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Troubleshooting / Re: A plethora of problems
« on: 2021-12-25 10:52:13 »
It's been awhile, but NT and CM are completely compatible... You need to select New Threat in CM's settings... If you haven't figured that out by now.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC-98/Steam] New Threat Mod (v2.0.991)
« on: 2021-12-25 10:40:49 »
Is cosmo memory that one which adds footsteps or something? I think if it alters the flevel then it isn't compatible with other mods that alter the flevel like this one.

Cosmo Memory is completely compatible with NT 1.5, NT 1.5VC, NT 2.0 and even True Necrosis.

Hello, I know that Sega Chief has posted in his thread that Cosmo Memory is incompatible with New Threat, maybe that is your issue.
No that's terribly wrong. Cosmo Memory was built for New Threat compatibility... with 1.5, 2.0, Vanilla Combat. It's completely compatible.

Got it, thanks!

2nd Question:  Footsteps aren't working for me.  I have menu sounds, voiced attacks, field and battle ambience, and movie sounds.  But no footsteps (even though it is turned on in my config).

Anyone have suggestions from anyone how I can hunt down the problem/fix this? 

Update both 7h and FFNx to Canary.

No, that's the secret hallway for the Hairpin, which also worked fine for me.  The hall for the magic shuriken is in the same building, attached to the room you sleep.

(see arrow for "treasure":   

I appreciate you double checking this!  I don't know why the mod would cause this either, but it's at least linked somehow in my setup. Thanks!

That one also works for me.

I'm loving this mod!  Thanks!

I have two questions, but I'll save the 2nd for later. 

When I'm running this mod, the game crashes when I enter the secret hallway in Wutai to get the Magic Shuriken.  This crash is 100% consistent for me, even when it's the only mod I have activated.  I'm running ff7 through 7th heaven.

If its just my setup, it's NBD as it's a 30 second workaround to turn the mod off.  But the consistency of it, plus the more "hidden" location, make me curious if the bug is in the mod itself.  Have you playtested this hallway?

You're talking about this hallway?:
I just tested it and it seems fine. No crashes here - with a bunch of mods on and with just CM on. I know I've also been there before while playtesting. There's nothing in CM that should cause any kind of crashes, at least not in this particular case. It's just sound files. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you. I appreciate the compliment.

1: There's no way to specifically lower the footsteps sounds. But I'll consider lowering them as a whole If I get enough complaints about it.

1.5: I don't support the mod once it's been unpacked. As you found out, it's pretty easy to break by poking around in there. Unfortunately, once you open it up, it's on you.

2: As far as the battle swirl goes; I spent 2 years carefully mixing and creating sounds for this mod to my own personal tastes. If I started changing sounds or telling people what sounds are what so they could change a single sound, It would be a full time job considering how many requests/suggestions I've gotten -  just because that one sound out of 1300 doesn't jive with their own personal taste. So, I hope you understand when I say: If you don't like the new battle swirl, at least the new one isn't made out of pitched static like the original was. You'll get used to it  ;)

I was getting green FMV's on FFX. It turned out to be a memory issue and patching ffx.exe with the 4gb patch fixed it. you could try the same thing. (unless you're already using 7H, in which case you already have the 4gb patch)

Sorry, I'm no longer supporting the old version. I don't even have the old .iro's anymore. But since you're not really experiencing 60fps character animations, you're really not missing out on anything by upgrading.  :)

Do you know that that old 60fps mod that you're using doesn't include interpolated animations so the only thing that's actually running in 60fps is the menu? 7H has never had 60fps character animations.

Support / Re: nvidia gt 1030
« on: 2021-08-04 07:42:26 »
hello I would like to know. people who have a configuration similar to i5, windows 10, ssd disk and an nvidia gt 1030 card how does ffnx work with Cosmos Lighting shadows and advanced animations it works well enough with an nvidia gt 1030 card, or are there problems or slowdowns. is it playable properly? thank you.

I get slowdowns with a 2080 and i7 when using animations. No getting around it really.


With FF7 Remake released we now have the cutscenes of Mako Reactor 1 exploding, Cloud Jump onto the Train, Cloud falling, the Plate falling, and the Bikes!!!  ;D ;D ;D

Don't necro please. especially on a dead mod. Grimmy's been gone for years. SYW looks better than the Toshibas at this point anyway.

Do you have any changelog for the revisions ?

Since 1.0:
-Automatic footstep activation
-Automatic VGMStream activation
-Updated New Threat Kernel to 2.0991
-Built in foreign language grunt support for Spanish, German, Italian and French.
-Added New Threat 1.5, 1.5 Vanilla Combat, True Necrosis, Scavenger and other grunt support.

Nothing you need to worry about for SYW, though.

That's been fixed. Kaldarasha released this to be used with 2.3

It doesn't seem to be New Threat 2.0 Compatible. Installed the latest version of 7th Heaven. I have selected that I am using New Threat.
It definitely is. You're either not using the latest New Threat, your load order is incorrect, or you're using a different language.

The morph thing is likely not a 7h issue.

I've tested it every way I possibly can and have never had it not work. The only thing I can tell you to do is mess with your audio device settings.Join our Discord if you can't figure it out. it'll be a lot easier to troubleshoot from there.

dont use 2.3, its broken and doesnt have any improvment. keep using latest 2.2 release
Well that's just not true. You can explain why you think there's benefits to staying on the old version, but come on, don't spread misinformation like "it's broken and has no improvements". 2.3 stable and definitely the canaries have many fixes, improvements and features that 2.2 doesn't.  Chaos has also been fixed to work on 2.3. By all means upgrade to the latest 2.3.

This mod and SYW5's battle textures replace the same things... If you use one, you will not see the other. There is no "compatibility".

Cosmo Memory is officially available.

I just wanted to give a bit of an update and explanation for the delay.

Work is nearly done. It's been nearly done for a long time, but there is a reason for that.

As I've said many times I'm going through the entire game and bug squishing. A single playthrough doesn't sound like it should take a long time, but you'd be surprised. The reason that it's taking so long is because I'm not only bug squishing my own mod, but I'm also essentially QA testing the brand new sound engine it's based on at the same time. And now that I'm in the late game in my playthrough, I'm in a largely untested area of the game. There have been many, many times where I've sat down to start working and in the first 5 minutes run into some kind of bug like an infinite looping sound, or an entire sfx channel breaking, and then I have to completely halt the work for anywhere between a day to a week until it's fixed. I literally can't continue because the bug may effect subsequent sounds and I'll miss something. So I have to report the bug, sometimes even help diagnose the bug and wait for a fix before I can continue in order to ensure a complete bug-free-playthrough of the game can be completed (and this doesn't even account for any fixes that may break something earlier in the game. I haven't found any yet, but that isn't to say it hasn't happened. That bridge will just have to be crossed when I get to it). This actually happened tonight, for example. I wanted to play all night, but in my very first fight, I discovered a new bug keeping half the magic sounds from playing. Since literally all of the sounds I have left to replace are in battle, I had to stop and get the bug fixed. Odin's a legend and fixed it at soon as he saw the report, but that was the whole night gone. Of course there have also been the new features being added that have pushed the release back as well; ambient, then battle ambient, then grunts, then footsteps, then ground conditional footsteps... But at this point, they're all done.

That reminds me. If you didn't know, I've now added footstep sounds to the entire game that change depending on what kind of ground you're walking on. So yeah, that's pretty rad.

So that's where we are. all the features are complete, the engine is in a good spot, in my playthrough I'm getting ready to head back and parachute into Midgar. So I'm very close to the end of the game. There are only about 27 sounds left in the game to replace. like 10 of them are in the Gold Saucer arcade, like 5 are Super Nova and the rest are some late game enemy attacks I just haven't come across yet, so we're real close. Barring anymore show-stopping bugs, it should be smooth sailing and closer than ever.

Any chance this is nearing release, or can we have the beta link back? Currently replaying and wouldn't mind trying this out before I'm done :)

What sort of configuration options were you considering? I'd really like if you could toggle on the new sounds (ambience and footsteps etc.) independently of the replacement sounds for when I'm in a more vanilla kind of mood.

Not yet. And no because some of the ambient sounds come from the original engine, so you'd have some high-quality-real-life-recording ambience and some original-midi-made-of-static ambience. So unfortunately, you have to go with high-quality-real-life recordings for everything :)


A collection of menu enhancements including:
 -3 New prelude credit sequences featuring art from Lap Pun Cheung (with matching Explode.avi's).
 -New start menu background featuring art from Lap Pun Cheung.
 -New game over screen featuring art from Lap Pun Cheung.
 -Original Tetsuya Nomura portrait-style character avatars and minigame avatars.
 -Battle menu/dialogue box avatars.
 -New ESUI menu border bars (Requires ESUI).

Prelude Credits Preview:
Spoiler: show

Start Screen Preview:
Spoiler: show

Game Over Screen Preview:
Spoiler: show

Avatars Preview:
Spoiler: show

Battle Menu/Dialogue Box Avatars:
Spoiler: show

New ESUI Menu Border Bars Preview:
Spoiler: show


This is an IRO file which will require 7th Heaven Mod Manager (see:
Be sure this mod is above any other User Interface mods in your load order.

DOWNLOAD HERE Version 1.03 Size: 140.MB

If you enjoy the mod, consider a little something for the many many hours it took to put this together: Donate Here

Yep. Same deal... Reformatted my c drive and now can't open Wallmarket. (have .net and VB Power Pack)... It worked fine before the format. Frustrating. Can't work on my mod.

Update: VB Power Pack 10.0 is a no go... Gotta have that 3.0... Since the real link is down (probably forever)I had to find it elsewhere.

Looks like a lot of work and it does sound nice but shouldn't this be in the WIP section?

Technically, maybe. Then again, technically most mods on the site are a WIP - and always will be; we're never quite done with them and always can find something to fiddle with. But as you can see, I initially provided a download link to a release - I just took it down temporarily. Plus it would just have to be moved back in a week or two when I'm finished. Not to mention if it was temporarily moved, then there'd still be the "This topic was moved" cluttering up Releases so it would essentially accomplish nothing. Not sure why it's an issue for you, but your rigorous janitorial attitude is appreciated nonetheless. Welcome to the forum.

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