Author Topic: Beacause Translation on Switch, multiple choices boxes are out of bound  (Read 4841 times)


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as per title!

The patch works like a charm and I'm having a blast replaying the game with an improved translation, however the multiple choices boxes are out of bound and often shows only the very last letter of the answer. My guess is that for some reason, those boxes are 16.9 instead of 4:3?

I wanted to ask you all if there's a fix for it! It's not game breaking but a bit annoying.

I used the patch in this thread:


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Oh shoot; sorry I never noticed this.  To put it simply; if you're using the updated version in the thread and you're still getting the issue, yeah it's annoying and you're going to just have to deal with it.  Due to reasons ranging from "I lost my working files" to "I somewhat lost interest" to "Ordinary Man and his mods are gone from here, so I'm done antagonizing him, doing things to his mods, so I'm going back to being a useful person around here again after all these years".  I'm probably going to take the links down, even.