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General Discussion / Re: Where's Reunion gone?
« on: 2020-07-05 12:03:04 »
If you really must know the information is out there. We have our side of the story and he has his. We hold him no hard feelings and hope him the best with his mod. You can find reunion at

Someone PM'd me and explained what happened.

General Discussion / Re: Where's Reunion gone?
« on: 2020-07-04 23:38:30 »
Well maybe someone can PM the reasons then?

General Discussion / Re: Where's Reunion gone?
« on: 2020-07-04 16:58:39 »

I have effectively been hounded out of Qhimm forum by the moderation staff, who've never liked me, and 2 other theiving liars - True Odin / QuantumPencil.
They don't deserve a project like The Reunion.
I've requested that all my posts be completely removed from that forum.
I'll issue a proper statement in due course - for now, we are located here:  -

General Discussion / Re: Where's Reunion gone?
« on: 2020-07-04 16:56:18 »
What happened?

General Discussion / Where's Reunion gone?
« on: 2020-07-04 16:49:33 »
Hi all, I haven't been around these parts for about three years. I just decided to replay FFVII after finishing the Remake and my Reunion mod is playing up a bit -- everything seems to be in slow motion for some reason. So I thought I'd come here and see if I could get some support, but everything has disappeared?

The links to old threads indicate that they're either hidden or deleted. Is there a new thread for everything Reunion somewhere? I've tried searching but I can't find it, and oddly it seems DPLB is now banned?

What happened? Thanks!

WIP / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - Graphical Update Mod (WIP)
« on: 2020-03-01 15:07:42 »
Holy cow, this looks AMAZING! It doesn't need to be perfect (the original game certainly wasn't). Any improvement is still an improvement.

If the icons are placed onto the game texture and use the same font spacing as the one I already have, I'm fine adding it.  Ilducci made some custom ones for me.  The limited palette means it will look FF7-like in terms of graphics. I won't support the modpath for them since I now use my font texture for numerous other chars.  You'd have to add yours to mine - and it would require being made from scratch if you haven't already made them texture based and also to fit my font spacing.

Cool. I think I understand what you're saying. I'm happy with keeping them in the same style as the PS ones you currently use. I guess I would just need to make my own version of your font, with the PS controller characters changed to XBox ones (all fitting within the same boundaries).

Misc. Graphical Releases / Re: PSX Button Images
« on: 2017-04-05 14:20:37 »
Isn't this what you're looking for?

Hi DLPB, I've updated my Steam mod to now point to Beacause instead. I think your mod supersedes mine.

That said, I know there's going to be people asking me if XBox 360 icons can be added to your mod (people have already asked me before). The XBox controller layout is pretty much defacto for PC gaming, so I understand why people would want it. Is this something you might consider adding? I can assist with the icons if need be.

No, since Cait Sith is actually not a first / second name - or redundant ID.  Still, it is grating. I guess that one needs changing to Cait. Since it means 'cat' anyway, I guess it works.

Cait Sith basically means "Cat Fairy"

Also note that the pronunciation is "kite/ket [somewhere in-between I am told] Shee" - for those doing voice overs :P  That's why the kana comes out as:

ケット シー (Ketto Shī)

It's gaelic.

Holy cow. That's some deep references by the developers!

He is Red XIII unless you use the fixed name option.  In which case, I've made it Red.  Otherwise you get a very annoying and verbose "Red XIII" for every single mention. I tend to believe that you'd call someone you know Red in casual chats, and not Red XIII.

Makes sense. Do you do the same for Cait Sith, too?

Is Red XIII called just "Red" in Beacause? I didn't realise, he's still listed as Red XIII in the Database.

Ah. Well I switched to Beacause about a third through my game, so that may be why. I guess his name isn't mentioned too many times by the other characters so I didn't notice before.


As for the Red dialogue, I don't think it's been mentioned before.  I am not sure how that could occur if you used a fresh game with the installer here.  It's usually caused by mixing mods as the windows don't get properly resized.  But it's also possible that it's my fault or touphScript's fault.  I will definitely check this. I am not sure why others have not mentioned this, if it's a problem.

I have no other mods installed, and it was the only time in tens of hours of playing that I saw any issue, so I'm fairly sure it's a Reunion thing. Be interesting to see if it's been overlooked.

Invincible is actually explained in the list of terms:  Teioh's Japanese name is a reference to the Donfang Bubai, a wuxia hero whose name translates to something like 'Invincible/Undefeated of the East'.  If you've ever seen G Gundam, Master Asia's title as the Undefeated of the East is a direct reference.  So 'Invincible'/'Undefeated' would be valid translations of the original Japanese, and Invincible sounds a little better as a name for a racing chocobo.


Edit: That's actually in the DB. Oops.

OK! I'm back! I was going to put my findings into a database, but it just didn't seem worth it as there were so few.

Here they are (with repeats):

1. (Repeated) The two characters who use the phrase (one once, the other twice) "planetary bioscience". It sounded stilted and unnatural when I was playing. It was funny when the blue collar guy said it, but the woman inside (if I'm remembering correctly) saying it twice seemed odd. It'd be cool if there was another way of phrasing it for her.

2. (Repeated) I still think "What are you going to do about this grief?!" is uncharacteristically clunky, especially given the situation that Cloud is reacting to. He (and everyone else) would have been in shock. A more natural response might be "What are you going to do about all this pain you've caused?!". (See here for another change you said you liked, too:

3. The Icicle Inn is renamed to Icicle Lodge... but you can see a sign that says "Inn" in the game. Technically I guess that Lodge might refer to the whole area. Anyways, I'm just mentioning it, you don't need to comment on it.

4. This is a genuine bug: Red XIII's dialogue on the Highwind after defeating Hojo is broken or missing. There are a few instances where this happens.

5. I don't know why the Black Chocobo has been named "Invincible"? I thought he was literally going to be unbeatable, but I beat him several times during my playthrough. (Explained below.)


6. Forgot to mention this one: Bahamut Zero is totally messed up and doesn't play correctly. (In the DB already.)

7. Despite the 60fps, there was lots of very jittery animation, and it wasn't slight. (I know this is mentioned in the DB, but the DB makes it sound more minor than I found it to be.)

8. I also saw lots of graphical corruption thanks to the transparent menu in battles. (Again, it's mentioned already, but I saw a lot of it.) Kind of wished the menu wasn't transparent after a while :-/

And, er, that's it! Not so many things really. (The only time I noticed poor placement of the dialogue boxes was during the flashback on the back of truck with Cloud and Zax.)

I didn't play with Beacause for the first chunk of the game, so it's possible there's more in the first half.

I hope this is somewhat helpful. Apologies if the Red XIII dialogue is already in the bug DB.

I'm playing with steam 1.09 but I can't make your menu overhaul to work. It just doesn't show up. (using r05).

Hmm. Do you mean model overhaul or menu enhancement? Menu enhancement worked fine for me with the Steam version and R05c. (I say "fine", it's still a bit glitchy in battles.)

Sounds good. I'll do that.

That's totally fine. A simple, "Thanks, I'll consider your suggestions" would probably suffice us both better if you don't actually wish to debate things. (At least there was no giant red font this time!) Here's a sincere tip: Try and be thankful that people care enough about what you're creating that they want to get involved. It's actually a huge compliment and that energy is a resource you can tap instead of fighting against. When I've run mods in the past, I've tried to be inclusive, open, and accept other's opinions instead of taking every new idea as a personal affront. It worked great, and produced some amazing results that I couldn't have done alone.

In all seriousness, what you've accomplished by yourself is amazing. I'm floored by it. No joke. You've added SO much to the experience of playing FFVII. I'm actually considering changing my simple little mod (the third highest rated FFVII mod on Steam) to tell people to just install Beacause instead. But it's not perfect, and I can help. And so can others. I'm not sure what drives you, but if it's the desire to create something that all fans agree is the ONLY way to play FFVII in English, then I think you should try and open yourself to what others think, and also the skills they have to offer you. I know you do sometimes, as evidenced by some of the changes, but other times you let yourself get frustrated. If you have to explain a decision, please remember that it's only because people care so much.

I'll keep posting my suggestions, like you say, and by all means ignore them. If you do consider some of them, that would be cool. If you wish to debate them, that's cool too. Don't let this stuff stress you out, and just focus on what's important in your life.

One question for you: When do you think you will consider Beacause "finished"? Is 6 the final pass, barring minor tweaks you may make in later releases? Just wondering what the future holds for that part of the mod.

It's supposed to sound unnatural.  It's a pseudoscience . A stupid name given to a phony science. It's just as useless in the Japanese game.

The only time dialogue is *supposed* to sound unnatural is when it's coming from a character who *is* unnatural, like a robot, or an alien. Otherwise the aim is to try and make the fantastical elements of a script seem natural and normal.

I disagree.  Sorrowful is a decent word, and it makes sense for Sephiroth to use a distinguished language to your run of the mill NPC.  There is nothing clunky about the word "sorrowful".  "What have I to be sorrowful about" is perfect English.

It's one thing for Sephiroth to sound distinguished, but the dialogue goes:

What are you going to do about this grief?!
My family?! My friends?!
...Having my hometown taken from me?!
It's the same as your sorrow!

Ha, ha, ha. My sorrow? What do I have to
be sorrowful about?

Ignoring Sephiroth, it's also Cloud that uses clunky terms. "What are you going to do about this grief?!" sounds completely unnatural, as does, "It's the same as your sorrow!".

Here's an alternative that gets the same message across while sounding more natural:

What have you done?! My family... my
friends... my hometown... destroyed!
What's the difference between my
pain and yours?

Ha, ha, ha. My pain? I have no reason
to feel any sorrow.
I am the chosen one! It's my destiny to
rule this planet!

You can list anything you find clunky or odd about the retranslation and I will consider it - but I won't respond here if I don't change it, because it's getting out of hand having to respond to numerous localization choices.

Please don't take every attempt at helping as an attack.

Alright, how do I go about doing that? If you don't mind helping me a bit more. Not seeing anything related to it in the OP.

I'm not sure, but this might be the mod Kaldarasha is referring to:

I know you're doing another pass on the translation for 6, which is great. There's a few places where it's still clunky in 5c, and people occasionally talk in very stiff and unnatural ways. I'm trying to make a note of them for you.

Some that leap to mind:
The two people who talk about "planetary biology" (or "planetary bioscience", I forget) leap to mind. It's a very clunky phrase that needs to be changed up, rather than repeated, in order not sound unnatural.
Sephiroth in Cloud's Niblheim flashback also springs out ("What have I to be sorrowful about...?").
I seem to remember that Cloud and Tifa's trip through Cloud's mind in Mideel also has moments of being clunky, too, although unfortunately I can't remember any specifics.

I'll try and make a note as I continue my playthrough. (Usually it's the feeling that the character doesn't sound like themselves.)

Basically, as I'm sure you're aware, the edges still need to be smoothed off in a few places. I assume that's what you'll be attempting in 6.

The decision making process is different than the decisions themselves, as the latter is just nitpicking. That's why I said a few posts ago that I'd realised our philosophy surrounding the translation (ignoring the whole mod for a second) is different: You're treating this as a whole new translation, with no merit in the names people know and (in some cases) love. It's true now that, if you're following a walkthrough with Beacause, you'll be confused because item names and enemies are differently named. That's one of the reasons why I'd have kept most of the original translations. I've realised, however, your philosophy is very different, and I understand it now, even if I'd have come from a different angle.

The reason I shared my original post with you at all was to let you know how one user felt about trying Beacause -- right or wrong. It wasn't an attack. I've found such user feedback useful when I've made my own mods/guides.

And whether you like it or not, I disagree with you.  When you say or imply that I am full of contradictions, such a comment needs more than just your say-so.   There is no contradiction in allowing options.  Your philosophy the last few posts seems to be that such options should not be given, and I should instead force the incorrect translations on people (Zack, Elena, Megalixir and so on).

Yeah... that's what I believe :rolleyes: I'll try one more time to explain what you've missed from my original post: I was highlighting your decision making process, not the decisions themselves. The fact that you see any discussion of your work as an "attack" (your word) however, makes it extremely difficult to have a conversation with you. I'm happy to listening to your reasoning on things, and I agree with them in many cases once they've been explained (eg. Bomb's Fragment, Stimulant), but there's still things I don't understand.

The bottom line, however, is that often your "logic" surrounding this mod (and I mean the whole thing, not just Beacause) is often contradictory. I've given you a clear example of this, but I could go on. But what's the point? The number of people telling you that it's harmful to the game's experience to remove the Quit option isn't going to make a difference... because "you know best".

Whether you know it or not, DLPB, you're rationale is ALWAYS "because I think it's best", despite what you say. Which is why it's so confusing for the rest of us to understand why certain things are as they are. But hey, it's your mod.

I really hope you reconsider commenting out the code that removes the Quit option. A lot of PC players user their PCs with their TVs nowadays, like a console. They don't have Alt-F4 to hand.

Anyways, I've been playing a lot more of Beacause and I have to say, despite the quirks of having to rename everything (Maze to Labyrinth, Inn to Tavern, etc. etc.), it's a VAST improvement over the original. The original is also quirky, but in a very bad way: It doesn't make sense! Whatever flavour the original dialogue has is completely pointless... because it never made any sense. It's only when you switch over to Beacause that you realise how much you've been missing out on. FFVII's plot does actually make very clear sense! Playing with Beacause is like putting on a pair of glasses when you didn't know you needed them. Suddenly everything is clear.

I have to say, right now, it's the way I'd recommend anyone to play the game. Well done.

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