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Releases / Re: [WIP] Mike's custom models
« on: 2010-09-10 03:27:47 »
Only one question, where do I get the death Penalty?
And that Red 13? Where do I get that?
Don't quote images.  Especially not in this one where there are already 30 loading

rtck in battle.lgp

I'm also not stating the FF7 is abandonware as Square is still selling it though only on the PSN at the moment. Square would have to go down the drain, meaning, no more Square, and after 5+ years, if no other company buys the rights, all of their 1st party stuff will be legalized Abandon-Ware. Otherwise, yes, Abandon-Ware is still illegal to download.

However, the legality of Abandon-Ware is off-topic…

That, and just go buy a friggin copy of ff7, there are more than a few vendors who sell copies extremely cheap.
…Was that towards me? I own the legit PC disks now and for a few years now too. As for Psycho, I can't vouch for him but whose to say…Perhaps he eventually bought the legit PC disks.

I think the problem Psycho is stating is that the HiRes patch, as well as other patches, my point too, all work for the Ultima Edition when they aren't supposed to.

The bugs are mostly with the no-cd crack that's built into it. They interfere with quite a bit.
True but you don't have to use it. I didn't and I still don't. I use the legit disks now!

Completely Unrelated / Re: Soo anyone else mad at Firefox?
« on: 2010-01-22 08:48:00 »
Always this site that causes the crashes for me. Other than that, Firefox works fine. Though ever since I downloaded the JSON add-on for Firefox, the crashes have been a lot less frequent.

Back when I had the Ultima Edition alone (I bought the legit FF7 PC CDs soon after however since the UE was only temporary for me anyway), I was also able to get many patches to work with it, many claiming their patches wouldn't work for it. I technically still use the UE of FF7 though I use the legit CDs instead of Daemon Tools.

Hey, it came with lots of goodies…!

1. It really isn't buggy if you set it up correctly and by your statement, you did set it up properly. The buggy part is pretty much a lie but the fact that it's an illegal ware isn't until it becomes abandon-ware (probably never will unless Square goes down the drain).
2. I've saved you the trouble of looking for this driver (Link). Scroll down to the 13th post which was made by Aali. You may want to use Qhimm's Search feature next time though I also have trouble with this forum's search function…

I don't think Sephiroth should sound anything like Jack Nicholson.

Really?! I was planing to get it as well once I get some more money in my pocket (spent too much money this week on very important things like having the interior of my car clean as it was worse then a barn in there as I have Guinea Pigs and my ex brings her Rats in the car and I had to take my Guinea pig Kakashi to the vet because of an accident.)

I was planing to get this Crystal Chronicles plus Star Soldier R at the same time. Too bad important things got in the way though it's better that I took care of the important things instead of buying some games that I really wanted. Oh Well!

………enough ranting…!

Archive / Re: Modeler
« on: 2008-04-18 19:17:07 »
I don't see a reason to not allow 3DSMax. That's limiting progress for ice's mod i think.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF7Music Messes Up Chocobo Racing??
« on: 2008-04-18 03:14:30 »
FF7Music actually is just a program that runs and plays in the background, separate of FF7.exe so I don't think FF7MUSIC was the cause. Maybe your FF7.exe file was messed up.

Archive / Re: Modeler
« on: 2008-04-18 03:09:02 »
That Buster Sword looks sick!! Also, I think you may be able to put that ingame.

Oh and welcome to these humble forums!

Completely Unrelated / Re: Foreign Counterpart?
« on: 2008-04-17 10:26:00 »
also Vincent is in love with a 9 year old who wields dual lightsabers.

She's 20 if I correctly recall with the body of a 10 year old.
There isn't

What we are doing is illegal in Japan. There are no "fair use" rights there, and the open dissection of copyrighted material could get you a visit by the police. I made a post on 2Channel in the Square section about Q-Gears once and got darn near assaulted and "sage-ed" off the BBS.

Also it would seem Japanese otaku don't appreciate us "destroying" FF7.

That's why

Unfortunately, that's one of the things I dislike about Japan!

And how is "Upgrading" is "Destroying" FF7 is BS but I guess these Otakus fear change! I don't see how it's destroying FFVII…

Archive / Re: STICKY: FF7 Music
« on: 2008-04-15 19:54:35 »

Archive / Re: ff7music question
« on: 2008-04-15 19:02:27 »
I'm going to give some quick advice. Not all the songs show up on the list. To change those, open up FF7MUSIC.ini with notepad.

Archive / Re: ff7music question
« on: 2008-04-15 04:59:31 »
I'm using version of ff7music.exe
I just leave it open while I play and it works perfectly. Make sure you mute the midi music ingame.

Archive / Re: ff7music question
« on: 2008-04-15 03:51:53 »
Ah I had that problem once! Replace your FF7MUSIC.ini with a freshly installed copy, a downgraded version of it actually (I think v1.10).

General Discussion / Re: Real Life believes
« on: 2008-04-12 07:03:40 »
'cause there is only one truth. Your own. Amen lol!

Philosophy…but untrue. There is but one ultimate truth, however, this ultimate truth may not be in the mind of some as they may be ignorant to it. Most can only believe what they believe to be true but odds are, they don't know the ultimate truth. Odds are, no human know and never will know. Human existence will end before that time comes. Humans only have approximately 126,000 years before their next known evolutionary accent.

Now, maybe the Planet does have a Spirit and without the Spirit, the planet dies.  Maybe, when people die, their spirits return to the planet unless they are too stubborn and stay as ghosts, which doesn't last forever.

It's been scientifically proven that the Earth will die of natural causes in about 4 billion years, one billion years before the sun turns Giant and melts the Earth to nothingness. How will it die of natural causes you ask? The tectonic plates, that so graciously generate it's magnetic field, will cease movement, the Earth's core with cool and the Earth with become barren, cold and dead, like Mars (yes, Mars is a dead planet). It may even shrink a little! With it, all life on Earth will die…

…this is assuming Earth lives to see a natural death of course

It also has been scientifically proven the a spirit is actually a person's magnetic field. When a person dies, they no longer provide a magnetic field, however, their magnetic field can still exist in a separate form, a ghost, which are conscious mind you. Ghosts connect themselves to objects when the magnetic field of the individual's or individuals' magnetic fields were strongest at the time, however, exist in loops, reliving a certain time over and over again. It's also possible for one ghost to show multiple images of others, even if those others are still alive. An Example of this would be if a serial killer murders someone. That someone, if the even was 'recorded' by the magnetic field of the victim, could create and image of the serial killer in the event loop, while the serial killer is still alive.

Destroying what the ghosts have attached to with cause them to go away in some cases, however, ghosts can not haunt forever as the Earth's Magnetic Field with eventually absorb it though it depends on the magnetic field of the individual.

Spirits are not to be confused with souls as they are not the same. A soul is your essence and heart, while your spirit is your "bio" energy or as I've been saying your Magnetic Field.

Unfortunately, Souls have not been Scientifically proven yet though some believe that The Brain is just the controller for your soul to control the body though not perfectly as some information doesn't get through cause the Brain doesn't comprehend all the commands the Soul has given it though a body can function fine without a soul though can't function without a spirit.

Well, you can either take this as truth or as BS as that's entirely up to you but I see there may be some truth in this, however, does that mean the existence of a Life-stream? Maybe! An existence of God? Don't know though if there were a divine being, I believe there would me multiple Gods or just powerful creatures/aliens claiming to be Gods, all of which were born within the Universe, not the creators of the Universe which I doubt there was any life that can defy the laws of physics.

I also believe that Religion has become obsolete and eventually, religion will be abandoned in the future though that may be wishful thinking. Some of Shaman-ism being an exception as I've seen truth in it.

General Discussion / Re: Virus free version of ultima?
« on: 2008-04-12 04:04:37 »
How boring, why all this anger against someone who just download a thing? i own my legal copy, but its absurd that you throw sentences against one man for just a game. Cmon we are a family O_O maybe too big... O_O

It's not just about downloading the game. Like hell, I'm a pirate! It's just the fact this site doesn't support the Ultima Edition, it's against the forum rules and he's showing an attitude as if he owns the place.

Also, if people know he's an Ultima Edition user, he's going to get little or no respect here, better to keep that to yourself.

Though his attitude can also do that too and the fact he didn't read the forum rules is another.

WIP / Re: Cloud Replacement Model
« on: 2008-04-11 18:54:42 »

I'd love to have that Buster Sword!! Did you make it or rip it from Crisis Core?

Archive / Re: Model creation
« on: 2008-04-11 18:44:42 »
Did you use 3D Ripper XD by any chance or did that not work?

General Discussion / Re: Virus free version of ultima?
« on: 2008-04-11 17:14:42 »
I just spent the last 15-20 hours waiting for my torrent of FF7 Ultima Addition to finish downloading,

Final Fantasy VII - Ultima Edition is not endorsed by Qhimm!

Go buy a real copy of Final Fantasy VII PC!

Bite me... could just give me a link @@...

Oh and if your going to have that attitude, why would anyone help you?!

its a  relic anyway lol..

Just because it's a relic doesn't mean it's a great game! I suggest you buy it, even if it's $50+. With all the mods out there for FF7PC, you'll feel great about yourself for doing so. Trust me on that one from personal experience though I admit, I started on the Ultima Edition and after playing around with the files (even without mods and add-on patches), I got it to work perfectly, even getting it to run mods that shoot down the Ultima Edition though Ultima Edition was meant to be a placeholder until I could buy the game at a low price, which I did years ago.

However, this site does not respect Ultima Edition and it's users! Remember that!

Archive / Re: Model creation
« on: 2008-04-09 19:39:34 »
Eclypse specifically said no! You can't use his models other than Jedi Academy! Don't even suggest it!

Also, how did you try ripping Dirge of Cerberus?

And if you got something, don't give up. It's a start!

General Discussion / Re: But who is this? O-o
« on: 2008-04-03 20:44:05 »
OOO one of my models

Right but wasn't there an original Lego version?

General Discussion / Re: But who is this? O-o
« on: 2008-03-25 23:07:35 »
He's a ninja who works for the Don.

General Discussion / Re: Square translation mistakes
« on: 2008-01-03 14:49:53 »
Marijuana -> Loco Weed

Yes but in fact, Sephiroth doesnt "save" anyone, or do you think that he wants to "save" the world from Cloud&friends or that he wants to save Jenova?

No, Sephiroth said that he wants to be reborn as a god by uniting with the spiritual energy. And Seraph is the highest class of angels as you know, which is nearly a god, so they wanna say, Sephiroth is very close to his goal.

Never stated anything like that. All I said was that "Safer Sephiroth" translates to "Book of Numbers", so I'm not insinuating that Sephiroth is trying to save anyone nor did I state he was.

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