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So, I know that there is a program capable of decrypting and reencrypting any file of this game, including save files. Is it possible to change character costumes / assigning character costumes by editing such files, or in any other way?

Believe me, I did look everywhere, opening a thread was my last choice. There are no instructions mentioning specifically what files should be hashed. I found instructions about unpacking the game's files with some applications - Unmass, Garden and PuPu but all of them either did not work or did not provide me with the original textures for the character models (which I assume are the ones to be hashed). Using Deling I could view and extract many files of the game, but there is no character texture folder within the unpacked archives. I've found everything, even the model files, except the textures they use.

I believe that the original textures to be replaced by tonberry via hashing are contained in the model files (MCH), but I don't know how I would separate the texture from the model, so that I could hash it. Hashing the entire model file does not work.

This is simply lack of a very specific knowledge that I need in order to get the hashing done, once I know how to obtain the correct files for hashing, the rest is simple. Shunsq, you developed berrymapper, so wouldn't you know where to get the files that go to the INPUT folder to be hashed and replaced?

The Rebirth Flame mod does not include objmap entries, just hashmap, should I really take add objmap entries?
And how exactly do I get the texture I should hash? By dumping via tonberry?

Please someone shed some light into this matter :3

It might be something like that. In that case I would have to replace the highpoly model, however the only highpoly .MCH files Selphie has are the casual battle model d028 and her SeeD uniform d030.

To be specific, I'm replacing model d027 (selphie lowpoly casual) with a copy of model d029 (selphie lowpoly uniform)

My understanding is that outside of battles she should always appear as a lowpoly model, but for some reason, there are hashes missing. How do I get those hashes? I could never find the original textures within the game, only dump them with tonberry, is that the correct procedure?


On some maps Selphie shows with the replaced model, and with the replaced texture, on others she shows with the replaced model but with the vanilla texture. Do I need to generate new hashes?


Worked as a charm, I successfully replaced the model. However I didn't get the HD texture replacement, how do I fix that?

To exchange game models follow this tutorial:
See reply#72 by myself.

Thanks, I had searched about this a lot but missed your reply. Will be trying this!

Would you by any chance have that hello kitty Selphie retexture to reupload? (original link is broken)


Experimenting here, added a back zipper to Selphie's casual texture, it's easy :P

Would be possible to at least ADAPT the uniform textures to fit the casual model, but wouldn't look the same however. I wish for some way to replace the entire model with the other one!  :-P

I can tell you the reason that simply changing the flag on your save state didn't work. The characters's alternate outfits are completely different characters in the game scripts. They don't share the same event logic, and they don't appear in every area.

I noticed that there is a battle version for both casual and uniform models and a map version for both casual and uniform models. Enforcing the texture using tonberry causes the uniform to display incorrectly (eyes near the arms and skirt textures on the head, it's weird!). Is the "casual outfit" model for the characters the "alternate model"? Or it's the contrary?

The problem here is model related, as long as I can't entirely force the game to use a model, I can't do much. Isn't there a way to simply unpack/repack the file containing the model itself, replacing with the other model file?! Even if one can't open or edit said model file, replacing one file with the other should work, wouldn't it?


Hello there guys!

My intention is to, on the Steam PC version of Final Fantasy 8, enforce a particular character model at any time during the game. A practical example would be Selphie appearing in the game with the Uniform model or SeeD uniform model instead of the casual one. This is partially achieved via Hyne, but that only changes Selphie into her Uniform model during battles, and not the model used in the map.

I also tried replacing the casual modded textures with the uniform textures, but only achieved a glitch. The character model itself appears similar, so wouldn't a plain texture replacement achieve the result? Would it be possible to edit the Selphie uniform textures so that it is rendered correctly as a replacement for the casual textures?


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