Author Topic: An idea for Sephiroth mod - Sephiroth replaces Vincent  (Read 3253 times)

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Vincent will look like this. So he will become Sephiroth. I would need that when I have Sephiroth in my party Vincent comes out of Cloud and talks during all events. Because when I have Sephiroth the game crashes. But if the game would thinks its Vincent during those talk events it would be ok. We would get the best Sephiroth patch that way. We would have Sephiroth in battle and menu becasue he would be actually in our party. Only during events Vincent will come out of us but it will be Sephiroth as in the movie. So we would have completely replaced Vincent with Sephiroth. Only few text changes and it would be best Sephiroth patch out there. Because it will use Sephiroth data. I do not want to swap his data to Vincent because it is impossible to fully recreate him in the Vincent place. There are still a lot missing data about Sephiroth and he has interesting behavior. Maybe because he has less data than others. And I want to recreate this behavior. And then is no better way to recreate Sephiroth than using Sephiroth. Sephiroth will be still the main villain. There would be almost no alteration to the story only some minor text changes. We will only lose Vincent. But I am stuck as I have no idea how to force the game to pull out Vincent from Cloud during event in place of Sephiroth when I have Sephiroth and to put Sephiroth in PHS and other party chosing moments and unlocking Sephiroth instead of Vincent when you unlock Vincent.