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Thank you so much Maki for your support on Demaster and how quick you did your Update so we can continue to play o/

Hello everyone!
After I managed to install Demaster, pretty easilly btw, and all the mods availables except "RebirthFlame" I encountered a visual glitch:

Spoiler: show

After a very very long research I found the culprit, this is a file called 'o006_0' on the mod LunarCry, path: textures > field.fs > field_hd > o006_0.png

Don't know if this is of any use but at least I said it ^^ Look like the ward problem mentioned earlier...

Thanks to Maki for Demaster! Thanks to McIndus for all the mods! and thanks Yagami for linking a HD filed pack that I couldn't find anywhere ;D
I hope you are going to continue your awesome works (AngelWing xD) on this game that begins to be way better than I thought! Easy to mod, integrated UV (Never managed to install that thing!), awesome mix between the new updates from Square and the mods, just perfect!!

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2018-04-29 23:27:12 »
Thanks you very much  :wink:
Project Norg is good because FMV are in 16:9 BUT yours have less pixel and the speed of them are FLUID :)

Releases / Re: [FF8PC-Steam] HD FMV Replacement
« on: 2018-04-29 10:42:39 »
Hello. The link is dead unfortunately... Someone could reupload it please ?

Hello Hello ^^

Thanks a lot for your mod it look amazing! I just have a question:

There is already 2 files 'collisions.csv' & 'has2map.csv' in the folder tonberry" .
Should I replace them by the same file in your rar? The original files are bigger in tonberry 2.04 that why idk if i should replace them or not :)


Troubleshooting / Re: Hello, can someone help me ^^ (FF8)
« on: 2016-05-17 19:13:37 »
Ok i understand.
Closed topic

Troubleshooting / (Close) (FF8) Gedosato & files questions
« on: 2016-05-16 23:10:05 »
Hello everyone ^^

I'm back with 2 question for FF8 and i wish you can help me to figure out my problems :)

1/Here is a screen of the folder where i stock the mods.
Everything is sorted and when i put them to the game I use all of them except one (A rar called hashmap_v1.3 inside the Tonberry 2.4 folder)
where can i put the objfile (objmap i guess) and especially the Hash1map???
Should i replace the collision/hash2map of tonberry for the hashmap_v1.3 one?

2/ My biggest problem is that gedosato doesn't want to work when i instal tonberry...
It work fine with the original steam version.

- i didn't installed RaW & hashmap_v1.3 yet, just in case
- I have installed ff8, then tonberry 2.4, then all the mod (nothing more)
- Here is the inside of my folders:

Idk what to do, the game launch, and stop reacting, and when i stop it i get a message from GeDoSaTo "an unknow exception has occured"

Pleaseeeeeeee, Help ;'(

Sorry for my absence..
Thanks a lot for all your response! Closed topic :)

Fantastic  :lol:

I tried to replace all my lgp with this Data so, and everything goes fine ^^
Well, i don't have The beautifull "Background" of team avalanche, Only the "Battlefield", just like the picture.

I don't know if it's because this data doesn't have it (battle.lgp is enormous, but the char.lgp is not that big)? Or because like Kalda say, Impossible to replace 2D in steam? Or because the background can be placed only by PNG? This is my last question promise (i think)   ;)

EDIT: lol, the perfect question IS maybe, where are localized the background? World.lgp?

Thanks a lot senpaï   :-*

Omg Thanks a lot Vgr-senpaï !!

it's mostly a matter of choice and work for both the mod creator and end use
Oki doki...  I say that because. The person who bringed me into this site, are offering a download in rar format, this rar have a Data file from FF7, and this data actually use the battlefield i linked... it's mean, that data is illegal, because he converted them without the author approval? Because i really don't want to use something which has not the creator'

As for using Aali's driver versus not, I would strongly recommend downgrading your game and applying Aali's driver.
Yes i'm tottaly award about it, but i really want to begin a new game like an average steam user, to begin with ^^

When i finish the game, i will backup my save and going for tifa's 7th Heaven ;)

I see ....

Soooo, after reading a lot more, the screen i linked is from Avalanche's team, correct? (pls at least just answer at this question)
This are 3d model, who can replace the original 3d model battlef field, right?
But, the release is only at png format, which need Aali...
It's mean, this battlefield are not available because the team didn't converted the file?

And for cloud, this info help me a lot ^^ But, i know there is multiple file to replace, battle.lgp & char.lgp for most of them and high.lgp (bike?) wich are model you can see in other thing like minigame. BUT, i'm trying to extract yuffie for exemple (Only the Battle & Char lgp) How can i know which file are yuffie in all the lgp extracted??
My method was to download a Moded yuffie (Like the JKA one) and see what file compose her. Then, i delete JKA since i don't need it, and i extract every file in battle&Char Of my original steam Data MENTIONNED in the JKA Battle&Char. This will work you think?

IS THERE A SUPER BIG MEGA LIST of what file correpspond inside lgp file?
Like (Coud = rtac + rma+ om + ta / Yuffie= Va + ta + to) or something like that xD

Note: Can i know why some work are in png and some are in lgp (aka TEX file, right?)
Because square enix oblige you? Because the creator want to have some sort of copyright? Because they didn't have the time to do it?

Domo Arigato Kaldarsha-senpaï!!  :-*
And sorry if some of my question are stupid, i'm modding since 1 week ><

Hello everyone,

Before starting my SOS and since i didn't find a presentation thread, Nice to meet you all ;)
You can call me Ichi, or Hime, whatever you like, i'm fan of FF (
among other things) and ready to try to mod them!

Some note before starting
- I'm using the steam version and i don't want to gameConvert for now.
- Excuse my english, it's not my native language..

My first question is about Tifa's thread:
1) I wanted to know if the texture upscale include this battle background?

2) If not, where can i find it? *If this is not censored*
3) Where are localised the background (Not in battle, not in the map, normal background) in the original game, world.lgp?
4) Team Avalanche's field pack have to be used with Aali driver, Obligatory?
5) Tifa's bootleg can patch the game with Team avalanche field for us?
6) There is a difference between Ozmy field pack / Upscale texture of tifa / and Team Avalanche pack? Team avalanche and Omzy is for field, tifa is for Battle + map? correct?
7) I want to extract manually Yuffie, But i'm not sure of my method .... I have downloaded 'JKA yuffie" to see what the file correspond to yuffie in my original battle & char lgp game, but this JKA yuffie folder have a lot of file... All of these files are yuffie? Why when i downloaded APZ cloud, only 1 file was inside "rtac"...
Sooo, If i take all the yuffie file mentionned in JKA FROM my original data, i remove yuffie, correct?
9) Can you tell me if this mod work without GameConvert?
10) And this one?

Last) If you can just redirect me in some thread to have moding aspect without using the gameConverter or Aali driver(need gameconvert too), especially a music mod, because this forum is titanic  :'(

Done, for now xD And sorry for the seventh question, if you don't understand i can try to reformule it ^^
Just to say: FF8 is so much perfectly explain, that i already moded everything with a terrific facility .... I will share a video when i'm done with FF7 ;)

Thanks you
For your Help


T H A N K S - Y O U qhimm community
For all you done for us  :-*

The graphic look awesome!!
Merci beaucoup ;)

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