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Is there any way i can use this mod without downgrading the game to the 98 version? I'm using the Steam version and this seems to be the only mod on my list that requires it.

I'm not sure that is possible, pretty sure it's necessary for both Reunion and 7th Heaven to be converted, but I'm new so I might be unaware of a workaround.

What is the particular reason you don't want to use the 98 version? I don't think there's any loss of quality or features (besides the quit menu option), if that's your concern.

7th Heaven / Re: Menu Small Artifacts Under Text and Bars
« on: 2019-05-29 20:39:05 »
Hey, I solved the problem after a bit of thinking and tinkering!

It turns out that it had to do with the internal resolution, which kinda makes sense since playing at 640x480 was fine. First I doubled it to 7680 x 4320, and to my surprise it worked, except that my laptop wasn't powerful enough to run the game smoothly like that.

So, I tried a variety of 16:9 resolutions above and below the default. Some still had the artifacts, some made different artifacts (on the main menu), some caused the field textures to have big horizontal lines, most distorted my HD field textures to look a bit jagged rather than smooth, but finally I found that 2560 x 1440 is a happy middle ground that (so far) has no artifacts or distortions or slowdown.

Now I can play Reunion R05c with HD textures  8)

7th Heaven / Re: Menu Small Artifacts Under Text and Bars
« on: 2019-05-26 16:00:14 »
It's no problem, I'm pretty happy with R03c. I mostly made this thread in case others had the issue. Thanks for your time and care

7th Heaven / Re: Menu Small Artifacts Under Text and Bars
« on: 2019-05-26 15:18:24 »
Didn't ask you to enable it. Texture Cache will save previously loaded texture mods into the cache folder for supposedly faster load times thereafter. But if you disable the mods, the cache folder still remains and loads those textures. I had an issue in the past with menu artifacts because of that reason, and deleting the cache folder resolved it.

Not sure what the problem is if you're running on a fresh install without any mods. 7H won't launch the game without at least one mod active.

On running with no mods, I guess that wasn't entirely accurate. I ran the game with just the Tweaks and Cheats mod (with all cheats disabled), or with just a simple texture swap.

I figured one of those was practically indifferent from running without mods. Also is there any reason for that limitation, like a bug? Why not just allow the launcher to run with no mods?

7th Heaven / Re: Menu Small Artifacts Under Text and Bars
« on: 2019-05-26 14:41:47 »
Texture cache was disabled and there was no ...\Textures\cache folder, and enabling the option doesn't seem to affect it.


This is a pretty minor issue, but it happens no matter how many times I reinstall, with or without any mods. The only thing that makes them go away is playing at 640x480, or using Reunion R03's menu overhaul. R05c's menu changes show more or less the same artifacts.

All other instances of text (as far as I've noticed) outside the pause/save/load menu and end-battle results screen look fine.

Has anyone else experienced this problem, or know how to possibly fix it?

edit: So, apparently this issue is caused by an incorrect/invalid internal resolution, as determined by Aali's driver. My advice to others who run into this: Try different resolutions at factors of 320 x 240, like 1280 x 960, or 2560 x 1920 (both of the latter resolutions work for me).

Thanks for this update but i've tried it and it's always the same than before, not your fault, but gigapixel is not designed for processing this type of pictures so long story short :

Sorry to be hard in my observations but as you relased the first an "IA" pack, it's watched by other forum and direct users, and to my mind they must know that there's alternatives...

I disagree with your observations. I still feel the remako bgs are more natural and closer to FF style. Your bg, imo, are too "sharp" and "perfect".

I think many of Satsuki's observations/criticisms are spot on, but I don't think they make one style inherently better than the other. Ultimately, everything boils down to personal preference, and clearly preferences go both ways for whatever myriad of reasons people come up with.

Personally, I agree that Remako is often too blurry/rough/noisy in places, but I think it looks more natural overall. Satsuki's has far more polish, sharpness, and accuracy, but when I look over all its screenshots it can look a little too smooth or too sharp in places, which feels unnatural.

I guess my main point is that both of these projects are amazing, like 1000% better than the original textures, and any flaws that you can find in either are incredibly trivial and insignificant compared to the massively pixellated textures we're used to.

edit: Actually after using both for a few hours, I gotta say Satsuki's is much better overall, especially the movies.

The yuv.frag link seems to be down.

edit: Nevermind, the link is fixed now.

Until Capt fixes the link, there's a simple workaround for the missing yuv.frag:

Rather than replacing [FF7-install-dir]/shaders/yuv.frag, just open it in a text editor like Notepad replace everything with this:

Code: [Select]
#version 110

uniform sampler2D y_tex;
uniform sampler2D u_tex;
uniform sampler2D v_tex;

uniform bool full_range;

const mat3 rgb_transform = mat3(
1.0,    1.0,   1.0,
0.0,   -0.344, 1.77,
1.403, -0.714, 0.0

void main()
float y = texture2D(y_tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st).x;
float u = texture2D(u_tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st).x - 0.5;
float v = texture2D(v_tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st).x - 0.5;

if(!full_range) y = (y - (1.0 / 255.0) * 16.0) * (255.0 / (255.0 - 16.0));

vec3 yuv_color = vec3(y, u, v);
vec4 rgba_color = vec4(rgb_transform * yuv_color, 1.0);
gl_FragColor = rgba_color;

source: CaptRobau's post history :P

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