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Jsut saw screens on previous page...weeemus, do you know that you are awesome? You made such a great job! Those textures and models looks  fantastic!
Good luck with finishing them!

Fujin looks really beautiful!:o Wish that someday i'll play FF VIII with your mod!

Releases / Re: [Project] FF7 Re-animated
« on: 2012-08-11 20:40:19 »
Always had idea of this kind project.
PRP really needs it! Good job!

I have to ask if you allow us to include these models directly in Bootleg, without requiring a separate download.
Models now is free to use. Somekind of Installer would be great! 

Okay, people...with a great pleasure, want to say, that all models in-game are rebuiled!. This took a lot of time, but now it's finished. Someone of you waited for them. Someone already forgot. But anyway I want to share my work.  ;D
Thanx to Borde for his Kimera! Thanx to original PRP authors! Thanx to StickySock for his testings! ;)


To use them You'll have use LGPtools, extract PRP's char.lgp (00.lgp), copy my models to that folder and create your own char.lgp/00.lgp.
Let me know if there any models that I missed or something wrong with them!

Must warn you, that i remade many of PRP models too, to fit them one style. If you don't like them, that's your problem :) Sorry...I'll not make some changes in them. (I mean somekind of adding shadows etc. I used original colors and more polygonal models!)
If you like them and like to see some other models in "this" style, just say about it. I'll try to make them ;)

Graphical / Re: [REL/WIP] Felix Leonhart's Enhancements
« on: 2011-11-06 15:42:23 »
KH Cid is a very different art style though, it's designed to be more cartoon like.

He does need some of stubble though, helps with making someone look a bit older..

Body yes, but his face looks almost identical to the original style, exept his cigar that was changed on toothpick.

Graphical / Re: [REL/WIP] Felix Leonhart's Enhancements
« on: 2011-11-06 11:08:20 »
Wow! Thats awesome model!
But really he suppose to be older. Now he looks the same age like Cloud
I think his chin suppose to be more 'square'-like. And mouth is more wide.
Thats mine opinion

Releases / Re: [Project] Mike's custom models
« on: 2011-10-30 13:17:59 »
Really, body is perfect! But face not...

You already made a great job! And Jade Weapon mod will be really awesome and interesting. I wished that somebody will have this idea and make it, and here you are ;D
I hope you'll realize this mod! good luck with it

Damn ;D For some reason model that i had was combined in one P file. Just checked original and its really can be edited!
Sorry for bothering! ;D

I mean that in Kimera its too hard. Putting all parts together
Or you meant something else?
Your album is private

Can you just erase the polygons for Tifa and the Driver?
Then you could add the parts for two new models.
If you make the new models just slightly larger, they'd cover up any remaining pieces of Tifa and the Driver.
Its not so easy. I can delete Tifa's & Driver's polygons, but i can't add whole new model of Tifa 'cause it consists  of parts.

I guess I'll upload an obj file of this. We could then delete the chars in it, or even upgrade it. What do you guys think of it?
I think that's what we need!
I already made Tifa model in dress and driver is not a problem.

I figured out how to fix those broken Rebuilded models.
    Repairing Squallff8's Rebuilded Models...
Man, do you really need it? I already posted here that these models were fixed and tested by StickySock.  Just wait a bit longer and you'll get all models.

Hello guys!
Wanted to say that progress is pretty slow, but it still going! 30 models left to go.
Meanwhile, want to ask for help with coach model(djid.hrc):

Problem in that it is one big part and i can't edit Tifa or driver with Kimera. :(
Can anyone help me with this? :|

Hehe! :D
Looks great! Awesome job!

Graphical / Re: [WIP] Fort Condor Retexturing
« on: 2011-08-06 08:57:18 »
Yeah! Really cool!
There was no mods for Fort Condor minigames before. Looks really promising!

Has anyone figured out how to get these broken Squallff8 Rebuilded models working:
    Man11 - Normal(TEMP)
    Mr Coates - Normal (fved)
    Old Man 4 - Normal (edjd)
    Punk 2(TEMP)
    Punk 3(TEMP)
    Punk 4(TEMP)
    Sumo 1 - Top Half (giha)
    Sumo 2 - Top Half (gjab)
    Wrestler 3 (TEMP)


I'm working on new models right now
And these models already fixed.

I'm writing a tutorial on how to install the best mods for FFVII: Bootleg Edit for the FFVII Remix 2.5.1.
There's a section in it on installing Stickysock's and Dahl's models.
Some of Stickysock's models crash the game or are missing textures.
I've tested most of these models in the game and compiled a list of those that work:
      Beach Man 1 - Normal (TEMP)
      Beach Man 2 - Normal (TEMP)
      Bouncer - Left (dvbe)
      Bouncer - Right (dufa)
      boy2_sk ... 0.MY REBUILDED MODELS.rar -> .\temp\0.ARCHIVES\boy2_sk\
      bugen 2 ... 0.MY REBUILDED MODELS.rar -> .\temp\0.ARCHIVES\my -> .\NEW BUGENHAGEN 2\bugen 2\
      CTCC 3.0 ... 0.MY REBUILDED MODELS.rar -> .\temp\0.ARCHIVES\CTCC 3.0\ [enlarge by 150% with HRC Resizer]
      Detective - Normal (TEMP)
      Don Corneo - Normal (TEMP)
      Fat Man 1 - Normal (TEMP)
      Fat woman (TEMP)
      Girl 3 (TEMP)
      Grandma - Normal (TEMP)
      Grandma 1 - Normal (TEMP)
      Lonely Man - Normal (TEMP)
      Man - Normal (hlfc)
      Man 15 - Normal (emdf)
      Man 16(TEMP)
      Man 17 - Normal (TEMP)
      Man 2 - Normal (gwif)
      Man 3 (TEMP)
      Man 3 - Normal (gxef)
      Man 5 - Normal (dcic)
      Man 7 - Normal (TEMP)
      Man 8 - Normal (TEMP)
      Man 9 - Normal (TEMP)
      Merchant - Normal (TEMP)
      Old Man 2 - Normal (TEMP)
      Rocket Man - Normal (TEMP)
      Suit man(TEMP)
      Tifa - Sword (TEMP)
      Tifa's Father(TEMP)
      Tifa(5 years old) (TEMP)
      Woman - Normal (TEMP eiac)
      Woman 1 - Normal (TEMP braf)
      Woman 7 - Normal (TEMP)
      Woman 9 - Normal (TEMP)
      Woman1 - Normal (TEMP ecib)
      Woman2 - Normal (TEMP dafb)
      young hojo ... 0.MY REBUILDED MODELS.rar -> .\temp\0.ARCHIVES\my -> .\final young hojo\young hojo\

These models look good but are missing textures in the game:
                Mr Coates - Normal (fved)
                Old Man 4 - Normal (edjd)
                Sumo 1 - Top Half (giha)
                Sumo 2 - Top Half (gjab)
                Wrestler 3 (TEMP)

These models look good but crash the game when encountered:
                Man11 - Normal(TEMP)
                Punk 2(TEMP)
                Punk 3(TEMP)
                Punk 4(TEMP)

If anyone knows how to fix the broken models, please point me in the right direction!
The models show up fine in Kimera, but have problems when inserted into the game.


I already fixed all Punks. I'll fix other guys and send you.
Btw i started other models too. Maybe will send them too for test ;)

Why don't you complete your model? I believe you can do it better than every people here so plz keep it alive.

Well, i lost the interest because two reasons, many people don't really liked the way i do those models. I used all original colors without battle shading, like Square do with all chibis. And rebuilding them again with shading is really long work. :-\

Who knows? The summer has just begun and i think I'll have free time for these :wink:

Thanks for the upload! But I have some questions...

1.) The pack also includes weapon models (e.g. Cloud - Sword (TEMP), Cloud - Soldier Helmet(TEMP), etc.)... Do I still have to put ALL models in char.lgp? (I thought weapons belong to battle.lgp?)

2.) What about the models contained in the subfolders \temp, \temp\0.ARCHIVES, \temp\1. PARTS and \temp\temp? Is there a reason for keeping them in a different folder? Shouldn't I use them?

3.) Nearly every model contains the file "aafe.a" in it's subfolder... If I'd copy all models to char.lgp, I would have to replace it again and again. Is there a difference between those aafe.a files?

4.) You wrote that these models are not finished. What does that mean? Do they just need some finishing touches to look "perfect" or do I have to expect graphical issues if I use them?

Thanks in advance for any answer!

Hi man!
1) Cloud - Sword (TEMP), Cloud - Soldier Helmet(TEMP), etc. - Yes you'll need them. These are models from Cloud memories
2) In those folders are models of other modelers. For example there was AC Cloud by Timu Sumisu(on screens that you show us). And some other models...i don't really remember all of them ;D
3)aafe.a is standing animation. It was really useful. But i really recommend you use aafe.a file from original char.lgp 'cause after using Kimera manipulations in-game this animation will be broken and you'll see something like this:

So better use original animation files!
4) I meant that mod not completed. There are still 54 models need to be rebuilded.
 Btw, I not tested some of those models in-game(0.My Rebuilded models/temp) so i don't know how they looks ingame. Glitches possible  :-(

Hello people!
I wasn't here for a long time.Thought this topic was closed.
Anyway,here some models that i rebuilded.Check them
I'm not working on them, but if some one want to complete these mod.Find them useful

Allways wanted to make this mod :) Good work!

BTW,why don't you change them boots?!I think you should change them too  :wink:

Archive / Re: First Model
« on: 2010-03-04 18:51:04 »
Great model,man! :o
Can't wait to see it with textures!

Have a little offer:Maybe you'll make Soldier sword,like in Crisis Core,for him instead that lance?I know that  this is original design,but i think it will look better with it

Archive / AC Custom Models
« on: 2010-02-02 20:33:40 »
wew :lol: tifa is taller than cloud ^^

That because her bone size much longer than original
I changed that in her model to normal

Archive / AC Custom Models
« on: 2010-01-23 14:19:56 »

Archive / AC Custom Models
« on: 2010-01-23 10:10:46 »
try imageshack.. upload your photos there, then use the forums code and paste in here..  :wink:

Thanks!! By the way, here it is:

You have to use Aali's Custom graphics driver.
I had same problem with Timu's Barret model

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