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Below you'll find links and images of an attack animation index table to use enemy attacks for player spells (PSX), player spells (PC), and "Enemy Skills" (PSX and possibly PC?  I think they might be the same).  This was adapted from Bosola's .pdf file about animation indexes found here:

Additional Information found here:

Word Document



The methods required to obtain the information in this thread are (in most cases) already available somewhere in old forum posts.  However, the actual information itself may not be - or might be exceedingly difficult to locate.  I'm working on a personal FFVII PSX Mod {*possibility of releasing publicly [**possibility of adapting a PC version of the mod once the PSX version is complete]}.  For my own purposes - and potentially for anyone looking to utilize Proud Clod and Wallmarket when developing PSX mods - my intent is to post some helpful information here.

Use "Enemy Skill" Animations for Player Spells - PSX

This may help you with the scene.bin

I typed "scene.bin file size" into the Google custom search bar in the top right corner of this website.  You can probably answer some of your other questions by doing this.

Thanks guys.  Much appreciated!

I'll avoid 255.  Thanks for the tip about Scene 74.  I will be certain to update the Kernel.

Thanks again!

Is anyone aware of any hard guidelines for developing a FFVII PSX Mod that will work on an actual Playstation 1 without crashing?

I see that meesbaker has released some mods that are compatible with real hardware.  I've used a Gameshark Pro to alter attack animations, equipment stats, materia characteristics, enemy stats, and some other data that is stored in the kernel and scene without crashing the game.  I'm assuming I wouldn't be able to make thousands of adjustments to the kernel.bin and scene.bin and expect the game to play on the Playstation...but then again, maybe it is possible?

Depending on the limitations, I'd like to put together a simple difficulty mod that could run on real hardware.  Depending on what the limitations are (if anyone knows what they might be), I'd be willing to accept something as simple as adjusting the Level and HP on each enemy if that's all I can accomplish. 

Any guidance would be great.  If no one knows, then I will eventually do some testing and report back with my findings (although I can't imagine more than a handful of people have any interest in this information).  Thank you.

Hello All,

A few questions about modding Scene.bin

1.  Am I safe to replace scenes 0, 1 , 2, 3, 4, 238, 249, 250, 251, 252, 253, 254, and 255 without consequences?  (only thing I could foresee would be the debug room battle being replaced, or breaking the debug room battle for some reason)

2.  Scenes 62, and 63.  Apparently they contain four formations each for a singular level 7 Grunt in Shinra HQ - are Scenes 62 and 63 used anywhere?  Same question as above, can I replace these without consequence?

Basically, I'm just trying to determine which Scenes I can use to create different iterations of the same enemy.  Once upon a time, I knew the answer, but too many years have passed and I'm having to relearn FF7 modding.  Thank you!

Completely Unrelated / Re: WOOHOO ENGAGED
« on: 2017-01-29 07:08:01 »
Congratulations  :D

Completely Unrelated / Hello Again
« on: 2016-03-22 02:21:19 »
Damn, the member retention here is impressive!  Glad to see the forums still healthy.  Not entirely sure what I intended with this, but just wanted to say Hi to everyone and mention that I may be visiting more often.  Happy modding everyone!

Releases / Re: [FF7PC/PSX] FFVII Lost Wing (1.1)
« on: 2016-03-22 02:11:38 »
Hello Friendly Person.  Thanks for your interest in FFVII Lost Wing.  Here is the information you need in order to play using Young Cloud and Sephiroth.

I hope you enjoy the mod.  Please remember this was a personal project that I chose to involve the general public in via qhimm forums.  I've been inactive as a modder for several years now and inactive on this forum for several years.  Thanks for the interest!

I don't know what the controller was but, I have played through VII before with only one hand - and not for a reason that would need to be censored!  I broke my right arm in 3 places playing football and obviously still needed to be able to play FF.  I think I just remapped the keys (this was PSX btw).

Are you interested specifically in finding that controller again, or just being able to play RPGs with one hand lol?

General Discussion / Re: FF7 Fort Condor questions
« on: 2014-07-20 20:09:36 »
In the thread you referenced it says this:

   One proviso for that last one: if Shinra attacked one or more times while you're away, the battle you fight when you come back will not include the ones Fort Condor won in the meantime; their wins are only added *after* you beat Shinra's current attack.  So if you'd completed Battle 4 the last time you were there, and Shinra attacked twice in your abcense (and Fort Condor had enough gil to repel both of those), you'd return to fight Battle 5, and the next battle in the sequence would be Battle 8.   

And yeah, probably just go back to Fort Condor after you select party members for the cave of the gi to do the next battle.

Do you know anything about building a dekstop/tower computer from components?  That would make your $500 go a lot further.  Also, do you already own a Monitor and Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.)?

If you plan on buying from a retail store, I imagine a $500 system would do you just fine...but you can do so much better by building it yourself.

General Discussion / Re: PS1 FF7 questions
« on: 2014-07-14 02:37:14 »
Vgr seems to have provided you with most of the answers you requested.

As far as quick and dirty methods of boosting enemy difficulty - increasing enemy level is a must.  When I modded psx ff7, Proud Clod hadn't yet integrated enemy stat modification - I used the now obsolete Hojo tool.  I don't know how PrC handles changing enemy stats, but I would just go from scene to scene and increase enemy levels, and pretty much each of their stats.  For the enemies from New Game -> Junon or so, you can safely double all their levels (in fact, you may want to triple or quadruple the levels of enemies within Midgar).  The amount by which you decide to increase enemy HP will depend on the changes you make using Wallmarket.  If your team can cause MORE damage earlier in the game as a result of your changes, I'd say at least DOUBLE enemy HP.  If you make Kernel changes that DECREASE your teams damage output, perhaps you'd be safe leaving HP alone and just boosting enemy level and stats.  Dexterity can be a pretty interesting stat to play with for enemies.  Increasing it too much will result in enemies attacking you multiple times per ally turn.  But leaving it unmodified and increasing the other stats could work fairly well.  If this is your first time trying to make a gameplay mod of FF7, I suggest that you don't get too far ahead of yourself or too ambitious - mostly because you can easily multiply the amount of time required to complete your mod by adding two or three great new ideas you have.  Also, you WILL encounter glitches if you HEAVILY mod the kernel and scene files. 

For some hex editing (or gameshark codes) that can add different elements to the game and eliminate the need to make certain file modifications, I suggest you visit    Good luck.

hahaha, the parallels between these things and their namesakes are undeniable.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] FFVII Lost Wing (PSX/PC)
« on: 2014-04-18 17:16:27 »
Thanks for trying to help these guys Sega Chief.

Umm...yeah I don't really know why those things would be happening.  Lost Wing is more of a novelty than anything else.  While I do think it is a lot of fun and a welcome flavor change from the normal VII, this mod has countless bugs, glitches, and errors and I will most likely never be able to correct them - especially since I haven't done any FF modding in years now.  But if it won't let you get Yuffie the normal way, I'd suggest using Black Chocobo to alter your save file.  Alternatively you could Gameshark her into your party, but I don't think that certain storyline flags will trigger (meaning you may be unable to do the Wutai quests), so just go with the save file editor.    Other than that, I apologize for any frustrating issues with the mod, hope you enjoy it though.

@Hitachi  There is no such spell called "regain" in my mod.  Do you mean "Regen"?  I am unaware of any problems with this spell, and no one else has reported that issue.  Likely its not due to the Lost Wing mod.  I do know some people have experienced trouble with "White Wind" though. 

Completely Unrelated / Side Attack by 6 Frogs
« on: 2014-03-30 15:20:44 »
Playing VII, just got attacked on both sides by a total of 6 frogs in Gongaga area.  Selected some attacks for each party member to do at the beginning of the battle, proceeded to watch the frog's alternate Frog Jab and Frog Song for approximately 6 minutes.  Literally Frog Jabbing my party in the ass then Frog Songing them to sleep over and over again.  It was bizarre.

Gameplay / Re: Just made Cloud cast Healing wind...
« on: 2014-02-14 00:02:48 »
Maybe you'll find this amusing, maybe not...but I do, so I'm leaving this here Cloud Bloodfest/Doom of the Living

Still no talk of this in mainstream discussions afaik.  Qhimm is literally the only place that I've seen mention of this.  Then again I'm not a steam user, but how popular is steam? (not being an ass, I actually don't know).  Then again, I only play a handful of PC games post- ps2/xbox/gamecube gen.  And I can most often be found playing ps1 games and android games.  So...I guess I come from a narrow demographic?

I decided that I'm going to either fix Lostwing, Finish Revisited, or Complete my JobClasskernelmod.  Which one do you want me to do?

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] FFVII Lost Wing (PSX/PC)
« on: 2013-09-18 04:42:04 »
The Buster Sword is one of the Ultimate Weapons you can choose from for Cloud.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Had to say that!
« on: 2013-09-16 00:18:16 »
Surely we can all learn to combine Pizza, Alcohol, and FFVII!  I combine the later two far too frequently already lol.  Adding the element of productivity is where the problem occurs...

Are you trying to create something Original in terms of the Story.  Or Are you trying to show us what was going on during FFVII from Sephiroth's Point of View?  Or are you scrapping the present tense- FFVII story and rewriting the story for playing as Sephiroth?

(I have not played Crisis Core or any direct VII offshoots) I've always thought that a game where you play as Sephiroth during the time he was a high ranking solider would be fun.  Inject the Wutai War into it somewhere early/middle of the story, show some scenes between Seph and Gast.  Have a portion of the game were he's traveling around in the Lifestream.  Have a lot of dialogue between Seph and Jenova (or at least Monologue of Seph talking to Jenova for a large portion of the game).  Make sure he's Meeting/Interacting with Zack and Hojo.  lol, okay, now I'm just describing a Sephiroth based VII that I would make.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Nintendo 2DS
« on: 2013-08-29 05:19:51 »
This would be great for very young children if the trigger buttons weren't so far away from the controls. Not having the clam shell design makes the unit a bit more durable. The youngins could play Disney Infinity all day without snapping the thing in half.

Massive "Human Factors Design" flaw.  Made a product for a target audience only to make it more difficult for that audience to use.  Then again, if everything was always perfect, there'd be no room for improvement - hence no room for more profit in the Good Job!

Also, Oh Covarr...surely you agree Gatsby and Fitzgerald are highly overrated!

Completely Unrelated / Re: Know about Droid CPUs?
« on: 2013-08-27 00:53:39 »
Dedicated 1GB video ram..
that 1 GB ram is one stick of DDR3(1066) and according to the details section its removable and the one ram slot can hold upto a 32GB stick so you could have 32GB or ram..

0_0    Well I had been conducting further research on some of the other Chinese tablets and had started leaning towards some other options (still ~100$ but studier [looking] build and higher specs.).  But I will be on the lookout for tablets that have removable/replaceable ram sticks.  Holy Cow...that would be sweeeet.

Just in case anyone is interested, or has experience with any of these brands, here are some of the others I was considering.

-PiPo Smart-S1 PRO
-Onda V701S
-Azpen A721
-Coby 7065
-Sanei n78

People who get the Onda say about 40% are defective after a few weeks.  That Azpen has very few reviews from anywhere (but for some reason it seems good to me...intuition - probably not a good enough reason to choose it lol); plus that replaceable ram sound's incredible if I decided to do that.  The Sanei seems to have horrible battery life and some N78's show up online with A20 Procs, and others with that's a warning sign.  The Coby...people either seem to love it or hate it.  I'm guessing people without Tablet experience think its great and people that have too high expectations think it sucks?  The AGPTek seems like a good choice...I just don't know how much I trust that brand/build quality...then again I guess I can't expect too much at this price range.  The Pipo seems too good to be true.  It is my top choice right now.  I've managed to find quite a few good reviews on it, and it's specs match or exceed all the other's without an increase in price.  And it actually looks like it is built pretty well.  Thanks Sithlord.

EDIT:  I wonder if that is a typo about the expandable ram.  It supports 32GB external SD/TF storage.  I'll make an inquiry.

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