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General Discussion / Software patents?
« on: 2003-08-27 21:55:42 »
Well I went to Qhimm's main page today and I saw this notice regarding software patents.... does this mean that you (Qhimm) will discontinue support on your programs and will not release them to the public anymore _if_ the parliament votes in favor of software patents?

I was trying to download Jenova today.... well I guess I'll have to use the mirrors then if that's the case.

All these monopolisation stuff is really sickening...

General Discussion / FFXI benchmark program
« on: 2002-11-02 20:10:12 »
Nayoung sent me this link, thought u guys might wanna test this out...

I got a score of 2072 ..... pretty crap.

The graphics in the Benchmark don't look too good either... I wonder if there's any way to crank it up.. or probably it's set like that.

I'm not gonna get FFXI anyway.. but I thought u guys might just wanna test it out.

General Discussion / FFX OST
« on: 2002-07-04 19:11:47 »
Does anybody knows (a good site) where I can get FFX OST on the Net? So far I've only found 2 MP3s, one is the overworld and the other is suteki da ne... quite impressive.. now I'm dying for more!!  :)

Oh and btw, when I was searching for the MP3s, I saw a website mentioning that FFXI will need a really  fast comp.... wonder if that was true. Anyway, here are the 'recommended specs' for FFXI (I am not sure if it is true though!)

P3 800MHz (P4 recommended)
128MB of RAM
4.56 GB of HDD (Gasp... wonder if it is believable or not!)
64MB GeForce3

I doubt that it is true, but it still might be true if it is a Maximum Installation .... about Graphics... I'm not sure. I doubt it....  :-?

Well I'm just curious. Recently I downloaded Qhimm's FF8FMV, and it worked fine with the RAD player. I was just wondering.... is it somehow possible to convert the *.bik file to *.avi file???.....

Thanks. And.. recently I've read some thread about law violations, etc... I hope this is not considered as violating.....   :naughty:

Troubleshooting / Boardroom quoting problem
« on: 2002-02-14 19:57:00 »
Ermmm I think it is about time I make a small complain... I've been facing this problem (QUITE RARE) for a few times..... thus it has tested my limit...

When I attempt to quote someone's message, I type in a few words to comment about it. When the post appears, the comments didn't come out fully though I typed it!!! An example would be this thread: (my reply)

My comment was a few sentences.... and all it came out was: heh.

I mean..... I tried editing it..... when I edited it the original message I typed was there!

Hmm is this a forum error or my error..... please correct me if I did something wrong.......  

I am not going to close of delete this.
You can do it yourself.

Anyway, just found an interesting article in Tomshardware....

The XP2300 is an overclocked version of XP2000. The P4 is overclocked from 2200MHz.

Wow. 1.866GHz  vs 3.000GHz! That's more than 1 GHz gap.

P4 uses DDR SDRAM, so as XP2300+.

Shocking results! I was expecting the P4 3000MHz to thrash the hell out of a 1866MHz XP, but heck, the XP managed to cling by despite losing by 1134MHz! Apart from that, XP did beat P4 in some categories!!

I think this is due to the DDR SDRAM. The performance of the P4 did take a real big hit.........

And btw does anybody has information about the AMD 'hammer' processor?? Heard that it is using a 800MHz FSB, wonder it is true or not..........

Archive / FF8 Music slows down with hardware audio ... ?
« on: 2002-01-28 20:13:00 »
I'm using Samuel Slight's DLS v1.36, I must admit it is quite good, nearly the same as PSX's.......   :)

Problem is, I tried using SBLive MIDI as my Music Device... and the music slows down horribly..... .....   :-?
I'm using the latest SBLive! drivers... for WinXP.
It works fine for Microsoft Synthesizer though....... weird.....
My Sound card is quite an old one.... SBLive! Value 1024.

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