok so, i been playin for a while now, and saved before i bred a gold chocobo, then used it to get KOTR, Vincets vinal limit and Death Penalty, then did the rest of what would be disc 2, but didnt jump to 3 yet because i wanted to get the Ultima and all, which i did. then i went to fight Ruby weapon and he killed me...and my last save was...way back at the gold chocobo now, in the Black Chocobo save editor, it allows you to change the value of game progress, currently its at 1460, what would i need to change it to in order to get it back to where i was at.

Do you have a copy of the manual or such, or at least can you explain how to use the game progress to skip a few things, i got set back when i didnt save before the Ruby WEAPON battle.

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