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Castlevania - Symphony of the Night - HardType v2.1

This patch is a difficulty and re-balance modification of the PSX NTSC-U version of Symphony of the Night.

Enemy HP and Attack have been increased. Equipment has been re-balanced. The Crissaegrim, Vorpal Blade, and Mablung have been removed from the game. Special attack mp costs have been increased.

v2.1 Changes
vorpal blade removed
tweaked duplicator

Final Fantasy X - International - Punishment v1.2

This patch is a difficulty modification for the PS2 International NTSC-J version of Final Fantasy X.

Strength, Magic, and Evasion nodes on the Expert Sphere Grid have been re-balanced. The Standard Sphere Grid has not been altered. Stat boosting sphere drops have been removed from arena monsters. Enemy HP, Strength, Magic, and Agility have been increased. Some enemies have higher Luck, Accuracy, and Evasion. Enemies have higher status resistances. Bosses have more status immunities. Damage needed for overkills has been increased.

re-balanced magic nodes on the expert sphere grid

Releases / [FF8PSX NTSC-U] Requiem (v1.2.1)
« on: 2012-11-07 07:51:51 »
Final Fantasy VIII - Requiem v1.2.1
A difficulty and re-balance patch for the PSX NTSC-U version of Final Fantasy VIII.

(download link not currently avaliable)

Chrono Cross - Time's Anguish v2.1

This is a difficulty modification for the PSX NTSC-U version of Chrono Cross.

Enemy HP, Attack, and Magic have been increased. Enemy Action Points have been reduced.

v2.1 Changes
fixed a minor glitch

Final Fantasy IX Unleashed v2.0.3

This patch is a difficulty and re-balance for the PSX NTSC-U version of Final Fantasy IX.

Enemy Alterations
Regular enemies have had their speed, defense, magic defense, strength, and magic altered. Later in the game evasion, magic evasion, and status immunities have been altered. Some alterations have been made to class, level, elemental defenses, and abilities. In addition, almost all bosses have extra status immunities as well as native abilities such as Auto-Protect and Auto-Shell. Some steals have been altered.

Character Alterations
Character starting stats have been altered. Base Spirit has been increased.

Equipment Alterations
Some equipment teaches different abilities. Stat boosts have been removed. Weapon attack power has been reduced. Some weapons inflict different status effects. Elemental absorptions and nullifications have been changed to 50% damage reduction (except for the ultimate weapons). Defense, Evasion, Magic Defense, and Magic Evasion have been reduced.

Ability Alterations
Some abilities have been replaced. Spells generally cost more MP and have lower attack power. Abilities on physically based characters (Zidane, Amarant, Freya, and Steiner) often cost 0 MP. Gravity and Status attacks have higher base hitrates.

Added Rare Steals
Ash - Brave Suit
Behemoth - Circlet
Chimera - Bracer
Iron Man - Grand Armor
Ozma - Excalibur II
Stilva - Grand Helmet

Ultimate Weapons
Each ultimate weapon has been imbued with the power of a single element granting it an elemental attack, an elemental damage boost, and an elemental absorption of the opposite element.
Ultima Weapon - Holy, absorbs Shadow
Excalibur II - Holy, absorbs Shadow
Dragon’s Hair - Fire, absorbs Ice
Rune Claws - Shadow, absorbs Holy
Gastro Fork - Wind, absorbs Earth
Mace of Zeus - Shadow, absorbs Holy
Whale Whisker - Water, absorbs Lightning
Angel Flute - Holy, absorbs Shadow
Tiger Racket - Wind, absorbs Earth

v2.0.3 Changes
Kuja's spell Dark is not reflectable

I recently started working on FFIX.  I was able to locate and figure out how to alter enemy stats.  Second, I began working on the Directory, which I botched a bit at first.  However, thanks to some very informative posts by Tonberry, Cyberman, Zidane, and Zande, I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong.  I moved on to looking for statistical data for weapons and abilities (attack power, etc.).  This is where I ran into some major problems.  I assumed the data would be stored in the kernel.  I assumed the kernel would be store in Directory 00.  I've looked threw most of Directory 00 and have not found anything resembling a kernel.  If anyone has any information about where or how this data is stored, I would greatly appreciate assistance.

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