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Hi Tirlititi,

I had already updated Memoria (v2023.06.11), and I started to use this new version of HW afterwards. I've just re-updated Memoria though, to check again.
The curious thing about this is that it seems to work fine with a new project: it only exports the changes you make, and then in game everything works correctly. But if I load my HW project and export, the CSV files are exported in the way I explained. That's why I thought it might have something to do with the version of my project: it will only work fine in game if I have the CSV files with all items.

Regarding the note in the Help windows, I had not read the top of that section: it clearly says that all those issues only apply for the PSX version. Sorry for not reading it from the beginning, LOL.

Hi Charlie_38.
There's no problem. Me and other people have done it without noticing any bug and there shouldn't be any. There would be issues if you tried to load a HWS that was created with HW v0.50b into the older version of HW v0.43, but the other way around is designed to work fine.

Hi Tirlititi,

I've noticed that this new version exports csv files that don't have all items, in StreamingAssets\Data\Items folder.
For example, "Weapons.csv" file, when exported from HW, contains the weapons I've modded and some of the rest of non-modded weapons, but not all of them.
I also have an issue with "Items.csv" and "ItemEffects.csv" files, since they don't contain all items ids. Then, when playing game, some attacks or actions don't work fine, like for example giving an elixir or a phoenix down to a party member.
I've modded some armours and none of them appear in "Armours.csv" file when exported. Only five items appear, and they are all non-modded.

However, text files in FF9_Data\embeddedasset\text folder contain only the modded stuff and they work fine. I guess it is because the tag "[TXID=X]" that must mean something like "mantain the name of the non-modded items until the item X that is modded".

Is this caused because my project was started with a previous HW version? Should I configure something else in HW?

Apart from this issue, in the Help window of HW, it says:

You can't edit the World Maps' scripts in the Japanese version of the game."

Does this still happen if you change language setting in HW to Japanese, and edit worldmaps' scripts?


Thanks Tirlititi, I installed the latest version and I could load my project from the previous version.
By doing this I tought I could fix an issue I have when following Incinerator steps about adding a cutscene:

I. Getting Started

In field: Alexandria/Dock (Field ID: 2458), we need to firstly initiate some character that will pose as our scene starter (in this case, it will be Steiner):

1. In Hades Workshop, navigate to the Fields Tab and scroll down to Field Alexandria/Dock (Field ID: 2458)
1a. Select "Edit Entries"
1b. In the Entries Menu, scroll down and select "Steiner" and "Freya". *Because this field does not natively have Steiner or Freya initiated (par vanilla), we need to add them in manually)
1c. Select "Edit Script"
1d. In the Edit Script Window, under the "Functions" section, right-click and select "Add"
1e. In the Properties Menu, for "Entry" select "Steiner"
1f. For Entry Type, set the value "2". "2" means "object with model", standard for all 3D models initiated
1g. For "Function Type" set the value "0". "0" means "main function". Every 3d model has an _Init function, which is used to create the 3D model in scene
1h. Select "Parse", then "Ok".

In Edit Entries I already see Steiner in the list and I can't add or delete anything. Then, in Edit Script I try to add a function and in Entry I don't see Steiner but "Entry21" instead. The Entry Type is not available in order to set the value 2.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Tirlititi,

Maybe this is a stupid question, but I'd like to ask you if there are any issues when loading a project designed on a previous HW version (0.43 in my case) on the latest one. Just to make sure I don't have to edit anything when loading the project on the new version.


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